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Top Story
Fingers Crossed for Favorable "51%" Outcome
Amateur-building ARC report makes its last rounds; FAA final policy on homebuilding imminent

This week, members of the FAA's Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) on amateur-building have circulated and signed their final report for publishing in the Federal Register. This report entails a comprehensive set of recommendations for FAA consideration as the agency prepares to issue its final policy revisions regarding interpretation and enforcement of the amateur-built experimental aircraft rules.

According to Earl Lawrence, EAA vice president of regulatory affairs and co-chair of the ARC, the report incorporates all of the major principles for which the EAA amateur-building community has rallied and fought throughout the past 18 months.

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EAA Multimedia
Heroes' Story
The most requested video from AirVenture 2009 is David Hartman's interview of Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and First Officer Jeff Skiles from Theater in the Woods. Here it is in edited form - it runs more than 45 minutes so if you lack a broadband connection, please allow the file to load. The pilots provide their gripping, sometimes humorous account of ditching US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River on January 15, 2009, saving 155 lives. Watch and enjoy!

Other multimedia posted this week:
Hints for Homebuilders: Bolt Installation
Timeless Voice:
WWII Ace Les Smith
Photo Gallery: EAA's recreation of the Bleriot
AirVenture Video: Innovative Campground Vehicles at Oshkosh

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News & Views from EAA August 21, 2009    Volume 9, Number 41
Ultralight TrainingWhen the sport pilot/light sport aircraft (SP/LSA) regulations were developed, it was envisioned that flight training for people who wanted to fly ultralight or ultralight-like aircraft would be conducted in aircraft certificated in the special light-sport (S-LSA) category. As a bridge until sufficient S-LSA aircraft could be produced, the FAA allowed the use of transitioned two-place ultralight trainers certificated as experimental light-sport aircraft (E-LSA) to be used for compensated flight training until January 31, 2010 [per FAR 91.319(e)]. The FAA envisioned this timeframe would allow time for aircraft manufacturers to produce ultralight-like S-LSA in sufficient quantity to satisfy the need for ultralight training aircraft.  Read more
Series marks 100 videos posted, closing in on 1 million downloads
This week EAA marked the 100th episode of Hints for Homebuilders, the popular video series on the EAA website. The series, featuring short, informative, helpful tips from experts on all aspects of amateur aircraft building was launched in March of 2008 and became instantly popular among EAA members and homebuilders - so much so that the total number of downloads is approaching 1 million, according to Charlie Becker, EAA director of member programs.  Read more
Rocky Mountain Fly-inRocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (formerly Jeffco) will host the Rocky Mountain Regional Fly-In (RMRFI) this weekend, August 22-23, and pilots who arrive early enough might qualify for what organizers are calling the "2009 Special Pilot Stimulus Package." The first 250 attendees flying in (pilots and passengers) will receive a crisp $2 bill upon completing on-site aircraft registration. In addition, the person registering the aircraft will receive a Pilot Stimulus Package including the current issue of GANews, locally published Pilot Mag, along with some surprise items.  Read more
A letter from EAA and AOPA to FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt discourages any rash reactions to the tragic mid-air collision between a small airplane and a sightseeing helicopter in New York City's Hudson River corridor August 8, which claimed nine lives. "Acting precipitously, without all the facts, may have unintended consequences while failing to improve safety or prevent future problems," reads the letter signed by EAA President and Chairman Tom Poberezny and AOPA President and CEO Craig Fuller.  Read more
EAA Good Ol' DaysAviation's Golden Age of the 1920s and 1930s come back to life at EAA's Pioneer Airport next weekend, August 29-30, as EAA presents the 9th annual "Good Ol' Days." From 10 a.m.-5 p.m. both days, visitors can see vintage airplanes, participate in activities from the period, and experience what airports were like during the Golden Age of aviation. Features include a large family activity center with games and competitions, like a pie eating contest; up close inspection opportunities with EAA's historical collection of aircraft; ride in one of EAA's vintage airplanes like the 1929 Travel Air, a 1927 Swallow biplane or a Bell 47 Helicopter, and other vehicles; musical performances; and be on hand for the opening of a recently discovered 1930s time capsule. Staff members and volunteers will appear in period dress throughout the weekend. All Good Ol' Days activities are included with regular museum admission. As always, admission is free for EAA members.
Bob Mackey
Falcon Insurance Agency, Inc., Administrator of the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan

EAA Aircraft InsuranceThere are many different marketing approaches companies use to persuade customers to make a purchase decision. One frequently used approach is the scare tactic - something bad will happen if you don't buy, something bad will happen if you buy the wrong thing, or something bad will happen if you buy from the wrong seller. Bottom-line something bad will happen if you don't buy this from me… Are you scared yet?  Read more
EAA MerchandiseWant to bring part of AirVenture 2009 home to you? Here is your chance. Order an EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2009 Pennant, the very ones that flew during The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration. These red and blue pennants, yours for only $35, feature the 2009 AirVenture logo and include Tom Poberezny's signature. Grab your ultimate souvenir from one of the best conventions ever. Order online or by calling toll-free, 800-564-6322.
Oshkosh 365

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Member Hue Gammill of South Carolina gets the first and soon-to-be coveted "Post of the Week" award! In a recent thread on Oshkosh365, Hue exemplified the very best of EAA - ingenuity, efficiency, and generosity - in one paragraph! Read about how he built a towbar (with parts to spare) for $3!


If you have a suggestions and/or submission for EAA’s weekly AeroInnovations column, please send to editor Bob Waldron at

The Beginning of a New Era in Aviation?
This article suggests that electric aircraft will usher in a new stage in aviation history. Upcoming months will bring continual progress for electric aircraft, with flight testing of the Electraflyer-X expected in September, Flightstar expecting to have the electric e-Spyder available for sale in kit form by the end of the year and Yuneec targeting to have an electric plane with in-flight solar recharging at AirVenture 2010. Electric flight brings new capabilities to aviation. "One airshow performer in Oshkosh was overheard talking about the possibilities for new maneuvers an electric airplane may offer. The instant torque could open new avenues for aerobatics much like it did for remote control aircraft when electric became the standard several years back."

TR53 AeroTrain: VTOL For Commuters
TR53 AeroTrain: VTOL For CommutersThe TR53 AeroTrain is a tiltrotor vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft being designed by Karem Aircraft. Abe Karem is the aeroinnovator who also designed the Gnat 750 UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) - the Gnat 750-45 is the Predator drone, which was at AirVenture 2009. Karem's TR53 is being designed to cruise at 400 mph with a 120 passenger capacity, similar to an early Boeing 737.

Boeing Hydroplane Flies on 100% Biofuel
Boeing Hydroplane Flies on 100% BiofuelThe Boeing U-787 hydroplane did a demonstration test run on 100% biofuels in August 2009. The U-787 helicopter turbine engine has the same fuel requirements as a commercial airliner. The biofuel used was processed by UOP LLC using camelina oil supplied by Targeted Growth Inc., a Seattle, Washington, USA based company, jotropha oil and algae oil. This is the same biofuel that helped power a 747-300 test flight earlier this year.

You Already Talk to Your Airplane - Now it Listens!
You Already Talk to Your Airplane - Now it Listens!The VoiceFlight Systems VFS101 has received FAA certification for pilot speech recognition. You can use the VFS101 to enter or make corrections to your flight plans. Scott Merritt, the aeroinnovator who brought this to market, says the voice entry system is "up to 10 times faster than loading a flight plan manually."

Future AeroInnovators Can Learn From Inventions of the Past
The Smithsonian Air & Space magazine gives us interesting insights on how a bunch of past aviation innovations came to be. EAA aeroinnovators may learn a thing or two about the value of perseverance, about ways in which real life experience is needed to overcome challenges that common design principles can't solve, and how the final product of our innovation development can come from the simplest ideas. Burt Rutan and the VariEze, Leonard Greene and the airflow sensor stall warning system, William Dzus and his DFCI self-locking fasteners. They all seem so obvious…after they've been developed and put into use.

EAA Ford Tri-Motor Fantasy CampThe EAA Ford Tri-Motor Fantasy Flight Camp (October 23-25, 2009) gives participants an insider look at air travel as it was in 1929 through a fascinating weekend at EAA headquarters. This fantasy camp is expert-led, and involves a detailed study of the "Tin Goose." Each participant receives a 1-hour flight experience and can log 0.2 hours at the controls of EAA's Ford Tri-Motor. To learn more about this and other EAA Fantasy Flight Camps, visit
EAA B-17EAA Chapter 78 welcomes Aluminum Overcast, EAA's B-17G bomber, to Trenton, New Jersey, this weekend (August 21-23) at Mercer Field. Don't miss your chance to fly in one of the only remaining Flying Fortresses still flying. Next week the aircraft visits Reading, Pennsylvania, August 25-26, then flies to Leesburg, Virginia, the weekend of August 28-30. To book a flight, or for more information, visit, or call 800-359-6217. See videos, photos, articles and more at EAA's Fly the Fortress multimedia gallery.

Become a fan of EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast Facebook page!

Fly the FordEAA's Tri-Motor descends on Ankeny Regional Airport in Des Moines, Iowa, for a tour stop running through Sunday, August 23. Come and see one of the finest examples of the world's first mass-produced airliner. Folks in the Lincoln, Nebraska, area can see the aircraft August 27-30. To learn more about the airplane or to book a flight, visit
Hints for HomebuildersJack Dueck, author of the new book Sheet Metal Basics, demonstrates the preferred method of installing bolts on an aircraft. Jack is also a Technical Counselor, SportAir Workshops instructor, and member of both the EAA Homebuilt Aircraft and Canadian councils. Watch the video.

Now available - DVD, Hints for Homebuilders - Sheet Metal - Volume 1
View 19 helpful hints from experienced builders anywhere-on a big-screen TV, at chapter meetings, or on a computer with a DVD drive. They're available for a members' special price of $9.95 through the EAA online store or by calling 800-564-6322.

EAA Calendar of Events
EAA Chapter 1455 3rd Annual Corn Roast BBQ, Southington, Ohio
The best place to be this day is Warren Airport (62D) for the best corn around…barbecue with Lindyburgers and Bushpilot Beans…and our best, sizzling hot Birddog Dogs. There will be a People's Choice trophy awarded for the best plane! This all-day event (9 a.m.-6 p.m.) starts with free coffee and donuts for the pilots in the morning, then a live band starting at 11:30. Bring a blanket or lawn chair, relax and watch the Skyhawks fly their RC aircraft at 2 p.m. Also featured is a spot landing contest. So fly or drive over and have some fun. For more information, contact William Kolovich at 330-872-1358.

To learn more about calendar events, or to find/submit others, visit

Les SmithLes Smith enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps in November 1941. After graduation from Advanced Flight Training with Class 42-F at Kelly Field, Texas, in July 1942, Les was assigned as one of the original pilots in the 61st Fighter Squadron of the 56th Fighter Group. The entire group shipped overseas to Scotland in January 1943, and soon moved to its first base located at RAF Kings Cliffe, UK. Les flew on the group's first combat mission - April 13, 1943 - and would go on to fly 138 combat missions over the course of two combat tours. By the end of the war in Europe, Les was credited with seven aerial victories, meaning he's an "Ace." Watch the video.
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EAA Flight Planner

Q & A: 
Question of the Week
For EAA Information Services

What was the rationale for selecting light-sport aircraft criteria for maximum gross weight (1,320 pounds) and maximum speed (138 mph)? What's significant about those specific numbers?

While there is nothing inherently "special" about the numbers - other than the fact that they are the ones chosen by the FAA to define LSA - these numbers do force an LSA to have certain design and flight characteristics that the FAA considered desirable for operation by a sport pilot.

The FAA determined all of the criteria that define LSA as published in FAR 1.1 during a normal rulemaking process, which included years of consideration, proposal, modification and public comment.

Initially, both the gross weight and maximum full-power level flight speed numbers were considerably lower than what was finally published, and as a result the higher numbers that currently define a light-sport aircraft allow a much wider range of aircraft to qualify.

Have a question?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail For questions about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail

August 2009
EAA Desktop Calendar
EAA Free Desktop Wallpaper

WhiteKnightTwo made its spectacular world public debut Opening Day at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2009. EAA Chief Photographer Jim Koepnick got this shot while the airplane circled above the convention grounds just before landing.  

Download this wallpaper image from the EAA website, where you can choose among several different resolutions to suit your screen - including three wide-screen sizes...or select an image from the archive.

On the Flightline - General Aviation News
Shark Aero of Slovakia announced the first flight of its new Shark light-sport aircraft on Wednesday, August 19. The fixed gear model is produced by Shark.Aero sro of Senica, Slovakia, which also intends to produce a retractable gear version. The company plans to have the airplane certificated under Czech LAA, Germany LTF, and the U.S. special light-sport category. To learn more, visit

Belite Aircraft has completed a series of tests that statically demonstrated the structural integrity and durability of the aircraft's carbon fiber wing under loads of up to 4gs. Conducted at the firm's Wichita, Kansas, facilities, the tests subjected a carbon fiber wing to progressively increasing g loads to verify that the carbon fiber wing exceeded the stated specifications of +3.8/-1.5gs in static testing. The wing, which weighs less than 14 pounds, exceeded the stated limits, remaining intact under a 4g load of 1134 pounds. Visit or call 316-253-6746 to learn more.

As a part of its planned expansion in aircraft construction materials, Wicks Aircraft Supply has increased its offerings in metal products, including inventory in 4130 steel round and square tubing, strut tubing, steel sheet, and aluminum tubes and sheet. "Aluminum and steel are basic ingredients in many homebuilt projects," said Scott Wick, president of Wicks Aircraft Supply. "We have seen an increase in demand for these products and have, in turn, sought to expand the range of sizes that we offer." View the online catalog at

Chartis Light Aviation Division (LAD) has announced the waiver of the in-motion deductible up to a maximum of $1,000 on light aviation insurance policies for damage to aircraft resulting from an emergency in-flight deployment of the recovery parachute. Prior to this deductible waiver, aircraft owners who deployed the parachute system were responsible for 100 percent of their deductible. This new waiver applies to all general aviation aircraft equipped with an aircraft recovery parachute system, including the Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft.

Cirrus Aircraft Co-Founder Dale Klapmeier noted the significance of this announcement as further validation of a safety system fundamental to Cirrus Aircraft. Contact the Light Aviation Division at 800-523-5266 or to learn more.

For the second year, REMOS GX aircraft were flown by the EAA Air Academies and Spread Your Wings programs to introduce students to Young Eagles while providing their first flying lesson. According to Bob Campbell, manager of museum operations and resident education, 292 students from seven Air Academies and one Spread Your Wings Camp had their first flying experience in a REMOS GX.  To learn more about the REMOS GX visit

A new book by ASA helps pilots develop an awareness of the physiological aspects of flying, as well as those that influence workload and fatigue, decision making, and situational awareness. Pilots can use the information in this handbook to help them make consistent, informed go/no-go and in-flight decisions. The soft cover, 100-page book is available at

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