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Elvis Aircrane

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'Elvis' is Coming to Oshkosh
Erickson Aircrane Helitanker making first-ever visit
An aircraft type never seen before at AirVenture Oshkosh, an Erickson S-64F Aircrane Helitanker, will appear throughout the weeklong event, July 27-August 2. The heavy-duty, twin-engined rotorcraft, which many feel is the best aerial firefighting platform available, is scheduled to arrive mid-day opening day, Monday, July 27, and be displayed throughout the week on AeroShell Square. The aircraft hopes to make several water drop demonstrations during the week before departing on Sunday, August 2.

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EAA Multimedia
Lots New in the Vintage Area

AirVenture attendees will see many changes at this year's convention, and no where will that be more apparent than in the Vintage Aircraft area, just to the south of AeroShell Square. In our first AirVenture Preview, host John Nicholson and VAA Executive Director H.G. Frautschy explore what's new, including the recently built Type Club Hangar, and some expected attractions arriving in 2009. Watch now.

Multimedia posted this week:
Hints for Homebuilders: Third in a series: Ribstitching-Finish Knot
Timeless Voice: Dick Stouffer, B-17 copilot in WWII.

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News & Views from EAA May 22, 2009    Volume 9, Number 21
Today, EAA and other general aviation organizations briefed the newly formed House General Aviation Caucus about the importance of general aviation and highlighted issues of concern such as user fees, congressional oversight of FAA, air traffic modernization, and the severe impact of TSA security regulations and directives on GA. More than 50 attended the session including co-chairs Ehlers (R-MI) and Boyd (D-FL), Representatives Graves (R-MO), Boswell (D-IA), Coble (R-NC), Tiahrt (R-KS), Moran (R-KS), Salazar (D-CO) and Cohen (D-TN), various staff members of the other caucus members, and representatives from AOPA, NBAA, NATA and GAMA. The principals from these organizations presented the importance of general aviation to the national economy and fabric of the nation as well as issues of concern and interest to this newly established general aviation caucus.  Read more
EAA is strongly opposing a petition (EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0211) to the EPA from the ethanol producers trade group, Growth Energy, and 54 other ethanol producers to increase the percentage of ethanol that can be blended with automobile gasoline, from 10 percent to 15 percent. EAA and its members have been fighting for the right to obtain auto fuel gasoline that is free of ethanol for several years.  Read more
Fly 4 Life"Fly For Life" at EAA AirVenture 2009 will recognize and celebrate the breadth and depth of good works by those who offer aviation services for the benefit of their fellow citizens of the world. Public Benefit Aviation (PBA) - volunteer pilots and aviation enthusiasts who dedicate their time, skills, and resources to help people; and Mission Aviation (MA) - Christians working to bring the transforming message of Jesus Christ to people living in remote, difficult-to-access places; provide vital humanitarian and spiritual support that would otherwise go unserved.

Gracia BurnhamBeginning this week through the start of AirVenture, e-Hotline will profile some of the special people who have fused their twin passions - helping others in need and aviation. A group of EAA volunteers is working to design the weeklong program at Oshkosh this year. Activities planned include a major display adjacent to AeroShell Square; aircraft displays; numerous forums and presentations; an evening program on Monday, July 27; and other events. For more information, visit See the first profile: Gracia Burnham.

Border CrossingEAA is providing assistance to general aviation pilots affected by new federal rules for U.S. border crossing that took effect Monday. Tools available to general aviation pilots entering the U.S., departing the U.S., or otherwise crossing the U.S. border by air include an overview document for sorting out the various and complex requirements, and a downloadable kneeboard fact sheet for quick reference.
In a letter to U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano this week, EAA Chairman/President Tom Poberezny joined the heads of four other general aviation groups asking the agency to remove a controversial airport security directive issued December 10 by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Instead the groups urge that the rulemaking process be initiated so that industry input can be included and mitigate the already occurring problems with the directive (1542-04-08F), which changed procedures for the issuance of airport ID media and increased the number of general aviation pilots and aircraft owners required to have authorized IDs at airports served by commercial carriers.  Read more
Randy BabbittPresident Obama's nominee for FAA Administrator, Randy Babbitt, has cleared the first hurdle toward confirmation. On Wednesday, the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee unanimously voted to forward his nomination for full Senate confirmation. This final confirmation is the last step before Babbitt can begin serving the administration.

"As a member of the FAA Advisory Board, Randy's knowledge of recreational aviation will allow him to have immediate impact," said Earl Lawrence, EAA vice president of industry and regulatory affairs. "EAA and its members are eager to hear Randy's perspective on general aviation issues such as air traffic modernization, the FAA funding plan, user fees and safety at AirVenture this year."

Babbitt, formerly president of the Air Line Pilots Association, is currently an aviation consultant. A Senate confirmation date has yet to be announced.

XM WXEarlier this spring, while on a cross-country flight in his A36 Bonanza, an EAA member had a problem using his XM Satellite Weather service. He had received a detailed weather briefing before departing, but en route to his destination he began to approach a developing weather system. He asked his wife to grab his portable GPS unit from his flight bag so he could get more weather information. When he turned the unit on, he could not receive a signal for the XM Weather service. After landing and calling XM Weather, he learned that he needed to refresh his unit because he hadn't used it in some time. EAA contacted XM Weather, and they provided some information about keeping your XM Satellite Weather system active. Read more
Short, Soft Field Landings
Earning My WingsSome lessons are fun and exciting; others are challenging. This one was challenging.

Jason introduced me to short and soft field landings. I've been feeling good about my landings lately, but flying my approach 5-10 mph slower was all it took to make them feel awkward.Earning My Wings

As you'll see in the video, I tried hard but never was able to touch down on the numbers. I left the lesson feeling frustrated with myself because I know I can do it. Jason tells me this is the most commonly failed portion of a checkride. Makes sense. It's going to take some practice, but I'm going to land on those numbers.
On a positive note, the takeoffs were a blast. Climbing out at Vx (best angle of climb) in the Remos is an incredible ride!

I'd love to hear your advice and feedback on the blog.
- Brady

Papa GooseA Zenith CH 601XL builder who EAA helped clarify an inspection misunderstanding made the first flight in his new airplane on May 15. "Exactly three years and two months after receiving the huge crate full of airplane par
ts, N4568G, the 'Papa Goose' took to the air at 3R2, aka Legros Memorial Airport and Gentlemen's Benevolent Association," wrote Edward Moody II, of Rayne, Louisiana. Moody said the plane "flew as it should, with no bad habits, no heavy wing, needed a bit of nose up trim, needs a fair amount of right rudder at high power settings (to control all the torque of the massive Jabiru 3300) and as we all know (or should by now), the roll response is slower than the pitch response.

"Despite 15-20 mph of 30 degree crosswind, both landings this afternoon were 'keepers' and I can't wait to get up early tomorrow and go do it again," Moody wrote. "Thank you for your help."

Women SoarYoung women in grades 9-12 are eligible to enroll in EAA's Women Soar You Soar 2009 program. Now in its fifth year, Women Soar introduces enrollees to more than 20 outstanding female mentors, from engineers to fighter pilots, working in a variety of aviation and aerospace fields. The three-day event, July 26-28, 2009, will include activities such as flight simulation, workshops, career exploration, and mentor sessions - aimed at engaging, inspiring, and educating young women to pursue their dreams in aviation and beyond. The enrollment deadline is July 10, 2009, or until all spaces are filled. Find out more about Women Soar You Soar 2009 at or call 800-236-1025.
Hints for HomebuildersIn the third and final video of the "knot" series, Carah Durell shows you how to wrap up your rib stitching by demonstrating the final knot you need to know: the finish knot. Carah is a former Chapter 1 Young Eagle that works for Poly-Fiber. Watch now.

Now available - DVD, Hints for Homebuilders - Sheet Metal - Volume 1 - now you can view 19 helpful hints from experienced builders anywhere-on a big-screen TV, at chapter meetings, or on a computer with a DVD drive. They're available for a members' special price of $9.95 through the EAA online store or by calling 800-564-6322.

EAA'S B-17 TOUREAA's B-17 national tour featuring Aluminum Overcast is in Seattle, Washington, this week visiting EAA Warbird Squadron 2. The historic bomber will remain there through Memorial Day until it departs for Ogden, Utah, for a tour stop hosted by EAA Chapter 23, May 29-31. The Wings Over the Rockies Museum welcomes the tour June 3-9 in Denver, Colorado, offering historic flight experiences and ground tours. You can book your reservation for an unforgettable flight or find a list of future events at, or call 800-359-6217 for more information. Watch video.
By Bob Mackey, Representative for the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan, Administered by Falcon Insurance Agency
EAA Aircraft Insurance PlanFace it, we cannot be experts and know everything about the products and services we buy. For example, we know tires are round, black, and they hold air; but what do we know about the compounds the tire is made of or the performance capabilities of the tread design? Same goes for your airplane insurance. That's where the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan administered by Falcon Insurance Agency can help.  Read more
EAA AcademyOnly a few spots remain in the aviation experience of a lifetime! EAA Air Academy Basic Camp offers students ages 14-15 intermediate aviation experiences through small group activities and close counselor relationships. Aviation material is presented with a unique combination of fun and discovery in a science camp format. For more information, visit
Calendar of Events
EAA Chapter 1077 Fly-In Pancake Breakfast, New Philadelphia, Ohio
(Monday, May 25, 2009) Join EAA Chapter 1077 at Harry Clever Field for a Memorial Day breakfast that includes three delicious pancakes, a sausage patty, scrambled eggs, and coffee. Breakfast is served all day. Hot dogs will be served around lunchtime. The Midwest Navioneers are also meeting during the weekend and should be here until Sunday morning. The festivities begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at noon. For more information call Dave Gray at 330-260-8574.

EAA Chapter 1115 Memorial Day Fly- In, Woodward, Oklahoma
(Monday, May 25, 2009) Join EAA Chapter 1115 this Memorial Day for a fly-in! Featuring free Young Eagles rides (ages 8-18) from 8 a.m. to noon (weather permitting), guests will enjoy breakfast while checking out ultralights, experimentals, and certified aircraft, as well as an EMS helicopter. Pilots and passengers are invited to come in the afternoon of the 24th to join the set-up party followed by an evening hamburger cook out. Camping is available on the field. For more information contact Joe Schneider at 580-254-3566.

To learn more about calendar events, or to find/submit others, visit

Dick StoufferDuring World War II, Richard "Dick" Stouffer (1923-2003) enlisted in the Aviation Cadet Program and was trained as a B-17 copilot. Once overseas he was assigned to the 7th Bomb Squadron of the 34th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force in England. Dick flew 35 combat missions during the war. In 1952 he began flying for United Airlines and continued flying the friendly skies until retirement in 1983. An avid aviation aficionado, Dick was a long-time EAA member and volunteer photographer, as well as serving on the EAA Board of Directors. He passed away on November 4, 2003. Watch the video.
EAA MerchandiseTell everyone you're headed to AirVenture with this "I'm Headed to Oshkosh" t-shirt, sporting the 2009 AirVenture logo on the back. The F-22 Raptor, Trike, P-51 Mustang, and Stearman bi-plane complete this collectable t-shirt. Made of 100% Gildan Ultra pre-shrunk cotton in White, available in SM-3X. EAA members can get theirs for only $12.99-16.99 - a savings of $4 off the regular price. Or, get this Air Show Collage t-shirt, complete with 2009 air show aircraft including the Trike, Velocity, Extra 300, RV-8, P-40 Warhawk, and Waco UPF-7, for $15.99-17.99. Looking for something to top it off? Get an AirVenture Oshkosh 2009 cap, available in Stone for $14.99, or EAA members save $3 on the Olive cap, only $13.99. Order online or call toll-free, 800-564-6322.
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EAA Flight Planner

Q & A: 
Question of the Week
For EAA Information Services
My partner and I own an E-LSA (experimental  light-sport aircraft). Can we both receive the training and be issued the Repairman Certificate Light-Sport Aircraft - Inspection Rating for our E-LSA aircraft?

Yes you can. The E-LSA Repairman, Inspection Rating course is the qualifying 16-hour FAA course you need to take to become eligible to apply for the certificate. We recommend that you register for the course through either the EAA Sport Air Workshops or Rainbow Aviation.

Have a question?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail For questions about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail

May 2009
EAA Desktop Calendar
EAA Free Desktop Wallpaper

Our featured calendar image for May is Tom Wathen's beautiful replica of the Rider R-4 Schoenfelt Firecracker, a plane that won many races during the Golden Age of air racing. The plane is also featured in EAA's World of Flight 2009 Calendar. (Photo by EAA Chief Photographer Jim Koepnick.)

Download this wallpaper image at the EAA website, where you can choose among several different resolutions to suit your screen - including three new wide-screen sizes...or select an image from the archive.

On the Flightline - General Aviation News
Preparations are nearly complete for the 12th Annual Virginia Regional Festival of Flight May 30-31 at the Suffolk Executive Airport (SFQ). A record number of exhibitors, vendors, and forums are scheduled.
"This year we have 35 forum presentations," said Judy Sparks, Fly-In manager. "We are especially excited to have the FAA Charting Office present two-hour VFR and IFR map forums on Saturday. Many pilots have no idea how much they don't know about aeronautical charts until they attend these forums."

The Festival of Flight planning committee reports that homebuilders will be flying in from as far away as Missouri, Florida, and New York, and that they expect a wide selection of homebuilts and restored aircraft to be on display. In addition, hundreds of antiques, classics, warbirds, ultralights, and light-sport aircraft should fill the show plane area.

The family-friendly event includes radio-controlled flight demonstrations and hands-on activities for kids, such as model rocket launches and a presentation by NASA scientists. Pancakes will be served from at 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. each day, and several food vendors will be on site.
To see forum schedules and learn more, visit the fly-in website Pilots are urged to visit the website to learn of special approach procedures for ultralights and other general aviation aircraft.

Customers making purchases from ASA's website,, can help ASA help general aviation grow. ASA is now donating 5 percent of an individual's total order to either the EAA Young Eagles program or the AOPA Air Safety Foundation. Customers may choose which organization to support.

The process couldn't be simpler: During checkout, shoppers will be prompted to select which organization will receive a donation, which is completely voluntary. This action does not add to the cost of the order. Customers may also choose to bypass the selection entirely.
ASA Vice President Mike Lorden says, "ASA is a proud supporter of these fine organizations that are making a difference for general aviation, now and into the future."

Wicks Aircraft, started in 1974 by Martin Wick, has seen steady growth since opening its doors 35 years ago. Expect to see some changes in the next 35. "Wicks Aircraft Supplies is going to be setting up a number of builders' workshops for people who want to learn about the skills required for building an aircraft," said Scott Wick, Martin's son, who now runs the company. "We're going to be developing homebuilder tool kits and starter kits for people who want to experience their own introduction to composites, welding, or working with aluminum, wood, or fabric."
Wicks will also feature aircraft completed by its customers on its website, and set up a chat room exclusively for builders. The company is "eager to draw new and younger people into the world of homebuilt aircraft," Scott added. Call 800-221-9425 or visit for more information.

Aspen Avionics, Inc., maker of the Evolution Flight Display system, announced this week that the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued the first European Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for Aspen products. This new STC authorizes installation of the EFD1000 Primary Flight Display (PFD) into Cessna 206 series aircraft. "The European market continues to be very important to Aspen," said Doug Cayne, Aspen Avionics VP of Marketing. "We are actively working with our European dealers and EASA-certified Design Organizations to assure prompt availability of a broad range of STCs for our customers in EASA-member countries." EASA STCs for several other aircraft makes/models are currently under development. Updates to the STCs will be available here.

On May 11, the FAA adopted a new airworthiness directive (AD) for Cessna Aircraft models LC40-550FG, LC41-550FG, and LC42-550FG airplanes (type certificate previously held by Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing). The AD was adopted to detect and correct damage in the rudder hinges and the rudder hinge brackets, which could result in failure of the rudder and potential loss of control. It results from reports that cracked lower rudder hinge brackets were found on two of the affected airplanes. The AD requires repetitive inspection of the rudder hinges and the rudder hinge brackets for damage, i.e., cracking, deformation, and discoloration, and replacement of the damaged rudder hinge and/or rudder hinge bracket if damage is found. Learn more here.

The new FAA Risk Management Handbook features information and resources that pilots can use to assess risk. This handbook presents methods to manage the workloads associated with each phase of flight, resulting in a safer, more enjoyable and less stressful experience for both themselves and their passengers. Subjects covered include human behavior, identifying and mitigating risk, aeronautical decision-making, single-pilot resource management, automation, and risk management training. Appendices contain a controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) checklist and sample risk management scenarios to aid in setting personal minimums. Order the soft cover, 112 page handbook at

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