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LASP: The Next Chapter
Working Toward a 'Reasonable' Approach
The end of February also signaled an end to the comment period for the Transportation Security Administration's Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP), but not to the industry-wide effort opposing the TSA plan. More than 4,200 comments were submitted to the docket, which according to USA Today were the most comments TSA has received.

EAA continues to work closely with TSA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials toward a more reasonable approach to GA security through use of a negotiated rulemaking committee. EAA is also continually meeting with members of Congress, including attendance at a roundtable discussion next week on The Hill hosted by House Aviation Subcommittee Chairman Rep. Jerry Costello (D-Ill.) to further press the issue.

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International Women in Aviation Conference

EAA joined more than 100 exhibitors at the 20th annual International Women in Aviation Conference held last week in Atlanta, Georgia. EAA staff conducted several educational sessions, captured Timeless Voices interviews, and invited women pictured in the large gathering for WomenVenture at AirVenture 2008 to sign their names on the poster at EAA's exhibit. See the photo gallery.

Other multimedia content this week:
Hints for Homebuilders - Stripping Mil-Spec Wire

Timeless Voice: 'Red' Baron Tayler, pilot of the first coast-to-coast flight in a powered parachute.

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News & Views from EAA March 6, 2009    Volume 9, Number 9
Leadership Succession Initiative Announced

Tom Poberezny EAA this week announced the appointment of Tom Poberezny as chairman of the board. EAA's founder and previous chairman of the board, Paul Poberezny, 87, officially stepped down as chairman earlier this month. Tom will continue with his current duties as president while also assuming the chairman's role. Additionally, Tom announced a leadership succession initiative to prepare the organization for the next phase of growth. He will begin work with the Board to initiate and lead a search for a new president. Continued success and continuity of leadership are key objectives.  Read more
No User FeesThe recently unveiled Obama Administration's proposed budget includes a line item calling for aviation "direct user charges" -- in other words, user fees. Page 129 of the White House budget proposal suggests user fees to replace some repealed aviation excise taxes. It's a notion we've heard before: dismantle a fuel-tax system that is already in place and working, and replace it with a whole new system of user-fee collections requiring more expensive bureaucracy.  Read more
Paul HarveyEAA joins the legions of people across America mourning the death of beloved radio broadcasting icon Paul Harvey, who passed away in Phoenix Saturday, February 28, at the age of 90. Harvey, a pilot and aviation enthusiast, belonged to EAA since 1973 and contributed to the creation of the Paul Harvey Audio-Video Center, allowing EAA to tell the world "the rest of the story."  Read more  |  Share your thoughts on Gone West.
Chapter LeadersLast weekend, EAA welcomed another enthusiastic group of chapter leaders to EAA headquarters for a Chapter Leaders Academy. The weekend was packed with informational sessions, small work groups, idea exchanges, and access to a wide variety of EAA resources. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. There are a few spots remaining for the March 27-29 session - our final session until the schedule resumes after AirVenture, September 18-20 and October 16-18, and more sessions will be held in  2010. Outside of travel costs, the Chapter Academy is free. Once in Oshkosh, we'll take care of your housing, food, and program materials. Drop us a line at to learn more or to sign up.
Maurice "Kelly" VietsMaurice "Kelly" Viets, Topeka Kansas, 90, passed away on Friday, February 27. Kelly was a Lifetime Member of both EAA and the Vintage Aircraft Association. He served on the EAA Aviation Foundation Board from 1974-1983, was a director of the Antique/Classic Board starting in 1972 and became secretary of the division in 1980. He was also elected to two terms as vice-president and was inducted into the VAA Hall of Fame in 1995. Kelly's dedication and hard work was instrumental in making Antique/Classic the popular division that it is today.  Read more
Public EnemiesThe new movie trailer for the film Public Enemies was released this week and EAA's 1929 Ford Tri-Motor made the cut. Much of the film, which stars Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, was shot in Oshkosh, and filmmakers made good use of EAA and its resources, including Pioneer Airport and its collection of vintage aircraft. EAA's Ford shows up about a minute into the video, and if you take a close look, you can see EAA Director of Flight Operations Sean Elliott in the cockpit! Public Enemies is set for release on July 1, 2009.
Hints for HomebuildersWe're celebrating another milestone for our wildly successful Hints for Homebuilders series. We recently exceeded 600,000 plays on the EAA website. Thanks to everyone for watching, and stay tuned for more!

This week we tackle the seemingly simple task of stripping wire, but there is a correct way to do it. Kas Osterbuhr demonstrates how to strip mil-spec wire and how to get the inner conductor out of a shielded bundle. Kas is an EAA SportAir Workshop instructor for EAA's SportAir Workshop - Electrical Systems, Wiring and Avionics. Watch the video.

If you have a hint to share with your fellow EAAers, we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a note at, and please put "Hints" in the subject line.

Sportair WorkshopsEAA's recent SportAir Workshops weekend at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) campus in Chesapeake, Virginia, drew more than 100 attendees who took advantage of a full slate of sessions covering the most popular homebuilding techniques. EAA is grateful to AIM for providing its world-class facilities in hosting the SportAir Workshops that weekend. "We were delighted to be there and appreciate the support AIM's staff gave us during the workshop weekend," said Mark Forss, EAA SportAir Workshops coordinator.  Read more
Recording in-flight video
Earning his Wings"I've received numerous questions about what gear we're using to record video of our flights. As a student pilot, I've benefited greatly from being able to watch the video of each lesson after the flight. It's amazing how much more you hear the second time through - and it's just fun to watch!

"If you're interested in recording video of your flights,Earning His Wings check out the latest blog post where I detail our setup, describe how we're doing it, and explain what I like and don't like about our system. As always, please leave us a comment if you have questions or have other ideas to share."

Brady Lane, EAA multimedia journalist, is taking flight lessons in pursuit of his sport pilot certificate, and he's sharing the experience in real time on EAA's website, "Earning My Wings: A Video Blog About Learning to Fly."

The AirVenture 2009 Commemorative Souvenir Program is now available for pre-sale online when you order your advance AirVenture tickets. Order now and save $2! Pick up the program at the gate when you exchange your advance ticket for a wristband. Order yours today
Remos SweepstakesEvery year the parking aprons at Sebring, Florida's airport become packed with business jets and other aircraft in support of teams competing in the Twelve Hours of Sebring auto race. During that time, all airport visitors will have a chance to help EAA's Young Eagles program by seeing the Flight Design MC in the lobby where they can buy a ticket to win this light-sport aircraft. Flight Design of Germany donated the airplane to EAA as the Grand Prize in the 2009 EAA Sweepstakes, which benefits the Young Eagles program. The prize drawing will take place at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2009. The aircraft will be on display in the Sebring terminal building until Friday, April 17, and then displayed at Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, from April 21-26, 2009. Learn more, or enter today at
EAA Calendar of EventsEAA Chapter 59 Pancake Breakfast & Information Exchange, Waco, Texas
(Saturday, March 7, 2009) Pancake breakfast, demonstrations, presentations from Texas State Technical College, aircraft on display, Wag Aero cub project, Fly Market. For more information, visit, or contact Kenny Grisham, 254-749-5490, (Send an e-mail.)

EAA Chapter 62 Flying Gourmets, Hollister, California
(Saturday, March 7, 2009) Fly in to the Hollister Airport for lunch at the Ding-a-Ling Cafe at 11 a.m.  After lunch, we will tour the Warbird Museum on the field. For more information, visit, or contact, Terri Gorman, 408-828-6707. (Send an e-mail.)

To learn more about calendar events, or to find/submit others, visit

LaserGradeEAA Members now receive a $10 discount on the price of all FAA tests taken at LaserGrade testing centers. That's double the previous discount! With more than 1,000 LaserGrade testing centers across the United States and Canada, you're sure to find one located in your area. To take advantage of your discount, call 800-211-2754 when you're ready to schedule your test. Tell the registrar you're an EAA member and you'll receive $10 off of the regular price. Locate your nearest LaserGrade testing center.
Baron TaylerProfessional farrier “Red” Baron Tayler had always wanted to fly, but never had the time to pursue it. A near death experience in 1999 convinced him to follow his dreams, and he began flying powered parachutes in 2002. In 2005 “Red” became the first pilot to receive a Sport Pilot Certificate with a powered parachute rating from an FAA Designated Examiner. Soon after he founded the non-profit PowerChute Education Foundation to promote the sport of powered parachuting. To help support the foundation’s mission, in 2006 “Red”made the first coast-to-coast flight in a powered parachute, flying deck-to-deck from the USS Midway in San Diego, California, to the USS Yorktown in Charleston, South Carolina over 17 weeks (May 1- September 17). Watch the video.
EAA MerchandiseThe autobiography of WWII Ace Pilot Günther Rall - the third most successful fighter pilot in history - is available from EAA at a special price for a limited time. This personally autographed hardcover book tells the story from Rall's time in the Luftwaffe, his role in testing and introducing the Lockheed F-104 G Starfighter into the new German Air Force, as well as his later role as chief of staff of the West German Air Force. Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson provides the foreword. My Logbook has 373 pages, with 153 photographs, and it's available until March 31 for only $58.50 - a $6.50 discount off the regular price. Order online or call toll-free, 800-564-6322.
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Q & A: 
Question of the Week
For EAA Information Services
My local chapter is looking into buying a set of scales so we can do our own weight and balancing. I haven't been able to find any reference in the FARs or ACs that talks about how often the scales must be calibrated, or the accepted procedure for calibrating them.

We would like to have all this info before we purchase the scales. If we have to calibrate them often, and it is expensive, it may not be worth the chapter buying the scales.

The FAA has no requirements at all for scales used to weigh experimental aircraft, and as a matter of fact, many builders over the years have used ordinary bathroom scales - using a known weight to calibrate them immediately prior to weighing the aircraft.

Having said that, the more accurate your scales are, the better; however, accurate scales cannot compensate for improper weighing procedures or improper calculations!

Have a question?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail For questions about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail

March 2009
EAA Desktop Calendar
EAA Free Desktop Wallpaper

Dave Williams' reborn Dyke Delta is this month's featured EAA calendar image. The airplane was the subject of a cover story in the December 2008 Sport Aviation, and a video about the airplane can be found on the EAA video player. Photo by EAA Chief Photographer Jim Koepnick.

Download this wallpaper image at the EAA website, where you can choose among several different resolutions to suit your screen...or select an image from the archive.

On the Flightline - General Aviation News
The 20th Annual International Women in Aviation (WAI) Conference concluded on Saturday, February 28. Its theme was "A New Approach for Your Tomorrow," but the Conference's underlying thrust was unquestionably jobs and the economy. Despite furloughs, fears, and dwindling retirement funds, conference-goers were full of determined optimism about their futures. WAI members who have spent their careers in the aviation industry were quick to assure younger attendees that the aviation industry operates in cycles and this one, too, shall pass.
Conference highlights included attendance of nearly 3,000 women and men, including representatives from 15 countries; 125 exhibitors; and $459,450 in scholarships awards. Next year's conference will be held at Walt Disney World's Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, February 25-27, 2010. For more information, visit

Flight Design GmbH, will debut one of the first legitimate "green" projects for light aircraft power plants at the Aero show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, April 2-5, 2009. The concept is based on using a well-established certified aircraft engine together with an electric booster. This combines the reliability of a certified engine with a very high boost power of the electric motor, which is only used for take-off and climb. "The result is an optimized engine in respect to size, weight and fuel efficiency for cruise flight, with additional 40 horsepower for take-off, climb or during an engine stoppage due to fuel starvation," Betsch said. Learn more at

Todd Gunther, NTSB investigator in charge of the January 25 crash of a Remos GX aircraft at Sebring, Florida, has released a preliminary report on the accident. In his findings, Gunther established control continuity to the rudder, elevator, and right wing, however, "control continuity could not be established to the left aileron." The left wing had been folded the night before the flight and was extended just prior to takeoff. It appears that the left aileron quick fastener was not secured.

Following the initial investigation, Remos Aircraft issued a Mandatory Safety Directive on January 31, titled "Inspection of Quick Fasteners on Control System." The document was distributed to all Remos owners. The Safety Directive contains illustrated directions for the proper method of securing the aileron controls when extending the wings. "We have issued this mandatory safety directive to assure that all pre-flight procedures are followed with precision," said Corvin Huber, CEO of REMOS Aircraft. "We are in the process of making a safe airplane even safer." Learn more at

A Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) advises owners and operators of Eclipse Model EA500 aircraft of the current status of Eclipse Aviation Corporation and requests that owners and operators inform the FAA of any unsafe condition involving the EA500. At this time, this airworthiness concern is not an unsafe condition that would warrant AD action under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR) part 39. Eclipse Aircraft Corporation filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November 25, 2008. The creditors for Eclipse Aviation have now petitioned the court to move from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. All Eclipse operations (including certification, production, service centers, training centers and dealers) are closed.

In the interim the FAA requests that owners and operators report to the FAA all unsafe conditions that may exist on Eclipse EA500 Aircraft to the Airplane Certification Office in Fort Worth, Texas. For other information contact Alma Ramirez, Program Manager, ASW-150, at 817- 222-5147 or e-mail

Rotax has released a new Engine Trade-In program in effect from March 1-April 30, 2009. Trade in your Rotax, Hirth, HKS, Jabiru, Lycoming, or Continental aircraft engine and receive a trade-in allowance off any New Rotax 912 UL/A/F or 912 ULS/S aircraft engine. Terms and conditions may vary from country to country. Visit your local Rotax dealer to learn more, or visit

Bully Hawk Aero Performance has developed a turbo conversion kit that can turn an 80 hp Rotax 912 series engine into a turbocharged equivalent of the Rotax 914. The company has also released its Soft Start option for 912S operators that reduces engine start kickback. In addition, Bully Hawk now offers a 40-amp external alternator for all Rotax 912 and 014 models, for those who need additional power to run avionics and radios. Learn more at

January 21-24, 2010, are the dates for next year's US Sport Aviation Expo at the Sebring Regional Airport in Sebring, Florida. Several new LSA "Expo type" events are also being scheduled for other dates throughout the year. These events focus on light-sport aircraft and the sport pilot and related certificates. Learn more at

Sonex Aircraft, LLC has announced yet another option for building Sonex Aircraft: Sub-Kits for Sonex and Waiex airframes. These Sub-Kits are designed to give Sonex and Waiex builders more flexibility and options for constructing the Sonex aircraft. "Sonex has received requests for Sonex and Waiex Sub-Kit building options since we started offering a complete kit in 2001," said Jeremy Monnett, Sonex Aircraft, LLC, General Manager and CEO. Learn more at

NASA's 2009 "Mission Madness" tournament - a fun twist on college basketball's March Madness and the NCAA tournament - will have the public determine NASA's greatest past, present or future mission. A 64-mission field and match-ups will be released on March 9 at, then voting for the Round 1 begins March 19 when participants can fill out a bracket by choosing the "winning missions." The first Mission Madness championship winner will be determined on April 8.

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