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Top Story
Unveiling the Future
SpaceShipTwo christened VSS Enterprise at Mojave event

Private commercial spaceflight inched closer to reality Monday as Virgin Galactic took the wraps off SpaceShipTwo, the VSS Enterprise, during a special unveiling event at the Mojave Air and Spaceport in California. More than 800 guests and media from around the world were on hand as Virgin Galactic Founder Sir Richard Branson and Scaled Composites Founder Burt Rutan pulled the wraps off the sleek space liner that will be the first vehicle to offer commercial suborbital space flights to the paying public.

“It could not have gone better,” said EAA President/Chairman Tom Poberezny, who was in attendance. “To see WhiteKnightTwo mated to SpaceShipTwo for the first time was indeed a sight to behold.

“It was very dramatic to see, beyond all expectations.”

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EAA Multimedia
Dentist Creates Incredibly Detailed WWII Models
One is usually inclined to quickly delete most e-mail forwards. But we received a very interesting missive this week that shows a series of images featuring meticulous, hand-made aluminum models of two popular warbirds, the F-4U Corsair and the P-51 Mustang. Young C. Park, a retired dentist in Hawaii, is the creator and the photos show incredible depth of detail for the one-sixteenth scale models.
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Other multimedia posted this week:
Hints for Homebuilders: Books for Your Homebuilding Library
Timeless Voices: Tony Yule
Photo Gallery: EAA's Christmas in the Air
Video: EAA's Christmas in the Air

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News & Views from EAA December 11, 2009    Volume 9, Number 57
Owners of condo-style hangars at the Charlotte County Airport in Punta Gorda, Florida, have a through-the-fence agreement with the Charlotte County Airport Authority (CCAA) to access the runway through a security gate across a taxiway that is opened remotely like a garage door. Recently, a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official on a routine inspection of the airport observed an aircraft taxi through the gate and continue on its way without waiting for the gate to close. This particular gate is set for a longer delay before closing, and the aircraft in question taxied almost out of view before the gate began to close. The TSA soon after chained the gate and now requires aircraft from the condo hangar area to coordinate passage through with a lineman at the nearby fixed base operator. Read more
Young Eagles logoAs 2009 winds down, this is a good time to make sure all of your Young Eagle registration forms have been returned to EAA headquarters. Check your flight bag, desk, or airplane seatback for any wayward forms and return them as soon as possible. We want to make sure your Young Eagle is entered in the World’s Largest Logbook and that you receive credit for the flight. Remember, any pilot who flies 10 or more Young Eagles during the calendar year will receive Young Eagle credits. Read more
The House of Representatives today voted to extend current Federal aviation programs and taxes through the end of March, 2010. The current authorization was set to expire in 2007, but has been extended several times. The current extension is due to expire December 31, when Congress will be out of session. Read more
NAFI logoThe National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) announced a call for nominations to fill three open positions on the NAFI Board of Directors. This is the initial step in to the process of member election of directors. Read more
ImpulseDüb Solar Impulse HB-SIA, the first airplane designed to fly day and night without fuel, left the ground for the first time on Thursday, December 3 in Switzerland, in what the Solar Impulse team called a “flea hop.”  After several weeks of ground tests to verify braking, engine output, and controllability, the design team gave test pilot Markus Scherdel the go-ahead to take the prototype up to its take-off speed. Read more
Tom PobereznyEAA President Tom Poberezny was inducted into the International Council of Airshows (ICAS) Hall Of Fame last night (December 9) at the organization's gala banquet in Las Vegas, Nevada. The dinner was the final event of the ICAS convention that brings together performers, organizers, production companies, and vendors. Read more
Give the gift of AirVentureWhen you purchase your advance online AirVenture tickets, you'll have exclusive access to a special AirVenture 2010 t-shirt and cap. And with the purchase of this AirVenture merchandise, you'll have the option to select the FREE gift packaging. We'll send you everything you need to give these exclusive items as a gift. Your AirVenture merchandise will arrive complete with complimentary gift box, aviation chart wrapping paper, a matching bow, and an envelope for your pre-printed tickets. (Order by close of business on December 21 for delivery in time for Christmas.) These items will not be sold at the event, so this is the only place where you can get these collectibles. Plus shipping is included!

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Scaled Composites logoEAA was contacted by the folks at Scaled Composites, builder of SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnightTwo, that the company is in urgent need of people with skills that are likely to exist in the EAA/homebuilder community. Read more
Charter flight from "Down Under" making first trip in 12 years
Oshkosh ExpressHundreds of aviation enthusiasts from Australia and New Zealand will be making a joint pilgrimage next July as the group will land in a 747 jetliner at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2010 in a group trip dubbed the "Oshkosh Express." Such charter flights from "Down Under" first took place more than 20 years ago, but the 2010 Oshkosh Express charter is the first in a 747 since 1998. Several hundred EAA members from that region of the globe are making the long journey from their home countries to participate in what is commonly known as "aviation's family reunion." Read more
Oshkosh365What?!? You haven't yet signed up for Oshkosh365? When you become part of the world's largest aviation community-one of EAA's newest member benefits-before December 31, 2009, you are automatically entered to win the Ultimate Oshkosh Experience. One lucky winner will be flown to Oshkosh to experience EAA AirVenture 2010 as a VIP - in addition to airfare and weekly admission, the prize package includes exclusive behind-the-scenes access, aircraft rides, and more! Offer ends December 31, 2009, so sign up now or find out more about the Ultimate Oshkosh Experience here.
The United States Air Force Thunderbirds military jet team makes a return appearance at next spring's Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In & Expo, scheduled for April 13-18 at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Florida. The team plans to arrive during the second half of the six-day event and has scheduled performances on Saturday and Sunday, April 17 and 18.

"Their participation will headline our 2010 event, adding to the exciting array of aircraft and activities already planned for our 36th anniversary celebration," said Sun 'n Fun President and CEO John Burton. The Thunderbirds performed at Sun 'n Fun 2008. Advanced discounted ticket packages Sun 'n Fun are available at www.sun-n-fun.org.

Harrison Ford and Sully SullenbergFormer EAA Young Eagles Chairman, actor Harrison Ford, provided the narration for a new documentary that features one of the new co-chairmen who succeeded him. "Brace for Impact," scheduled to premiere on January 10 on The Learning Channel (TLC), examines the landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in New York's Hudson River in which Capt. Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, III, safely ditched the Airbus A320 airliner on the river after a bird strike caused the plane to lose power in both engines on January 15, 2009. Read more
Oshkosh 365
EAA Sport Aviation Magazine Photo Contest!

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This week's winner came about after Roger Poyner, of Paul's Valley, OK, had a question. Roger is planning on building a replica of a Vickers F.B.5 "Gunbus," and was hoping to find some drawings or other references. Most in the WWI community considered these to be nonexistent, but, thanks to the power of the web and a good bit of luck, it looks like Roger will get his drawings after all. It just so happens that Geoff Gregg, the project leader who built a Gunbus for the RAF museum 40 years ago, came across Roger's post and signed up for Oshkosh365 to offer to lend a hand. Another connection made!


If you have a suggestions and/or submission for EAA’s weekly AeroInnovations column, please send to AeroInnovations editor Bob Waldron at aeroinnovations@eaa.org.

Robot Rocket Plane for Mars
Robot Rocket Plane for Mars NASA wants to send a folded-up, rocket-powered airplane to Mars. The proposed Aerial Regional-scale Environmental Surveyor (ARES) aircraft will fly for 75 minutes at one mile above the surface of Mars, giving detailed information not possible with orbiting satellites and covering much more territory than ground-based rovers. 
Self-Washing Windows for Your Aircraft
Self-Washing Windows for Your Aircraft Researchers in Israel are developing new materials that can be used as a self-cleaning coating. A new coating like this could be used for the canopy and windows on aircraft, as well as for solar panels on your electric aircraft. 
Successful Flight for Fuel Cell Helicopter
Successful Flight for Fuel Cell Helicopter Vertical flight power requirements are much higher than for fixed-wing craft, making the successful flight of a fuel cell-powered helicopter worth noting. United Technologies Corporation recently did a 20-minute demonstration flight with a small remote-controlled helicopter with a 2-meter rotor diameter which used a proton exchange membrane fuel cell.
Nature-Inspired Lightweight Algae Batteries
Nature-Inspired Lightweight Algae Batteries The light weight of batteries being developed by Uppsala University researchers may make them ideal for use in aircraft. Using Cladophora algae produces polymers with dramatically increased conductivity, allowing researchers to make batteries with up to twice the charge of similar conducting polymer batteries and much faster recharge times than conventional rechargeable batteries. 
AeroInnovations aims to highlight developments that have potential to impact the future of aviation.  EAA does not necessarily endorse the ideas, products, services or views contained therein.

EAA B-17This weekend marks the final stop of the 2009 B-17 tour as EAA's "Aluminum Overcast" visits New Orleans, hosted by EAA Chapter 261, December 11-13. The airplane will then return to its winter home in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Get more tour information about the B-17 at http://www.B17.org, or call 800-359-6217.

Visit EAA's Fly the Fortress multimedia gallery.
Become a fan of EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast Facebook page!

Hints for HomebuildersAnyone building an aircraft needs some basic “How To” reference books. In this episode, Richard Koehler shares his "must have" books. Dick is a Technical Counselor for Chapter 186, an A&P aircraft mechanic with Inspection Authorization (IA), and a SportAir Workshop instructor. Watch the video.


Tony YuleTony Yule comes from an aviation family. His father, Robert Duncan Yule, was an 8-victory ace in the Royal Air Force during World War II. As one of the youngest Wing Commanders in the RAF, he was killed in an unfortunate mid-air collision while preparing for the annual Battle of Britain flypast over London in 1953. Undeterred by the loss of his father, Tony joined the RAF when he came of age in 1969 and served 15 years as a multiengine pilot. After his service he joined British Airways, and was selected to join the elite supersonic Concorde crews. Tony flew the Concorde from 1987 to 1993, after which he flew jumbos for Air Europe. Retired now, Tony shares his flying experiences as a professional speaker. Watch the video.
EAA Merchandise
For one week only, save big on EAA’s authentic, hand-painted collectible airplane models. The Ford Tri-Motor model, on sale for only $159.99, has a wingspan of 18-1/2” and is 12” from nose to tail. Or add the Aluminum Overcast model, with a wingspan of 23” and nose to tail measurement of 17”, to your collection for only $169.99 - a savings of $60 off the regular price. Each model comes complete with a solid mahogany display stand and carries the specifications of the respective airplane. Makes the perfect gift! Order online or call toll-free 800-564-6322.

EAA Photo Orders - Select prints, frames, and digital displays of your favorite EAA official photographs. EAA members receive a 10 percent holiday discount. Learn more

Other holiday gift ideas from EAA:
The Brown Arch - leave your mark permanently in Oshkosh by purchasing a "Brown Arch" tribute brick.
Founders' Wing - place a brick on the Founders' Wing Wall, recognizing your commitment to preserving EAA's culture in a way that will make sure it won't be forgotten.
EAA Memorial Wall - honor the memory of that special someone by dedicating a plaque on EAA's Memorial Wall.
EAA Sweepstakes - enter for a chance to win a brand new Aviat Husky, or other great prizes in the 2010 Share the Spirit Sweepstakes.


EAA Calendar of EventsEAA Chapter 1219 Fajita Fly-In -Angelina County Airport, Lufkin, Texas
On Saturday, December 12, come join in on all the fun, hangar flying, and enjoy the great food at Angelina County Airport in Lufkin, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Discounted fuel available from the FBO and a great way to start off the Christmas season. Contact Don Lymbery at 936-637-9046.

Breakfast with Santa, Arriving via Helicopter - EAA Chapter 1158 Educational Facility, West Bend, Wisconsin
EAA Chapter 1158 is holding its 3rd annual Breakfast with Santa from 8-11 a.m. on December 12. The jolly old elf arrives via helicopter at 9 a.m. and departs at 10:30 a.m.. Open to the public, we have giving free breakfast vouchers to local community groups such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Boys & Girls Club of West Bend. Large ramp for fly-in, or you can drive-in. Free pictures with Santa and activities for children. Breakfast includes pancakes, sausage, juice, coffee, all for $5. For more information visit www.eaa1158.org, or contact AJ Brandt at 262-338-8411.

To learn more about calendar events, or to find/submit others, visit www.EAAcalendar.org.

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EAA Flight Planner

Q & A: 
Question of the Week
For EAA Information Services

I have a follow-up question to the answer to last week's question. "An aircraft can still be granted an experimental amateur-built airworthiness certificate after passing through numerous hands before it is finally completed, as long as 51 percent of the fabrication and assembly work is done by amateurs."

What is an amateur? I am an A&P. Am I still an amateur?

Answer: As long as someone did not pay you to perform the work, you are an amateur. You could build your own aircraft and be an amateur since no one paid you to do the work. As soon as money, or anything of value changes hands for work performed, you are no longer an amateur. The actual FAA definition is found in FAR 21.191(g): (g) Operating amateur-built aircraft. Operating an aircraft the major portion of which has been fabricated and assembled by persons who undertook the construction project solely for their own education or recreation.

Have a question?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail govt@eaa.org. For questions about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail infoserv@eaa.org.

December 2009
EAA Desktop Calendar
EAA Free Desktop Wallpaper

We wrap up 2009 with the Sorensen BF9-2, Unfinished Business, designed and built by Danny Sorensen of EAA Chapter 23, Salt Lake City, Utah. Construction began in October 1995 and 13 years later, October 2008, Sorensen received the airworthiness certificate for his aerobatic biplane. Photo credit: Bonnie Kratz, shot during AirVenture last summer in a Piper Lance piloted by Walt Dorlac.

Download this wallpaper image from the EAA website, where you can choose among several different resolutions to suit your screen - including three wide-screen sizes...or select an image from the archive.

On the Flightline - General Aviation News
Remos Aircraft reports it has received a significant investment and has broadened its capital base. "With the highest growth rates in the industry…and with significant progress in building our marketing and sales organization, we have reached the goals we had set ourselves for the year 2009," said Michael Meirer, a REMOS executive board member.

REMOS announced its additional investment on December 10 amid rumors that the company was going into bankruptcy. REMOS' Ken Weaver stated in an interview with AVweb that the German company has filed a notice of insolvency, but that the move was a "procedural option" the company has available under German law to help the company attain its goals.

The company says the steps initiated by the two main shareholders, the Faerber Group of Munich, Germany, and the London investment house Pall Mall Partners, in cooperation with REMOS management, secure the future of REMOS Aircraft and enable the introduction of new programs through which the company will be able to address new customer segments. Learn more at www.REMOS.com/news.

Mike Goulian Aerosports (MGAS) has announced an air show marketing partnership with Air Show Buzz (ASB.tv) for 2010. ASB will replace Air BP's Castrol Aviator as title sponsor for MGAS' North American air show program. Replacing the famous green and red colors of Castrol, MGAS' equipment and team members will now be adorned with the maroon, black, and gold colors of ASB. Goulian will campaign the re-branded "ASB EXTRA 330" in major air shows across North America. Learn more at www.MikeGoulian.com or www.ASB.tv.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has announced regulatory approval for Cirrus Aircraft's newest capability, Cirrus Known Ice Protection. Earlier this year, FAA approval was granted and new aircraft equipped with the optional system have been shipping to customers since January 2009.

The Cirrus Known Ice Protection system, allowing flight into known icing (FIKI), utilizes TKS weeping wing technology in laser-drilled panels on the leading edges of the wings, horizontal and vertical tail surfaces, and the elevator horns. New high-intensity LED ice lights on both sides of the airplane illuminate the wing's leading edges and tail surfaces through a prism lens. An automotive style nozzle distributes TKS fluid evenly onto the windshield and a traditional slinger-ring provides ice protection on the propeller. Learn more at www.CirrusAircraft.com.

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