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EAA and IAC Mourn the Loss of Vicki Cruse
EAA and the International Aerobatics Club are mourning the tragic loss of IAC President Vicki Cruse, who perished in a plane crash while participating at the World Aerobatics Championships in England on Saturday, August 22. She was 41.

Cruse was flying as a member of the USA Unlimited Aerobatic Team in the biennial world meet held at Silverstone, Buckingham, England. A local spokeswoman said the authorities were notified early Saturday afternoon (U.K. time) that a single aircraft taking part in the competition had come down on the circuit. Cruse was pronounced dead at the scene. No one else was injured in the incident. American team manager Norm DeWitt said Cruse was flying the early-round "Q" program when she lost control of the Zivko Edge 540 aircraft by what appeared to be a mechanical problem in flight. The British Civil Aviation Authority is investigating the cause of the crash.

The remainder of the 2009 WAC was dedicated to Vicki Cruse.

A memorial event to celebrate her life is planned for September 12 at Cruse's hangar on Santa Paula Airport in California.

Read more | Memorial Celebration for Vicki Cruse | Share Your Thoughts on EAA Gone West Online

EAA Multimedia
New Earthrounders
Mike Blyth and James Pitman made it back where they started this week after nearly 40 days of flying around the world in their Sling LSA. In this week's video, shot during their 6-day visit to AirVenture Oshkosh this year, find out about their incredible journey to that point and the various modifications made to the airplane that made the flight possible.
Read more
| Watch the video

Other multimedia posted this week:

Hints for Homebuilders: Closing Aluminum Angle
Warbirds in Review video: Bill and Scott Yoak's Quicksilver P-51
Video: picturebox HD Aviation-100 Years of Flight
Photo Gallery: ICON Makes a Splash
Timeless Voice: Wayne Ison, co-founder of TEAM Aircraft

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News & Views from EAA August 28, 2009    Volume 9, Number 42
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on Thursday issued five safety recommendations to the FAA resulting from its ongoing investigation of the August 8 midair collision over the Hudson River that killed nine people. Read more
Rocky Mountain Regional Fly-InThe Colorado Sport International Air Show & Rocky Mountain Regional Fly-In was described by organizers as a success in its inaugural appearance at the Rocky Mountain Airport August 15-16. Warm, clear weather - “ideal for an air show” - helped swell attendance to about 18,000 - a 20 percent increase over the most recent version of the event, 2007’s RMRFI at Front Range Airport. Read more
Just a reminder to volunteer Young Eagles pilots that the Conoco-Phillips fuel rebate is now doubled to $2 per gallon through December 31, 2009. Rod Palmer, general manager of Phillips 66 Aviation, made the announcement during AirVenture this year, and Phillips, presenting sponsor of Young Eagles, has been supporting the fuel rebate program since 1994. The rebate to volunteer pilots helped the program achieve its original goal of one million flights. More than 4,000 pilots have taken advantage, introducing more than 350,000 kids to the wonders of flight. For complete details, visit www.YoungEagles.org/volunteers and click on Phillips Rebate program.
EAA Chapter Leaders WorkshopThe EAA Chapter Leaders Academy is a two-day conference at EAA's Oshkosh headquarters where chapter representatives learn about a wide range of activities designed to bolster their local efforts. The purpose of the workshops and smaller group sessions is to help leaders strengthen their chapters and provide tools to assist with recruitment, volunteer involvement and program development. Other topics of discussion are determined by input from participants. Past sessions have covered youth engagement, hangars/clubhouses, dealing with the media and fundraising. Preparations are under way for this year's fall sessions scheduled for September 18-20 and October 23-25. Those interested should promptly contact EAA Chapters at chapters@EAA.org, or 888-322-4636, ext. 4876.
EAA Good Ol' DaysAviation's early days come back to life at EAA's Pioneer Airport this weekend, August 29-30, as EAA presents the 9th annual Good Ol' Days of Aviation. The nostalgic weekend will also celebrate Pioneer's 25th anniversary, marking the quarter-century since the opening of the historic aerodrome that recreates aviation's Golden Age of the 1920s-30s.

Open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. both days, visitors can see vintage airplanes, participate in activities from the age, and experience what airports were like during those early barnstorming days. A large family activity center offers games and competitions, like a pie eating contest. Enjoy up close inspection opportunities of EAA's historical collection of aircraft, or take a ride in one of EAA's vintage airplanes like the 1929 Travel Air, a 1927 Swallow biplane or a Bell 47 Helicopter, and other vehicles.

Also on schedule are musical performances, the opening of a recently discovered 1930s time capsule, and staff members and volunteers appearing in period dress throughout the weekend. All Good Ol' Days activities are included with regular museum admission. As always, admission is waived for EAA members.

EAA MerchandiseEAA's 2010 World of Flight Calendar features stunning aircraft photographed in the famous EAA style by Jim Koepnick and Bonnie Kratz, EAA’s award-winning photographers. This calendar highlights some of the world's finest aviation photography and is the perfect size for recording your appointments. Makes a great gift idea, and you can order yours in plenty of time for the holidays! Order online, or call toll-free 1-800-564-6322.
Flying with my first passenger
Earning My Wings
There's an interesting balance of emotions the first time you fly as a certificated pilot with a passenger. It's a balance of extreme responsibility and enjoyment. All my training was worth it when we lifted off the runway, I glanced over and saw the smile on my wife's face.

Earning My WingsWatch the video on the blog to see our flight. It didn't go quite as I planned, but it was still an awesome flight.

It soon became clear to me that I'm still learning even though my training is complete.

In a couple weeks, I'll be flying my first real across-the-country cross country (Oshkosh - Arkansas) and welcome any advice and tips you have for me as I begin to plan.

SportAir WorkshopsEAA SportAir Workshops returns to the Denver area (Redstone College, Broomfield) the weekend of September 12-13 with a full slate of two-day courses designed to teach the skills required to build your own aircraft. Space is still available in the following workshops: Composite Construction; Electrical Systems and Avionics; and Fabric Covering. Those who want to learn more about the process of building an aircraft can sign up for the Saturday evening (September 12) What's Involved in Kitbuilding course.

There is also limited space is available in the E-LSA Repairman Inspection Certification course offered September 11-13 at the same location. This special, FAA approved workshop, authorizes those who successfully complete the course to perform the annual condition inspection on their experimental light-sport airplane.

Tuition Discounts are offered to EAA members, family members, and SportAir Alumni (excluding the E-LSA course). To learn more about these and other workshops, or to enroll, visit www.sportair.com or call 800-967-5746.

Oshkosh 365
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Post of the Week!

Member Ed Brown posted a video shot by his daughter from the cockpit of their Piper PA-15 Vagabond arriving at AirVenture. She's 12 years old, it was her first trip to AirVenture, and her name is … Piper! This week's award* goes out to the whole Brown family. Watch the video.

* - Yes, we know this was first posted more than 2 weeks ago. We're making up the rules as we go along!


If you have a suggestions and/or submission for EAA’s weekly AeroInnovations column, please send to editor Bob Waldron at aeroinnovations@eaa.org.

FalxAir To Develop Full-Scale Prototype Hybrid-Electric Aircraft
FalxAir Ltd FalxAir Ltd has developed the technology for a hybrid-electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) platform to the stage where they are seeking the funding for a full-scale prototype. The target price for this personal aircraft is $150,000, with a designed range of 800km (497 miles). One potential use for this type of aircraft that may have the most initial success is for military stealth applications.

Imitating Life: Designing Aircraft Wings That Morph In Flight
Morphing Wings Some of the earliest aircraft designs had wings and propulsion systems that imitated birds and other flying creatures. Wings that morph in flight, changing their shape to make flight possible at slow speeds, would have several advantages. They would make possible aircraft that are more efficient, more agile and stealthier. Although these morphing wings are currently in the advance research stage for special flying applications, EAAers may one day be bringing their electric-powered ultra-modern ornithopters to Oshkosh.

DLR Hypersonic Airliner Research Funded by EC
DLR Hypersonic The European Commission (EC) awarded research funds to DLR for a hypersonic rocketplane, which can fly from Germany to Australia in 90 minutes. DLR is the German equivalent of NASA. The aircraft will be designed to carry 50 passengers and will provide several minutes of weightlessness for those aboard. This article looks at challenges involved with hypersonic flight and designing this ‘airplane of the future’ for Europe’s FAST 20XX project. FAST is an acronym for “Future High-Altitude High-Speed Transport”, and 20XX represents the uncertainty as to if or when this plane will actually be possible to manufacture. The real benefit to aviation will likely be innovations which result from designing this futuristic aircraft and are used in real world design and manufacturing.

New Production Method For Carbon Nanotubes May Allow
Carbon nanotube research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology funded by Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed and others should result in much stronger carbon composite materials. The Airbus A380 only has about 40 percent composites because currently available composites aren’t strong enough for construction of the rest of the aircraft. Using carbon nanotubes produced with this new technology could allow a much higher percentage of the plane to be built with composites, which should reduce production and operating costs.

Teeth: Design Source For Advanced Composites in Aircraft
Mechanical engineers are applying research done on extracted teeth to develop advanced composites for use in aircraft and other structures that need to deal with frequent stresses. The material that your teeth are made from develops micro-cracks, which diffuse stress and are self-healing. Other materials researchers are designing several types of self-healing compounds which may also lead to airplane advanced composites that are lightweight, can handle high stresses, and self-repair the micro-cracks that occur when handling those stresses.

B-17 Fantasy CampThis weekend ground school at the EAA Aviation Center explores one of America's most famous military airplanes, the B-17. Program participants will be immersed in the history of the aircraft and also meet B-17 veterans in this expert-led program. Included in the camp is a 20-minute flight experience in EAA's Aluminum Overcast, one of only a handful of B-17s left flying in the world. The flight allows participants to walk about the aircraft and visit the various compartments to experience what it may have been like for the crew in World War II. To learn more about this and other EAA's Fantasy Flight Camps, visit www.fantasyflightcamp.org.
EAA B-17People living in the Leesburg, Virginia, area are in for a special treat this weekend (August 28-30) as Aluminum Overcast, EAA's B-17G bomber, makes a tour stop at Leesburg Executive Airport, hosted by EAA Chapter 186. Next week the tour visits the cradle of aviation, Dayton, Ohio, September 1-2 for an event hosted by EAA Chapter 382 at the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport, then over the Labor Day weekend (September 4-6) Warbird Squadron 4 welcomes the aircraft to Lewis University Airport. Don't miss your chance to fly in one of the only remaining Flying Fortresses still flying. To book a flight, or for more information, visit http://www.B17.org, or call 800-359-6217. See videos, photos, articles and more at EAA's Fly the Fortress multimedia gallery

Become a fan of EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast Facebook page!

Fly the FordThanks to the hard work and efforts of EAA Chapter 135, last weekend's EAA Ford Tri-Motor tour stop at Des Moines, Iowa, was extremely successful. All told there were 63 mostly full flights over the weekend at Ankeny Regional Airport - a tremendous turnout according to EAA Director of Aircraft Operation Sean Elliott. "The chapter did a phenomenal job," he said. "It was a great event for everyone, and many people from the area were exposed to EAA and the local chapter."

This week the tour, featuring EAA's pristine example of the world's first mass-produced airliner, is in Lincoln, Nebraska, through August 30 before heading off to Ottawa, Kansas Municipal Airport September 1-2; and Kansas City, Missouri's Lee's Summit Municipal Airport September 3-7. To learn more about the airplane or to book a flight, visit www.FlytheFord.org.

Hints for HomebuildersOccasionally there are areas where you need to close an aluminum angle down from 90 degrees. Kerry Fores shows two ways to do so by bending the aluminum angle. Kerry built an AirVenture award-winning Sonex and works at Sonex Aircraft where he provides technical assistance. Watch the video.

Now available - DVD, Hints for Homebuilders - Sheet Metal - Volume 1
View 19 helpful hints from experienced builders anywhere-on a big-screen TV, at chapter meetings, or on a computer with a DVD drive. They're available for a members' special price of $9.95 through the EAA online store or by calling 800-564-6322.

Aviators MarketplaceEAA, in partnership with MultiView Inc., recently launched the Aviators Marketplace, a unique online search tool that gives EAA members quick access to an extensive directory of aviation-specific products and services. It's a one-of-a-kind tool specifically geared to aviators and their online search needs.

The Aviators Marketplace is accessible at www.aviatorsmarketplace.com or from www.eaa.org. Within the Aviators Marketplace, users can easily locate products and services unique to the aviation industry - without the clutter of a general Internet search engine. Read more


EAA Calendar of EventsSmartt Field Open House - Young Eagles Rally, Aviation Resource Center, Portage de Sioux, Missouri
Join EAA Chapter 32 for the annual Smartt Field Open House, Saturday and Sunday, August 29-30, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. both days. Young Eagle rides will be available for kids age 8-17 with registration beginning at 9 a.m. Boy Scout aviation merit badge, Stomp Rockets, and paper airplane contests are a few of the activities planned. Please see our website for details and times. For more information, visit www.eaa32.org, or contact Jim Bower, 314-286-9932.

To learn more about calendar events, or to find/submit others, visit www.EAAcalendar.org.

Wayne IsonWayne Ison grew up on a farm in Michigan in the 1920s and 30s. As a kid he built model airplanes, and his interest in aviation continued to grow as he grew up. At the outbreak of World War II, his eyesight prevented him from becoming a military pilot, but Wayne enlisted in the Army Air Corps and became a C-47 radio operator with the 100th Troop Carrier Squadron of the 441st Troop Carrier Group. Wayne participated in the airborne and glider drops on June, 6, 1944-D-Day, and continued to fly until the end of the war. After holding various jobs after the war, he and four others started the TEAM Aircraft company, with Wayne serving as president, CEO, and chief designer. Wayne designed the entire line of TEAM aircraft, including the Mini-Max, Hi-MAX, Z-MAX, EROS, V-MAX, AirBike and Tandem Airbike. In 2000 Wayne was inducted into the EAA Ultralight Hall of Fame. Watch the video.
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EAA Flight Planner

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Question of the Week
For EAA Information Services

Can vortex generators be installed prior to Phase I flight testing to enhance the probability of legally meeting LSA stall performance limitations?

As a matter of fact, anything that is fixed and does not require any input from the pilot that is used to reduce the stall speed of an aircraft will not jeopardize the LSA status of the aircraft. Vortex generators, fixed slats, dimple tape that is affixed to the airfoil, and any other fixed, non-deployable aid can be used. Whether these aids actually work or not is determined during Phase 1 testing. If they do not result in a stall speed of 45 knots (52 mph) or lower, then the aircraft is not LSA compliant. The key factor is pilot input, which is why extending flaps is not allowed to meet the stall speed criteria – the pilot must do something to make the flaps extend, which adds to the pilot’s workload during a critical phase of flight.

Have a question?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail govt@eaa.org. For questions about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail infoserv@eaa.org.

September 2009
EAA Desktop Calendar
EAA Free Desktop Wallpaper

While on a sunset air-to-air mission during AirVenture Oshkosh 2009, EAA Chief Photographer Jim Koepnick caught this picturesque view of ICON's new A5 over Lake Winnebago. If you look carefully you can see Wittman Regional Airport's Runway 9/27 in the lower left corner.

Download this wallpaper image from the EAA website, where you can choose among several different resolutions to suit your screen - including three wide-screen sizes...or select an image from the archive.

On the Flightline - General Aviation News
The annual Reno National Championship Air Races will be broadcast live for the first time this year on Sunday, September 20. The broadcast, provided via a pay-per-view feed by LiveAirShowTV, will cover the championship races in all classes, a performance by the United States Navy Blue Angels, other top air show acts, and the National Aviation Heritage Invitational competition. Live worldwide Internet coverage will begin at 9 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (1700 GMT) and continue until racing ends at approximately 4:30 p.m. local time. Catch the racing action in each of the classes with multiple cameras from the grandstand area, the backside of the course, select in-cockpit cameras, and possibly shots from the pylons. Jeff Lee, president of LiveAirShowTV, stated, "The only way we can pull off this ambitious broadcast is to make this a pay per view event." A significant portion of the proceeds are being returned to Reno Air Racing "to help insure this unique event can continue forever," he added. The price until September 13 is $19.95. On September 14, the price increases to $24.95. For more broadcast information or to order, visit www.LiveAirshowTV.com. The annual races run September 16-20. For more information, visit www.airrace.org.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has awarded Piper Aircraft, Inc. with Type Certificate Organization Designation Authorization (TC-ODA), which gives Piper the authority to act on behalf of the FAA in the approval of airplane designs and certification to FAA standards of airworthiness. "TC-ODA is one of the most important authorizations that the FAA awards aircraft manufacturers," said Piper President John D. Becker. "This authorization affirms the FAA's confidence in Piper's ability to design, develop and certify aircraft." TC-ODA is similar to the previous FAA standard, Delegation Option Authorization (DOA) that Piper held.

The Boeing Company on Thursday announced that first flight of its 787 Dreamliner is expected by the end of 2009, which would lead to a first delivery in the fourth quarter of 2010. The company projects ramping up to a production rate of 10 Dreamliners per month by late 2013. For more information, visit www.boeing.com.

The Historic Flight Foundation of Seattle will fly a B-25D Mitchell bomber from Duxford, UK, to Paine Field in Everett, Washington, beginning this weekend, August 29, retracing the path of lend-lease deliveries and carrying an RAF commemorative Wilkinson sword honoring flight crews unable to complete their missions. The flight will take approximately six days, weather permitting, via Ireland, Iceland, Greenland and the Baffin and Hudson Bays. A stop is scheduled in Western Canada on the way into Montana. This B25D, named "Grumpy," was originally delivered to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in 1943 and served until 1960. It will join the HFF collection, flying at summer air shows and displayed throughout the year at Kilo 6, Paine Field. Learn more at www.historicflight.org.

SAN DIEGO AIR & SPACE MUSEUM EVENT HONORS ASTRONAUTS The San Diego Air & Space Museum and the USS Midway Museum have partnered to pay tribute to the 40th anniversary of America's lunar exploration on September 4th and 5th with Race to the Moon: A Celebration with Space Legends. The weekend events honor the achievements of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs that took America into space. Fourteen astronauts currently plan to attend this momentous occasion, including Buzz Aldrin, Gene Cernan, and Alan Bean. Ticket prices and additional information can be found at www.RaceToTheMoonsD.org.

In response to customer demand for a shorter version of the Tempest oil filter, Tempest has introduced its Dash II oil filter. The new filter has all the features of its original oil filter, including the magnetic secondary filtration system, the by-pass valve PC housing, and higher burst pressure. The Dash II is 5/16" shorter than other filters, making it the shortest oil filter on the market. The Dash II oil filter is available from Tempest's network of distributors listed at www.TempestPlus.com.

Designed specifically for welding instructors, Lincoln Electric Automation will host a Welding Education Seminar focusing on the latest technology and advancements in welding education. The seminar takes place on September 22 at Lincoln Electric's Automation Division in Cleveland, Ohio. Topics include robotic welding education, weld fume control solutions for schools, virtual reality welding training, and more. To make reservations for this free event, contact Lisa Murphy at 216-383-8497.

American Legend Aircraft Company now offers the Amphibious Legend FloatCub. This new aircraft is configured with floats from supplier Baumann Floats, LLC, of New Richmond, Wisconsin. Available for $159,000, the Amphibious Legend FloatCub is a certified light-sport aircraft that meets the requirements of 1,430 maximum gross weight and a simple, repositionable landing gear. For more information, call 903-885-7000 or visit www.Legend.aero.

Forward Vision Systems has announced the availability of an FAA-approved STC kit for installation of the EVS-100 and -600 Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) on the Cessna Caravan (models 208, 208B). The STC was designed and developed by Cary Foster and Sharmaine Vestal, co-owners of One Sky Aviation, an aviation maintenance facility based in Anchorage, Alaska. The EVS-100/600 is a single LRU unit, weighs less than 1.5 pounds, and mounts like any external antenna. EVS units and installation kits are available through Forward Vision directly or through one of their authorized dealers/installers. Visit www.forward-vision.net to learn more.

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