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Top Story
Victory! Homebuilt Movement Preserved
Amateur-built policy removes threat to build-and-fly spirit

For the past four years, EAA and the amateur-built aircraft community have been facing perhaps the most significant threat ever faced by the homebuilt movement. But today, we’re confident in declaring that the threat is over; the FAA this week released the long-awaited final order that revises the amateur-built aircraft certification policy known as the 51 percent rule as well as Advisory Circular 20-27G, the guide for amateur builders on how to properly certify every step of the building process.

Read the story
Audio Interview with Joe Norris, EAA homebuilders community manager

EAA Multimedia
Jeff's Waco
This Waco YOC, owned for nearly three decades by R.J. Hardin, was sold to Dr. Robert Jaeger, who had it restored in the early 2000's by Billy Smela, with the wings built by John and Scott Shue. Parked near EAA Chapter 431’s covered pavilion at the Brodhead, Wisconsin, airport, the Waco awaits its new owner - Jeff Skiles.
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Read an interview with Jeff Skiles

Other multimedia posted this week:

Photo Gallery: Fairchild PT-23 - Cradle of the Air Force
Timeless Voice: William Hartshorn
Hints for Homebuilders: Preparing a Rotationally Molded Tank for Installation

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News & Views from EAA October 9, 2009    Volume 9, Number 48
LancairThe FAA this week issued then withdrew an advisory to owners and operators of Lancair aircraft that notes a high percentage of fatal accidents within the fleet. A source close to the issue says the FAA is reevaluating its advisory based on input from Lancair and other groups. In the letter, the FAA said the majority of these accidents involve loss of control, with many occurring in the traffic pattern. According to data provided in the FAA advisory, Lancairs represent only three percent of the fleet but were involved in 16 percent of amateur-built fatal accidents in the last year. In that time 65 percent of the Lancair accidents were fatal, 53 percent in the last four years. Read more
Gunther RallEAA Warbirds of America has learned that Gunther Rall, the world's third ranking fighter ace of all time, died at his home in Germany on Sunday, October 4, 2009, after suffering a heart attack on Friday, October 2. He was 91. Read more

Listen to Gunther Rall from Fighter Pilot Legends, Theater In The Woods - AirVenture 2007

Eugene BaloghA World War II and Korean veteran from the northern part of Lower Michigan recently demonstrated you’re never too old to learn how to fly. Eugene “Gene” Balogh, 82, who lives in East Jordan on Lake Charlevoix, Michigan, received his Sport Pilot Certificate on September 29 and now looks forward to flying his recently purchased Taylorcraft L-2 Grasshopper. Read more
Hints for HomebuildersIn little more than 18 months, EAA’s “Hints For Homebuilders” aircraft construction videos have become the most-watched building tips series on the Internet, as the series has now surpassed 1 million plays. The series includes more than 100 videos on various areas of aircraft construction and restoration, featuring experienced aircraft builders, restorers and teachers doing hands-on activities allowing viewers to learn the skills and procedures to use on their own projects. The videos include all aspects of aircraft construction using a variety of tools and materials. Read more
Jeff SkilesA week after taking the job as co-chair of EAA's Young Eagles program, then reuniting with fellow co-chair Sully Sullenberger on a US Airways flight, Jeff Skiles (EAA 336120) still has time to have fun. Skiles was in Toulouse, France, at Airbus headquarters where he flew the Airbus A380 with test pilot and fellow EAA member Terry Lutz (EAA 69308). Skiles is already familiar with the Airbus brand since he flies the A320 but who wouldn't want to fly the largest passenger airplane in the world? Read more
Scholarship DonorsBy all accounts, September 29 was a huge day for the EAA Young Eagles Program: Actor, pilot, and EAA member Harrison Ford stepped down after serving five years as the program's chairman, and announced his successors, famed US Airways pilots Sully Sullenberger and Jeff Skiles. At a special dinner presentation later that evening, EAA members, the aviation community, and even California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger paid tribute to Harrison Ford for his service and welcomed the new program co-chairs. But one brief segment of the evening's activities-perhaps easily missed amid the big announcements and high-profile appearances-may leave the most enduring legacy. Read more
Thanks to coordination efforts by EAA member Rick Gardner (EAA 791548) of travel service provider Caribbean Sky Tours, the Mexican government extended its emergency locator transmitter (ELT) rules through April 2010 for general aviation aircraft flying in Mexico. The extension will allow certain U.S. pilots operating 121.5 MHz ELTs to fly into Mexico through April 2, 2010. Read more
Midwest LSA Expo The "first annual" Midwest LSA Expo took place October 1-3 at in Mt. Vernon Outland Airport (MVN), Illinois, and although the weather could have been better, the organization of the event, and the positive response of the many exhibitors and prospective purchasers made the event an overall success. Read more
Sully Sullenberger and Jeff Skiles are the new co-chairs of EAA’s Young Eagles program and EAA members have expressed surprise and excitement about the announcement. “Many people have contacted me and said what a great choice; it was unexpected, but what a great choice for the next step to go on and lead the Young Eagles program,” said EAA President Tom Poberezny.
Read more
| Listen to Interview with EAA President Tom Poberezny
Joe Slattery, whose smooth baritone voice added a level of professionalism to EAA's film and video productions during the 1970s and '80s, passed away Friday, October 2, at the age of 87. Slattery, whose announcing work for the Chicago-based Jewel food stores chain made his voice one of the most familiar in the Midwest, lent his expertise to EAA as an announcer, master of ceremonies, and voiceover artist. Read more
2010 HuskyIt's on! The 2010 EAA 'Share the Spirit Sweepstakes' website is now live, and with it, your chance to fly away in the grand prize - a brand new, fully equipped Aviat Husky A-1C. To top things off (including the 50-gallon fuel tank, over and over again!), the grand prize comes with a full year's worth of fuel credit from Chevron plus 50,000 points in Chevron's FlyBuys rewards program. Equipped with a Garmin G500 and GNS 430 panel-mount avionics suite and a set of Wipaire C2200 hydraulic wheel skis, the Grand Prize Husky will take you places you've never been! Read more
EAA SportAir WorkshopsTIG welding is fast becoming the welding method of choice for people building their own aircraft. The ease with which you can weld both 4130 chromoly tubing and aluminum and the high quality welds make TIG welding a perfect match for aircraft construction. EAA SportAir Workshops, Lincoln Electric, and the Alexander Technical Center will present a TIG welding workshop at the dedicated facility located in Griffin, Georgia, just south of Atlanta. The upcoming workshop on the weekend October 23-25 will teach you the fundamentals of using this versatile welding process and get you on your way with the confidence to begin your aircraft project. The workshop is limited to 12 students and there is currently space available. More information at www.sportair.com.

EAA SportAir Workshops Returns to Indianapolis November 7-8
The EAA SportAir Workshops return to the Indianapolis area on the weekend of November 7-8 to offer its most in-demand programs in an intensive two-day format. Courses offered include Composite Construction, Gas Welding, Electrical Systems and Avionics, Fabric Covering, Sheet Metal Assembly, and a Saturday evening program called "What's Involved in Kit Building." EAA teams with Vincennes University to offer the programs at the school's Aviation Technology Center, a fantastic learning environment to gain the confidence to start your project. Space is still available in many of the programs, so call 800-967-5746 or go to www.sportair.com for additional details.

See the courses in action on the EAA Video Player
Learn details on each course
View the complete SportAir Schedule

Learn more about the classes featured in Arlington or register for a class today! Call toll-free, 800-967-5746, or visit www.sportair.com for 24/7 information/online registration.

William HartshornWilliam Hartshorn was a sophomore at Dartmouth College when he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force in 1942. He trained as a P-47 pilot and went overseas as a replacement pilot, where he joined the 61st Fighter Squadron of the 56th Fighter Group in August 1944. Hartshorn flew 25 combat missions in little over a month. In September the entire group participated in Operation Market Garden - the Allied airborne invasion of the Netherlands and attempt to cross the Rhine River into Germany. On September 18, 1944, the 56th was assigned the role of "flak busting," which involves flying over target areas at low-level and waiting for anti-aircraft fire to show itself, then destroying the guns through dive-bombing and strafing attacks. Thirty-nine P-47s from the group flew that mission, and 16 were shot down, including Hartshorn's. Watch the video.
24 Aviation History DVD SetThis is the largest collection of aviation history ever on DVD! Set 1: Classic Aviation - from short flights across a field to the hypersonic edge of space, tour dramatic moments in the history of flight. Set 2: World War II - air war dramatic footage of United States Army Air Forces, bomber groups, Thunderbolts, and others as they combat Japanese, German, and Russian military forces. Set 3: America's Fighting Jets - feel the "g" forces as you streak through the skies in aerial combat. Set 4: Fighter Pilots - experience the thrill of the F-14 Tomcat, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-15 Fighting Eagle, and the F/A Hornet from America to the Middle East. Set 5: from the highs and lows of the United States Air Force, to the thrills of the Blue Angels, glimpse the world's most technologically advanced fighter aircraft, and investigate the United States government's Military Stealth program. Approximately 23 hours. Purchase yours by October 14 for only $69.99 - a savings of $40 off the regular, non-member price. Order online or call toll-free, 800-564-6322.
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Post of the Week!

Homebuilder Brad Strand started this thread with a great question for anyone considering building an airplane: What's your mission statement? From there, he goes on to counsel another member that homebuilding can be a fairly lonely avocation, and then proves that it doesn't have to be by inviting him to visit when he gets started on his own kit. This is what EAA is all about, and why we're building Oshkosh365 in the first place: making connections. Click here to read the post.


If you have a suggestions and/or submission for EAA’s weekly AeroInnovations column, please send to editor Bob Waldron at aeroinnovations@eaa.org.

X-48C Blended Wing Body Aircraft In Wind Tunnel Tests
X-48C Blended Wing Body Aircraft In Wind Tunnel TestsFlight and design characteristics of the X-48C blended wing body (BWB) research aircraft were tested in NASA's Langley Full-Scale Wind Tunnel. The X-48C has been modified to make it quieter by redesigning it with two engines instead of three and by shielding the engine noise with vertical fins. BWB aircraft provide better lift and lower drag than conventional aircraft body designs.

Built-In Self-Powered Aircraft Skin Sensors

Built-In Self-Powered Aircraft Skin SensorsIn order to ensure safe flying, it is critical to be aware of damage to aircraft skins caused by impacts or other stresses. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have developed light, self-powered sensors built into the aircraft skin that don't need cables or batteries. They are powered by the temperature difference between the outside air and the passenger cabin. These instruments sense damage when it happens, resulting in more timely maintenance and repair work.


Aircraft Vision Innovations For Low-Level Flight
Aircraft Vision Innovations For Low-Level FlightTwo Australian "light, low-cost, highly efficient technologies" for aircraft vision are helping unmanned aircraft fly fast and low over challenging terrain. Aeroinnovators from the Vision Centre at the University of Queensland Brain Institute will unveil these new flight vision technologies at an international robotics conference later this month. One part of the Australian system "provides stereo vision to enable aircraft to see their way around obstacles in very low-level flight." The other component "controls the aircraft's attitude by watching the horizon." These advancements were the result of research into the flight of honey bees.

New Research Center For No-Hands Control of Aircraft
The University of Memphis launched a research center funded partly by FedEx and the US Air Force to develop a helmet for pilots to fly airplanes without using their hands. The lead project for the new research center will study brain-computer interfaces to develop advanced video games you can play without your hands and complex machines controlled by brain waves.

Suborbital Spaceflight: Innovation Source
Suborbital Spaceflight: Innovation SourceNext-generation suborbital spaceflight is opening up a new world of possibilities for research and innovation. Technological advancements and new approaches to private spaceflight will result in launch costs 10 to 100 times less expensive than current costs to get up to the 100 kilometer region. Flight research and development by civilian spaceflight companies and innovators will be enabled by the desire of the National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, and others to investigate emerging technologies such as space microgravity and space life sciences.

AeroInnovations aims to highlight developments that have potential to impact the future of aviation.  EAA does not necessarily endorse the ideas, products, services or views contained therein.

EAA B-17
The days are definitely getting shorter, but the EAA B-17 Tour keeps rollin' along. This weekend (October 9-11), EAA Warbird Squadron 1 welcomes the mighty B-17G, Aluminum Overcast, to Camden, Tennessee. From there it's off to Huntsville, Alabama, where EAA Chapter 190 host the tour October 13-14; and next weekend, to Olive Branch, Mississippi (S. Memphis, TN) hosted by EAA Chapter 182. Book a flight or get more tour information at www.B17.org, or call 800-359-6217.

Visit EAA's Fly the Fortress multimedia gallery.
Become a fan of EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast Facebook page!

Fly the FordThe "golden age of aviation" meets fall's "golden season of color" when you take a ride in EAA's 1929 Ford Tri-Motor October 10-11. A 20- to 25-minute flight will take you over Oshkosh and the surrounding area for a great view of the rich reds, blazing oranges, and brilliant yellows that paint the countryside below. Rides are $65 for adults and $55 for children ages 17 and under. Flights depart from EAA's Pioneer Airport every 45 minutes. Flight times are 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on Saturday, and 10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on Sunday. Gift the flight for a birthday or an early Christmas present! For more information or to make reservations, click here. To reach a museum staff member, please call 920-426-6880.
Hints for HomebuildersKen Brock introduced the rotationally molded fuel tank to aviation with his gyroplanes. In this segment, John Monnett shows how to prepare a rotationally molded tank for installation. John Monnett is the founder of Sonex Aircraft, is an aircraft designer & builder and is an inductee in the EAA Homebuilders Hall of Fame.

Watch the video.


EAA Calendar of EventsEAA Chapter 709 Annual Fall Fly-In, Rome, Georgia
Everyone is invited to Rome EAA Chapter 709's Annual Fall Fly-In on Saturday, October 10, at the EAA campgrounds located at the east end of Richard B. Russell Airport (RMG). Aircraft owners are invited to show off their aircraft. Home built, ultralight, restored, and factory built aircraft are welcome. A pancake breakfast will be served from 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. Campers are welcome and sites are available. Although there are no camper hookups, restrooms and hot showers are available. Visit www.eaa709.org for more information, or contact Chris Williams, 770-547-3200.

EAA Chapter 614 Annual Fall Fly-In and Campout, Pineville, Louisiana
This is the weekend for the annual Fall Fly-In and Campout Pineville Municipal Airport (2L0), part of the Louisiana Fly-In Series - the state's largest fly-in. To learn more about the event contact Nick Nicewarner, 318-452-0919.

To learn more about calendar events, or to find/submit others, visit www.EAAcalendar.org.

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EAA Flight Planner

Q & A: 
Question of the Week
For EAA Information Services

I am planning a trip to Reno, Nevada, from the east, then south to Phoenix. I have never flown through the mountains, so where can I find good info on flying through the mountains?

Answer: I would advise you to contact someone that advertises mountain flying training because it's always better to get personal instruction than to just read a book. That said, there are a number of books available on mountain flying available through Sporty's and Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, to name a few sources. You also might want to check out www.mountainflying.com.

Have a question?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail govt@eaa.org. For questions about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail infoserv@eaa.org.

October 2009
EAA Desktop Calendar
EAA Free Desktop Wallpaper

Let Leon Welchel's award-winning de Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth grace your desktop this month. EAA's Bonnie Kratz shot the airplane over Iowa farmland.

Download this wallpaper image from the EAA website, where you can choose among several different resolutions to suit your screen - including three wide-screen sizes...or select an image from the archive.

On the Flightline - General Aviation News
In its plans to commercialize its Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) design, Carter Aviation Technologies of Wichita Falls, Texas, has created two subsidiary companies - Carter Aerospace Development, LLC and Carter Air Vehicles, LLC. Carter Aviation Technologies will continue to handle all licensing of its Slowed Rotor/Compound (SR/C) Aircraft Technology. Carter Aerospace Development will transition to handle research and development programs for the company. Carter Air Vehicles is the new manufacturing arm that will produce pre-production and initial production aircraft for the civilian market. The PAV prototype was introduced at AirVenture 2009 as a static display prior to moving into flight-testing. Learn more at www.CarterAviationTechnologies.com.

Cessna Aircraft Company now offers a "deposit amplifier" program through the end of the year that adds $30,000 to a deposit on a retail order for qualifying new Cessna 182 or Turbo 182 Skylane single-engine piston aircraft. Also included in the offer is a free service bulletin kit for one of the following software upgrades: Garmin's Synthetic Vision Technology or Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems, or Jeppesen Chartview (subscription not included), to be installed by a local dealer. Depending on the buyer's circumstances, the aircraft may also qualify for accelerated depreciation if purchased by December 31, 2009. The package is available through Cessna's network of authorized dealers to new retail customers. Learn more at www.Cessna.com.

Women in Aviation, International (WAI) and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) have partnered to create "Women's Wing," a section of AOPA Summit devoted to highlighting the accomplishments of and opportunities for women within the aviation community. Seminars on learning to fly, and information on careers in aviation and the history of women in aviation will be available. Learn more at www.WAI.org. AOPA Summit will be held from November 5- 7, 2009, in Tampa, Florida.

Visit the 2009 Commemorative Air Force (CAF) AIRSHO presented by Western National Bank this October 10 and 11 to enjoy a selection of award winning aircraft at Midland International Airport between Midland and Odessa, Texas. Already set to appear at AIRSHO are four award-winning aircraft, including the CAF's P-51C Mustang Tuskegee Airmen, and the CAF Wisconsin Wing's PT-26. For more information, visit www.AIRSHO.org, www.CommemorativeAirForce.org, or call 432-563-1000.

Sharon Sandberg is launching a fundraising campaign to restore Tsunami, the first original homebuilt unlimited air racer since 1939, to flyable condition. Sharon is the daughter of Tsunami's late owner, John Sandberg. Sharon estimates that approximately $600,000 is necessary to rebuild Tsunami. Once flyable, the initial plans call for Tsunami to make a tour of aviation events and museums before settling into a permanent home at an aviation museum. Learn more at www.RebuildTsunami.org.

The 2009 edition of Neiman Marcus' The Christmas Book includes a "luxury sports vehicle," the ICON A5 light-sport amphibious aircraft. The gift package, available for $250,000, includes one ICON A5 aircraft with exclusive exterior and interior luxury upgrades, a custom trailer, and full FAA-certified sport pilot certificate training for two. Call 877-966-4438 to learn more. ICON is shooting for Q3 2011 for first customer deliveries.- Editor

ProMark Aviation Services, located west of Austin, Texas, recently became a REMOS Pilot Center. REMOS Aircraft has begun developing a national network of pilot training and service centers to support the owners of REMOS Aircraft and to stimulate growth in flight training operations. For information on ProMark Aviation Services, visit www.ProMarkAviation.net or call 830-385-1593.

The primary reason that "Lights On 24/7" has never been adopted by general aviation is cost. Lights burn out, labor is expensive, and in some cases alternator load is an actual safety-of-flight problem. Thus, the lights stay off. "Visibility is critical to aviation safety," says Curt LoPresti, president/CEO of LoPresti Aviation. "Our BoomBeam HID Lighting Systems make continuous light operations easy with low cost and a simple installation."

Through the end of October 2009, LoPresti will include a free PowerPulse unit with all BoomBeam and ZipTip orders. LoPresti's STC'd systems for certified aircraft have a 5-year/5,000-hour warranty, eliminating any reason to turn aircraft lights off while flying. Call 800-859-4757 to learn more.

Sporty's Flight Review video covers topics every pilot should be prepared for in a flight review such as regulations, weather reports, airspace, aeromedical factors, aeronautical charts, and airport signs and markings. The video has now been updated with all-new weather segments, covering METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, Airmets, Sigmets, winds aloft forecast, how to use Flight Watch while en route. A new Internet weather segment has also been added to show pilots how to get a better briefing. Order Flight Review at www.Sportys.com or call 800-776-7897; merchandise ordered by December 23 can be delivered in time for Christmas.

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