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Happy Anniversary, Wright Brothers . . .
. . . and first flight of DC-3

Not only is today the 106th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ first successful powered flight, it is the birthday of the venerable Douglas DC-3. On December 17, 1935, the first DC-3 flew over southern California, an uneventful maiden flight for what would become one of the most important aircraft in aviation history, and is still used as a workhorse aircraft around the world. EAA plans a major celebration of the 75th anniversary of the DC-3 and its military variant, the C-47, at AirVenture Oshkosh 2010. In addition to a massed gathering of aircraft, there'll be special programming throughout the week aimed at reuniting scores of pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, crew chiefs, paratroopers and passengers that flew, operated and traveled in the aircraft. Read more

EAA Multimedia
Experimental Dream
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner made its first flight on December 15. Of the 25,000 people to watch the event in-person was photographer and EAA member Roy McMillion, who sent us some photos of the first majority composite airliner. 
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Other multimedia posted this week:

Hints for Homebuilders: Annealing Spark Plug Gaskets

Timeless Voices: Tom Flanagan

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News & Views from EAA December 18, 2009    Volume 9, Number 58
EAAer at the controls of composite airliner as it makes its maiden test flight

Boeing DreamlinerThe Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the world’s first mostly composite commercial airliner, flew for the first time today (December 15) from Paine Field’s Runway 34L in Everett, Washington. Boeing Chief Pilot Michael Carriker (EAA 505412) and Engineering Test Pilot Randy Neville were at the controls as 25,000 people, mostly Boeing employees, watched and cheered the 10:27 a.m. PST take-off. Boeing also provided a live video stream of the milestone watched by 300,000 people from around the world.  View the video
What to you was the most exciting aviation story of 2009? We're taking a poll on Oshkosh365, where you can choose from the available selections that were featured in the past 12 months of e-Hotline. Or you can suggest your own in the comment box. We'll unveil the results in next week's issue, which will be sent on Wednesday afternoon, December 23. (There will be no e-Hotline published the weekend between Christmas and New Year's Day.)
Piper stalwart to be celebrated with a 50-ship arrival
Cherokee 50thOne of the iconic general aviation airplanes of the past half-century, the Piper Cherokee, will be honored this summer at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, "The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration," at Wittman Regional Airport on July 26-August 1. A mass arrival of 50 aircraft will kick off the golden anniversary event, with other activities and program included for Cherokee owners and enthusiasts throughout the week. All Piper Cherokee clubs and owners groups are invited to participate in the activities. Read more
Break-in, crane shooting, emergency landing spur donors to help
Operation MigrationPrivate donors have responded tremendously to the unusual string of bad luck experienced this fall by Operation Migration (OM) as the organization leads a flock of whooping cranes on a 1,285-mile migration route from their summer grounds in Wisconsin to Florida. 

This year OM has faced additional challenges: A break-in to their Necedah, Wisconsin, facility in October caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage to two aircraft wings along with some theft of personal property; an adult crane was shot in Indiana just after Thanksgiving; and in early December two volunteers made an emergency landing in a field which caused substantial damage to their personal aircraft. Read more

Marion ColeWhen air show performing legend Marion Cole celebrated his 85th birthday on December 9, friends decided to provide him with some time in the air. And since the EAA B-17 was on a tour stop in his hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana, they got together and provided Cole with a flight on Aluminum Overcast.
Read more
EAA is reminding owners of E-LSA aircraft used for training, regardless if they are engaging in training operations or not, to amend their aircraft's airworthiness certificate by January 31, 2010, or it will expire and cannot be reissued. The process for allowing flight training to continue under an amended certificate has stalled within the FAA; however, owners should not wait for that situation to resolve before amending their airworthiness certificate. If the deadline is missed, the aircraft will never again be eligible for an airworthiness certificate. Read more
Oshkosh365What?!? You haven't yet signed up for Oshkosh365? When you become part of the world's largest aviation community-one of EAA's newest member benefits-before December 31, 2009, you are automatically entered to win the Ultimate Oshkosh Experience. One lucky winner will be flown to Oshkosh to experience EAA AirVenture 2010 as a VIP - in addition to airfare and weekly admission, the prize package includes exclusive behind-the-scenes access, aircraft rides, and more! Offer ends December 31, 2009, so sign up now or find out more about the Ultimate Oshkosh Experience here.
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Cockpit Communications Made Easy!
Deal of the Week
EAA members save 15% off any model BluLink purchased direct from Pilot Communications USA. BluLink enables you to use your Bluetooth cell phone and any music source wirelessly in the cockpit. You can use your existing general aviation, helicopter or BOSE panel mount aviation headset with BluLink and EAA members save! Click here for more info on this limited-time offer and other great deals.

Sport AirEAA SportAir Workshops travels to the Prescott, Arizona, area the weekend of January 16-17 offering its comprehensive and intensive two-day aircraft builders programs. The sessions, hosted by Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott campus, include Sheet Metal Basics, Composite Construction, Fabric Covering, and Electrical and Avionics. "We're delighted to be at the ERAU campus," said Mark Forss, Director of the SportAir Programs. "It's a great facility to learn about aircraft construction and restoration." On Saturday evening, Forss will present "What's Involved in Kitbuilding," a two-hour seminar exploring the ins and outs of aircraft homebuilding, including a pizza dinner. Pre-registration is required for all workshop programs, which range in cost from $25 to $289 depending upon the course. Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, and Polyfiber are major sponsors of the SportAir workshop program, providing tools, materials, and special discounts for workshop attendees. For more information visit www.sportair.com or call 800-967-5746.
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Design the 'Must-Have' AirVenture 2010 T-Shirt
We've had a decent response to our call for designs and/or ideas for the must-have T-shirt for AirVenture 2010. The good news is you still have some time to enter your design/slogan idea on Oshkosh365. The bad news: Time is running out! All entries must be posted by the end of the day on Friday, December 18.

Visit the site for details, then post your entry to the ever-growing thread. Who knows? Your idea could provide the inspiration for the best-selling T-shirt at AirVenture next summer! And here's an added incentive: All EAA members who post an idea will be entered into a drawing for a $50 EAA Merchandise gift card, to be drawn on Monday, December 21. Post your idea here.

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Post of the Week!

  • Mario Simoes went from one corner of the United States to the other a couple of months ago, leaving Florida for Alaska to go after his floatplane rating. Mario was good enough to write about the trip and share some pictures in a post on Oshkosh365. His story is excellent, and the pictures are spectacular! 

If you have a suggestions and/or submission for EAA’s weekly AeroInnovations column, please send to AeroInnovations editor Bob Waldron at aeroinnovations@eaa.org.

Helicopter Crash Test Dummies 
Helicopter Crash Test Dummies NASA researchers at Langley hoisted an MD-500 helicopter 35 feet in the air…then dropped it. The underside of the helicopter and the passenger compartment was outfitted with Kevlar honeycomb energy absorbers originally designed for astronauts' space capsules. The helicopter and four crash test dummies came through the test in pretty good shape. 
Fly for Five Years Without Landing
Fly for Five Years Without Landing The goal of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Vulture program is to design and build an aircraft that will fly for five years without landing. Power could be supplied by power beaming, laser microwaves, in-flight replenishment or some other method. Only nuclear-powered and lighter-than-air designs are excluded from this program. 
Alternative Propulsion for Robotic Spy Planes
Alternative Propulsion for Robotic Spy Planes  A quiet spy plane will usually be more effective than a noisy one. Because of this, robotic spy planes are leading the way in innovating quiet propulsion technologies. Fuel cells and advanced batteries are two of the leading power source candidates as alternatives to liquid-fueled internal combustion engines. 
Shark Skin Makes You Go Faster
Shark Skin Makes You Go Faster  Simulated shark skin is helping an assistant professor of aerospace engineering and mechanics develop materials that will lead to decreased drag and increased maneuverability for aircraft and underwater vehicles. 
Clay Can Exfoliate Aircraft Skin Too
Clay Can Exfoliate Aircraft Skin Too  A new nanoclay blast media provides improved surface preparation and removal of coatings on aircraft surfaces such as thin skin aluminum or composite materials. It is designed to safely and quickly remove epoxy primers and polyurethane topcoats from very sensitive metal or composite substrates. 
AeroInnovations aims to highlight developments that have potential to impact the future of aviation.  EAA does not necessarily endorse the ideas, products, services or views contained therein.

By Bob Mackey, representative for the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan,
Administered by Falcon Insurance Agency

EAA Aircraft InsuranceWe all want to save money on insurance. Usually with auto insurance, if you take a higher deductible the premium comes down substantially. Experience dictates that when buying various kinds of personal insurance, like auto and homeowners insurance, we generally see the premium drop a bunch when we take a higher deductible. What about aircraft insurance? Let’s talk a little bit about deductibles on aircraft insurance. Read more
Hints for HomebuildersCopper spark plug gaskets need to be soft to make a good seal. Brian Carpenter of Rainbow Aviation Services shows how to anneal your existing spark plug gaskets. Brian is an A&P aircraft mechanic with an Inspection Authorization rating (IA), a DAR for light sport and amateur built, and is a Sport Pilot Instructor Examiner, an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, and an EAA Flight Advisor. Watch the video.


Tom FlanaganTom Flanagan’s first aviation memory was not a very inspiring event. While attending an air show near Des Moines, Iowa in 1932, he witnessed an airplane crash. The pilot killed in the crash was a good friend of his father. Tom wouldn’t think about much about aviation for the next ten years. However, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force so he wouldn’t be drafted into the infantry. Kept from flight training because of his eyesight, Tom was able to become a C-47 crew chief. He was sent overseas to China in February 1944, and served with the 322nd Troop Carrier Squadron of the 14th Air Force until coming home in April 1945. Watch the video.
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The Brown Arch - leave your mark permanently in Oshkosh by purchasing a "Brown Arch" tribute brick.
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EAA Sweepstakes - enter for a chance to win a brand new Aviat Husky, or other great prizes in the 2010 Share the Spirit Sweepstakes.


EAA Calendar of EventsYoung Eagle Rally, Bradenton Int'l Airport, Sarasota, Florida
On Saturday, December 19, join EAA Chapter 180 for a Young Eagles Rally and pancake breakfast (best pancakes in the state of Florida*). Also a Wings Safety Seminar and Free Flight reviews (donations accepted). Event runs from 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. For more information, contact Martin Sobel, 941-359-8693, or visit www.eaa180.org. *Or your money back!

EAA Chapter 190 Fly-In Breakfast Meeting and Technical Sessions, Moontown, Alabama - Join the chapter on Saturday, December 19, for a Christmas party and fly-in breakfast! Open 6:30 a.m.-noon. Learn more at www.eaa190.org, or contact Joe Baldauaf, 256-665-4629, for more information.

To learn more about calendar events, or to find/submit others, visit www.EAAcalendar.org.

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EAA Flight Planner

Q & A: 
Question of the Week
For EAA Information Services

Can you start a flying club with an experimental aircraft?

Answer: As long as you comply with the Operating Limitations of the aircraft, there's no reason why you couldn't use an experimental amateur-built aircraft in a flying club. This means, of course, that you cannot carry persons or property for compensation or hire - educational and recreational use only.

You also might want to get the book, Keeping the Peace in Partnerships- A Guide to Aircraft Co-Ownership before forming the club.

Have a question?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail govt@eaa.org. For questions about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail infoserv@eaa.org.

January 2010
EAA Desktop Calendar
EAA Free Desktop Wallpaper

The site of an Aeronca 7AC on skis is a reminder to mark your calendars - for the annual EAA Skiplane Fly-In, scheduled this year on Saturday, January 23. This traditional winter event actually brings EAAers together for three reasons: the fly-in, the celebration of EAA’s founding; and Audrey Poberezny’s birthday.

Download this wallpaper image from the EAA website, where you can choose among several different resolutions to suit your screen - including three wide-screen sizes...or select an image from the archive.

On the Flightline - General Aviation News
TIME BETWEEN OVERHAUL EXTENDED FOR ROTAX 912 ENGINES Rotax has announced an extension of time between overhauls (TBO) for Rotax engine type 912 (Series). New 912, 912UL, 912S and 912ULS engines now carry a TBO of 2,000 hours or 15 years. Older engines may have their TBO increased by following applicable Service Bulletins. Visit www.Rotax-Owner.com for more information on SB-912-057/SB-912-057UL Extension of Time Between Overhauls (TBO) for Rotax Engine Type 912 (Series).

Will Help Australians Save Lives and Homes Arriving a month earlier than scheduled, two Erickson S-64F Helitankers, Isabelle and Elvis, have been offloaded from a cargo freighter in Melbourne and are currently on firefighting duty at Bankstown Airport in Sydney and Essendon Airport in Melbourne. The arrival of the helitankers comes precisely as catastrophic fire conditions have been forecast for the State of New South Wales. Elvis was a popular attraction at EAA AirVenture 2009. Learn more at www.EricksonAircrane.com.

Flight Design West has located two new Flight Design aircraft, one in Santa Monica, California, and a second in Portland, Oregon, as part of the growth of the aircraft sales and service outlets for the CTLS line of aircraft. The new facilities represent the company's second and third locations on the West Coast. The first center was located at Lone Mountain Aircraft in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Additionally, Flight Design West's Las Vegas service center has established repair centers in Santa Monica and Portland to support existing CT aircraft. Learn more at www.FlightDesignUSA.com.

Cessna Aircraft Company has recognized four Cessna Pilot Centers as the first training schools to gain FAA approval under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 141 to use Cessna's new Sport/Private Pilot Course in its private pilot certificate training programs. The Cessna Pilot Centers gaining Part 141 approval are: Air Fleet Training Systems Inc., Fairfield, New Jersey; Snohomish Flying Service, Snohomish, Washington; Trade Winds Aviation, San Jose, California; and Pensacola Aviation Center, Pensacola, Florida. Cessna developed the new Sport/Private Pilot Course in association with King Schools of San Diego and released it to Cessna Pilot Centers in September after qualifying it for FAR Part 141 approval. Find more information at www.CessnaFlightTraining.com.

Sporty's Private Pilot and Instrument Rating Courses are now accepted for FAA WINGS credit. Earning FAA WINGS credit with Sporty's Courses is easy and automatic for those enrolled in the Pilot Proficiency Program (enroll at FAASafety.gov.) After purchasing and viewing the video training segments, the pilot then completes two practice exams using Sporty's online test preparation program included with the course. When these requirements have been met, users can simply click on the WINGS Credit option from the Sporty's online test preparation program and credit is automatically provided through the FAA Safety system. Purchase the DVD or video download at www.Sportys.com/courses.

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