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Concorde Reunion

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'Concorde Reunion' Planned at AirVenture
A handful of occurrences over the decades have helped establish EAA's annual AirVenture Oshkosh fly-in as the world's premiere annual general aviation event. Undeniably, one of those milestones occurred in 1985 when the British Airways Concorde supersonic transport made its first of five visits to Wittman Regional Airport. That "happening" helped enhance the stature of "Oshkosh" in the eyes of the global aviation community. This being the 40th anniversary year of Concorde's first flight, EAA will commemorate the aircraft's unforgettable Oshkosh appearances with a series of special programs and activities at AirVenture 2009, July 27-August 2.
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EAA Multimedia

People came from as far as Arkansas and Tennessee to experience the annual EAA Skiplane Fly-In last weekend at Pioneer Airport. Twenty-seven airplanes turned out for the event, along with hundreds of people in attendance. Read about the event, and see the photo gallery.

More multimedia content this week:
Hints for Homebuilders - Tools for Electrical Wiring, and Nicropress Fittings - Fabrication
Timeless Voice: Dr. Peggy Chabrian, president, Women in Aviation International
Photo Galleries: Sebring Opening Day and Wrap-Up

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News & Views from EAA January 30, 2009    Volume 9, Number 4
Sebring"Sebring," the adopted moniker of the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo held each January in Sebring, Florida, isn't like any other major aviation event in the world. It's not an air show, nor a builder's forum, nor your typical fly-in. It's best described as a trade show for the rapidly maturing light-sport aircraft industry. The 2009 Expo was an excellent place for potential LSA owners to "kick the tires," and it was clear that many attendees came primarily to check out the offerings available. Read more of Kent Misegades' report.
Avions CaudronThanks to the vision and resources of EAA President's Council member Tom Wathen and the talents of Mark Lightsey and his colleagues at Aerocraftsman, Inc., on Flabob Airport in Riverside, California, one more incredible replica of a Golden Age racer has taken to the skies; an Avions Caudron C.460. The replica flew for the first time on Wednesday, January 28, with Lightsey at the controls. "Obviously a plane with only 50 minutes on it is far from proven, but it flew fine," he reported. "Not stable, but very solid and controllable. With the landing gear down and the power at 27" and 2700 rpm, it was cruising around the Flabob pattern at 165 mph."  Read more
ELTOn February 1, 2009, the Search and Rescue (SAR) satellite system will discontinue monitoring 121.5 MHz emergency locator transmitters (ELTs) and only monitor the 406 MHz signal. 121.5 MHz ELTs will continue to be monitored, but only by ground-based facilities and airborne aircraft that happen to have their VHF receiver tuned to 121.5. The FAA has not proposed any changes to FAR 91.207 (the regulation requiring ELTs in most airplanes). This means that the 121.5 MHz ELTs will continue to meet the requirements of the regulation, even after February 1, 2009.  Read more
Chapter LeadersLast weekend's sixth EAA Chapter Leadership Academy brought 23 EAAers from 11 states to EAA Headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Participants met with EAA staff to discuss chapter recruitment, programs and fundraising, as well as the future plans of EAA's online offerings. Greg Starkel, president of EAA Chapter 1479 of St. Joseph, Missouri, one of EAA newest chapters, said the Chapter Leadership Academy provided him with invaluable information that will help him expand and improve his chapter. "I came here in hopes of meeting other chapter leaders to hear how they have overcome obstacles," Starkel said. "This program was perfect for that."  Read more
TwitterOne of the hottest instant messaging formats today is Twitter, a short (no more than 140 characters) messaging system that is available through your cell phone, iPhones, Blackberrys, computers, and other devices. EAA is supplying regular updates on programs, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh activities, and more! It's easy to sign up and start receiving your updates from EAA. Just go to http://twitter.com/EAAupdate.
Sean TuckerThis will be Joe Schumacher's 15th year coordinating the daily air shows at AirVenture, and so far, from the looks of things, 2009 is shaping up to be one of the best ever. "That's right," he said this week, as he was making the schedules. "What's really got me fired up is the sheer variety we have this year. We have a great mix of aircraft, some lesser-known (to Oshkosh) performers, three wing-walking acts, two parachute teams - this is shaping up to be a real winner."  Read more
AV MugWhen you buy AirVenture 2009 online advance tickets, you now have exclusive access to a limited edition AirVenture 2009 mug. Purchasers of these tickets also have exclusive access to an EAA AirVenture 2009 specially designed cap and t-shirt. The mug, cap, and t-shirt all have matching artwork. This merchandise will not be sold at the event, so this is the only place where you can get these collectible items. Buying online is the most convenient way to get AirVenture admission and it offers an early-purchase discount. The dates for EAA AirVenture 2009 are July 27-August 2. Click here to purchase your advance online tickets.
B-17Aluminum Overcast, EAA's restored B-17 bomber, returns to the sky on Friday, April 3 in Chino, Calif., the first stop of nearly 60 planned for the 2009 "Salute to Veterans" national tour. The first tour segment includes 16 stops in five states between April 3 and June 3. (See the tour schedule.) The yearlong tour continues into late fall, with the airplane back "home" for the full week of EAA's annual AirVenture fly-in on July 27-August 2 in Oshkosh, Wis.  Read more
HarleyEAA is conducting a one-time auction from February 5-20, 2009, to benefit EAA's youth education programs and activities through a special EAA secure website. You have the opportunity to cast the winning bid for a great American motorcycle or an African hunting safari.

SafariGenerously donated by Harley-Davidson Motor Company, a 2008 limited edition, 105th Anniversary Harley-Davidson V-Rod retailing at $17,000 will be up for auction. The adventurous among us can also bid on a 10-day authentic African hunting safari for two in the Limpopo Province of South Africa donated by SS Pro Safaris and retails at $10,000. For all the details, visit the EAA website.

Homebuilders HintsTools for Electrical Wiring, and Nicropress Fittings - Fabrication
We offer two hints this week, the first featuring Kas Osterbuhr who starts us down the path of wiring your aircraft by going over the more common tools you'll need. Kas is an EAA SportAir Workshop instructor for the Electrical Systems, Wiring and Avionics workshop. Watch now.

A special bonus hint this week, Nicropress Fittings-Fabrication, was featured in our sister e-publication, Experimenter, which debuted last week. In the video, EAA's Joe Norris demonstrates the proper way to fabricate a nicropress fitting. Joe is the EAA Homebuilders Community Manager as well as a DAR, A&P aircraft mechanic with Inspection Authorization (IA), and an EAA Technical Counselor. Watch now.

If you would like to subscribe to Experimenter, click here. To see a copy of the debut issue, click here.

If you have a hint to share with your fellow EAAers, we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a note at Info@EAA.org, and please put "Hints" in the subject line.

Super Bowl LogoThe FAA expects that as many as 1,000 additional general aviation aircraft will use the area's airports during Super Bowl weekend and reports it is prepared to handle the influx. Aircraft who anticipate operating in the area should be well briefed about security restrictions in place for the area. Affected pilots should read the notice explaining air traffic changes they can expect to encounter around Super Bowl weekend. Also be aware of three separate Temporary Flight Restrictions around Raymond James Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday. Private pilots will not be allowed to fly near the stadium for several hours before, during and after the game. Details of the restrictions are available on the FAA website. For more information on preparations for the big game, see the FAA's Fact Sheet.
For young people ages 12-18, the EAA Air Academy is a unique summer camp that takes their interest in aviation to the next level. Participants spend a week with expert aviation instructors at the purpose-built Air Academy Lodge in Oshkosh, completely immersed in the thrilling world of aviation Right now is a great time to begin planning for kids in your chapters who will attend a camp this year. Sessions include Young Eagles Camp (ages 12 -13); Basic Air Academy (ages 14-15); and the Advanced Air Academy (16-18). For more information, call 888-322-3229 or visit www.airacademy.org.

EAA Calendar of EventsJanuary 31 - Young Eagles Rally - Key West International Airport, Florida
Florida Keys EAA Chapter 1241 has had a very successful series of Young Eagles rallies. We invite you to join us for this event in Key West. For more information, visit http://eaa1241.com or contact Ed Waldorf, 305-398-4336 (send an e-mail).


DR. PEGGY CHABRIANThe EAA Timeless Voices Program will be on the road in February, recording interviews at the 2009 Women in Aviation Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, February 26-28. If you are interested in scheduling an interview to share your story at the conference, send an email to timelessvoices@eaa.org with the subject line TVA – WAI Conference, and a staff member will contact you to make arrangements. With that in mind, we present an encore of the July 11, 2008, “Voice of the Week” – Dr. Peggy Chabrian.

Dr. Peggy Chabrian is a long-time aviation enthusiast and professional aviation educator. In 1990, she held a conference for women seeking opportunities in aviation. Today, that conference has grown into one of the largest women organizations in all of aviation - Women In Aviation, International. As President and Founder of the organization, Dr. Chabrian is heavily involved in the advancement of women in all aviation career fields and interests. See the video.

EAA MerchandiseCheck out our clearance and closeouts section for new great deals, like this 1/4 zip hooded sweatshirt sporting the EAA The Spirit of Aviation logo on the left chest. This casual jersey fleece sweatshirt is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Details include a 1/4 zip neck with pewter metal zipper, drawstring hood with contrasting inner hood, matching spandex reinforced rib knit trim, twill tape in neck, and double-needle cover stitching. Available in black or chili red, now on sale for $29.99 (2X $32.99, 3X $35.99). Order online or by calling toll-free, 800-564-6322.
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EAA Flight Planner

Q & A: 
Question of the Week
For EAA Government Relations
I weigh 330 lbs. Am I foolish to think I can fly a sport-pilot type aircraft?

330 lbs. is going to limit the number of light-sport aircraft in which you will be able to fly. For example, a Piper J3 Cub has a maximum allowable gross weight of 1,220 lbs. Subtract from that the average empty weight of 750 lbs. and you have an useable weight of 470 lbs. Subtracting your weight from that and you have only 140 lbs. with which to cover the weight of your instructor, required fuel, and oil. So a Cub is definitely out of the question.

You will need to search for an airplane that has an approximate 465 lb. or greater useful load to meet the minimum requirements for flight. Visit EAA's Sport Pilot website for a list of S-LSA and the Standard Category aircraft.

Have a question?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail govt@eaa.org. For questions about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail infoserv@eaa.org.

EAA Desktop Calendar
EAA Free Desktop Wallpaper

Evektor America's SportStar flies into the setting sun. Shot during the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida, in late January. Photo by EAA Chief Photographer Jim Koepnick.

Download this wallpaper image at the EAA website, where you can choose among several different resolutions to suit your screen...or select an image from the archive.

On the Flightline - General Aviation News
Following the move of the company to its new factory in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, Fisher Flying Products is now ready to begin kit production for some of the company's aircraft. The initial two kits to be offered are the light-sport eligible Dakota Hawk and the FP-202 Koala. The Dakota Hawk is a high wing two-seat aircraft that can be powered by a wide variety of engines in the 80-120hp range. The FP-202 Koala is the most popular plane in the Fisher Flying Products line. Both aircraft are constructed using Fisher's wood geodetic construction technique that allows anyone with common woodworking tools the ability to build an aircraft without investing in new equipment. The aircraft are available as complete airframe kits or in three sub-kits that let a builder spread the cost of construction out over the life of the project. All wood and metal parts needed to complete the aircraft are cut to size and shaped to allow for easy and quick construction. Full-sized plans will continue to be available for all fourteen designs in the Fisher Flying Products fleet. Kits for other designs in the Fisher line will be available in the future. For more information call 905-856-7050, visit www.fisherflying.com or send an email to ffp@fisherflying.com.

CubCrafters has shipped its first three Carbon Cub Wing Kits and the first Carbon Cub Fuselage Kit. The company is currently producing the kits at a rate of two per month. Custom shipping crates are meticulously constructed and the kits carefully packed to ensure everything arrives in pristine condition, according to a company news release. Each container includes all of the parts and hardware necessary for assembly, right down to the last cotter pin. Also included is a comprehensive assembly manual that provides step-by-step instructions with pictures and/or illustrations for every step from setup to completion. The company also reported that its 2009 Carbon Cub demo airplane is nearing completion. The signature flames scheme was painted recently and the Cub should be moving into final assembly in the next few days. Learn more at www.CubCrafters.com.

The Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), which has served as the world governing body for air sports and aeronautical world records since 1905, has invited five American powered paraglider (PPG) pilots to represent the United States in the World Air Games (WAG) this summer in Torino, Italy. Pilots were selected by virtue of their performance in eight different powered paraglider qualifying events held world-wide in 2008. Only the top 22 pilots and provisional alternates receive the coveted invitations and will represent 11 different countries. Held every four years, the WAG is regarded as the Olympics of air sports. Games are comprised of multi-discipline events featuring up to 10 air sports and up to 22 different events. Competitions are slated to begin on June 6. To support the U. S. team, tax-deductible contributions are being accepted. Visit the United States Powered Paraglider Association website at www.USPPA.org for more information.

Diamond Aircraft Industries has received EASA Type Certificate EASA.E.200 for the turbo-diesel airplane engine E4 (AE 300). The certification of the E4 engine was achieved after 42 months of development work and program costs of 48 million Euro. The company says there are 27 Diamond DA42 NG with AE 300 engines on the production line, whose type certification is also expected imminently. AE 300 powered versions of the DA40 and the DA50 will follow. The AE 300 powered version of the MPP will also be certified as soon as possible. For the existing diesel engine powered Diamond fleet, a retrofit solution to convert to AE 300 power will be developed and offered. Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft Industries, and Thomas Mueller, General Manager of Austro Engine, are confident of a good future for the companies, despite the current difficult times. For more information, visit www.diamond-air.at or www.austroengine.at.

The 16th Annual Light Aviation Safety Seminar, hosted by the Wisconsin Ultralight and Light Aviation Advisory Council, will be held on Saturday, March 7. The free event takes place from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, and is an FAA "Wings" qualifier. Learn more by calling 715-356-8828 or visit www.AV8Safe.org.

Carbon Neutral Planes announced its partnership with Step Up Aviation LLC, a flying club and flight school located in Austin, Texas. Step Up Aviation provides aircraft and aviation training in a variety of aircraft types. Now, through its membership in the Carbon Neutral Plane program, it is also one of the most environmentally friendly providers of aircraft and aircraft training in the country. Learn more at www.StepUpAviation.com.

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