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Top Story
Never Too Old to Fly
Octogenarian earns sport pilot certificate
Karl Klingelhofer, EAA 1089537, of Tucson, Arizona, recently realized a long-held dream when he passed his checkride to earn his sport pilot certificate. Flying in an Ercoupe 415C owned and operated by PC Aircraft at San Manuel Airport, Karl got his ticket on September 1. Karl is 86 years old. The late-blooming aviator said flying was a "bucket list" item after his wife of 60 years passed away in November 2008. "When she died I had to form a new second half of my life," Karl explained. He put flying lessons on the top of his bucket list.

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Featured Multimedia
'Love at First Flight'
"That first flight is special...because that's the start or love at first flight." Those words echo from Harrison Ford, former EAA Young Eagles chairman on a special video produced for this year's Gathering of Eagles event held at AirVenture Oshkosh. The video, which features some gorgeous flying footage as well as Young Eagles telling their stories, urges viewers to "Raise Your Hand" during the annual Gathering auction. Watch now.
Other multimedia posted this week:
 Hints for Homebuilders: Soldering Tips - Holding Wires
 Timeless Voices: Kenneth Hoffman, WWII armorer, gunner
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News & Views from EAA September 21, 2012    Volume 12, Number 45
A late flurry of public comments to the joint EAA/AOPA third-class medical exemption request pushed the total number of comments to more than 16,000, one of the largest totals for any public comment period involving GA activities. The public comment period for the proposal had been extended in July and ended on Sept. 14.  Read more
Just 10 days after discovering he had won, Jeff Parnau arrived in Oshkosh Thursday to pick up his completely restored 1940 Piper J-3 Cub grand prize in the 2012 EAA Win the Cub Sweepstakes. "Sure is a lot better looking in person than it is in pictures," he said while walking around the airplane parked in the EAA Kermit Weeks Hangar. Parnau, editor-at-large at World Airshow News magazine, has a flight school located at East Troy Municipal Airport. "I've already received calls from several people wanting to train in or rent the airplane," he said. One of the three flight instructors is also anxious to get started as he did all his training in a Cub back in the day. Read more
Left Seat

Left Seat Blog
The other day I was talking with a friend whose company designs and manufactures advanced navigation systems for personal airplanes. His company's navigation systems are becoming ever smarter and easier to use including airway entry and "nomination" of logical next fixes along the route.

But when my friend shows his new navigators to pilots, most of them ask immediately how to use the basic raw data VOR function. Here is a system that stores in memory every navigation fix and terminal procedure in the country and beyond and pilots want to know how to tune a VOR. We both wonder what is the fixation with VORs?

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The 2012 Reno National Air Races concluded a safe, successful week last Sunday at Stead Airport. Poignant tributes were held to honor the 11 people who perished, the more than 60 injured, and the heroic efforts of people on the ground in the wake Jimmy Leeward's horrific crash in 2011. On Thursday, race organizers and attendees honored the medical personnel, law officers, firefighters and other emergency responders. On Sunday, a tribute was paid to the 11 victims, as white balloons were released with the reading of each victim's name.  Read more
A new museum featuring some very well-known flying warbirds as well as several significant military vehicles holds its grand opening next weekend in Granite Falls, Minnesota. The Fagen Fighters World War II Museum opens officially to the public Saturday, September 29, on the Lenzen-Roe Memorial Airport (Granite Falls Municipal - GDB).  The museum has in its collection a number of well known flying warbirds, including the P-38 Ruff Stuff and a pair of P-51s - Sweet Revenge and Twilight Tear.  Read more
Kermit Weeks, founder and owner of the Fantasy of Flight museum in Polk City, Florida, has released his second children's book, The Spirit of Lindy. His first book, All of Life Is a School (2008), was awarded a bronze IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Awards) in the Children's Books, Ages 7 and Under category, but Weeks feels The Spirit of Lindy has even more potential. "It's a great story based on the famous flight Charles Lindbergh made from New York to Paris to win the Orteig Prize in 1927," he explained. "I came up with the concept, wrote the story, and had two incredibly talented Disney-trained artists, Dominic Carola (pencils), and Ryan Feltman (paint), do the artwork."  Read more
Zenith Aircraft Company's Open Hangar Day and 20th anniversary celebration takes place this weekend at company headquarters in Mexico, Missouri. Events kick off Friday night with a banquet, followed Saturday by Open Hangar Day activities at Mexico Memorial Airport. Special guest EAA President/CEO Rod Hightower will attend the 20th anniversary banquet on Friday evening. Among the door prizes at the Friday night banquet is a Dynon D1 Pocket Panel portable EFIS. Hightower will also present a seminar on Saturday morning on experimental amateur-built (E-AB) aircraft safety, including a discussion about the causes of E-AB accidents, a summary of the NTSB's recommendations to the FAA (as it relates to new E-AB regulation), and first flight best practices. Read more
After a relatively quiet mid-summer, the experimental aircraft community has unfortunately seen a sharp uptick in fatal accidents over the past month. Since August 26 there have been 15 fatal accidents in experimental aircraft, representing 21 percent of the segment's total for the fiscal year, which ends September 30.
This rash of accidents has placed the fiscal year's total at 70, just one shy of the not-to-exceed mark set by the FAA for the year with a little more than a week to go. The FAA includes all categories of experimental aircraft in that total, including amateur-built, E-LSA, exhibition, air racing, research and development, market survey, and FAR compliance. Read more
Season 3 of the popular TV series The Aviators is now available on iTunes, with Episode 1 available for free. The series, which boasts 10 million viewers worldwide, also began airing on many PBS stations across the country beginning this week (check your local listings). Developed and produced by Canada's FourPoints Television Productions, The Aviators features people in all walks of aviation, aircraft, cool aviation tech, fly-in destinations, safety, and more. The producers premiered Season 3 at AirVenture this year. The series is also now available on DVD, and for the first time on Blu-ray. Learn more about the series. See the Season 3 episode guide.
The first Heart of America - Sport Aviation Classic is scheduled for October 4-7 at the University of Central Missouri Aviation Department's airfield, Skyhaven Airport (KRCM), in Warrensburg. Featured attractions include a tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen; experimental, light-sport, and ultralight aircraft on display; historical aviation re-enactors; a 1940s-themed hangar dance; and technical workshops on composite repairs, tube and fabric, 3-D CAD, and laser scanners. Also attendees to the free event can enjoy a good old-fashioned Kansas City barbecue. To learn more, visit the Sport Aviation Classic website or contact Christopher "Doc" Bailey, event coordinator, at 816-282-8635 or via e-mail.
EAA SportAir Workshops offer comprehensive and intensive two-day aircraft builder programs. Pre-registration is required for all workshops. Aircraft Spruce and Specialty and Poly-Fiber are major sponsors of EAA SportAir Workshops programs, providing tools, materials, and special discounts for workshop attendees.
Upcoming workshops:

For more information, visit the SportAir website or call 800-967-5746, or register now. See the courses in action on the EAA Video Player. Learn details on each course. View the complete SportAir schedule.

Plant a tree in your name
Over the past several years, investments in the AirVenture convention grounds, such as clearer signage, updated restrooms, and improved drainage, have helped improve visitors' experiences. This year, we hope to plant about 200 trees to bring much-needed shade to provide relief on those long, hot summer days at the fly-in. We invite you to join us in this effort! Read more
EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast will stop September 26-30 at Richard B. Russell Airport in Rome, Georgia, hosted by EAA Chapter 709. Then, on October 5-7, the Flying Fortress will make its last stop for the year at Dothan Regional Airport, courtesy of EAA Chapter 1358.

Tours cost $10 per individual or $20 per family (including children up to 17 years old), and active military or veterans can tour for free. Visitors can also book a mission flight on Aluminum Overcast; passengers can save by pre-booking, but walk-ups are always welcome. For more information including the full tour schedule, history of the aircraft, and to pre-book the flight of a lifetime, visit the B-17 website.

EAA Ford Tri-MotorThis weekend, September 20-23, EAA's 1929 Ford Tri-Motor will stop in Racine, Wisconsin, at John H. Batten Airport. The Kalamazoo Air Zoo's Tri-Motor will be at Central Illinois Regional Airport in Bloomington, Illinois. The Tri-Motor tour is scheduled to resume in late October. For more information about the aircraft, visit the Fly the Ford website.
EAAers save $5 on the EAA member quarter-zip navy sweatshirt, plus receive free shipping! Visit for more great deals on merchandise for members including caps, T-shirts, golf shirts, and more, all featuring the EAA member logo. Just use the promo code MBRSHP on the second page of checkout to receive free shipping. Offer ends September 30, 2012. Free shipping is valid on standard domestic orders only. You must be a current EAA member to receive free shipping. International orders receive 30 percent off shipping quote. Order online or by calling toll-free 800-564-6322.
Sporty's Ad
Bob Mackey, senior vice president of Falcon Insurance Agency, which administers the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan, presents the basics of aircraft insurance, how aircraft insurance works, and ways to save money and still buy the right aircraft insurance.

All webinars begin at 7 p.m. CDT unless otherwise noted, and they require registration. To find out more about upcoming EAA Webinars and to register, visit the Webinars page.

EAA gratefully acknowledges the support of Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. for their generous sponsorship of our webinar programs.

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If you have suggestions or submissions for EAA’s weekly AeroInnovations column, please send them to AeroInnovations editor Bob Waldron.

Learning How to Glide From the Albatross
AeroInnovations Using dynamic soaring and its 12-foot wingspan, the albatross can glide for more than 1,000 miles without flapping. A German aerospace engineer has been studying albatross flight patterns to learn how they stay aloft without seeming to use much energy. While not appropriate for commercial air travel, the energy-efficient flight methods of the albatross may be very useful for sport gliding or for ocean research and surveillance UAVs that need to stay aloft for long stretches.
Hot New Technology to Combat Wing Icing
AeroInnovations A new conductive but non-metallic composite material from Germany is being used to build aircraft wings. This wing material can be heated electrically to either prevent ice from forming or to remove ice build-up. Metals in composites can cause weak points, so the new material is less likely to have structural problems than composites, which incorporate metals for lightning protection or to heat the wings to mitigate icing. Researchers also are developing wing construction materials that change shape when an electric current is applied, and water-repellent coatings for aircraft wings.
Cri-Cri and Broussard Stick Together
AeroInnovations The tiny, 172-pound, electric-propulsion Cristaline Cri-Cri launches into the air strapped to the top of a 3,373-pound MH-1521C-1 Broussard powered by a 985-cubic-inch radial engine. While the connected combo is in the air, the straps are released and the Cri-Cri separates from the Broussard, then flies alongside of it. A father/son duo pilots this interesting contrast of old, proven technology and aviation innovation from the 21st century.
Gomolzig Mufflers Reduce Noise and Complaints
AeroInnovations Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has installed Golmolzig mufflers on its fleet of training aircraft in Daytona, Florida, to address community concerns about noise. The German exhaust system reduces the sound to about 70 decibels, which ERAU states is the same level "as normal conversation from a few feet away." Researchers will also gather data on new propellers to determine if a quiet design can justify replacing all the training aircraft propellers.
A Thousand Miles in C-Wing Electric Airliner
AeroInnovations An electric commercial airliner that carries nearly 200 passengers with a range of 1,600 miles is on the drawing boards of a German research group. The Ce-Liner has an unusual C-wing designed to minimize drag. It incorporates the horizontal component of a conventional aircraft tail and is predicted to reduce drag by up to 11 percent. The futuristic design also incorporates movable folding passengers seats and propulsion battery packs that can be swapped out in less than 30 minutes to minimize downtime between flights. They estimate development by 2040.
AeroInnovations aims to highlight developments that have potential to impact the future of aviation.  EAA does not necessarily endorse the ideas, products, services, or views contained therein.
Hints for HomebuildersHolding a pair of wires together for soldering can be a challenge, especially if they are underneath your instrument panel. Mitch Zehr from the EAA aircraft maintenance staff shows how to use the plastic top from a spray can to help make the task easier. Watch the video.
Timeless VoicesKenneth Hoffman enlisted in the Army Air Force in the spring of 1942. After going to armorer school in Denver, Ken was accepted into the Aviation Cadets program and shipped to Corsicana, Texas, for primary flight training in the PT-19. After a bad experience with a cranky flight instructor, Ken washed out of flight training just prior to leaving for Basic Flight Training. He bounced around in the military system for a while before ending up at a gunnery school in Florida. He earned his aerial gunner wings and was assigned to a B-17 crew in Nebraska. The crew flew a new B-17 to Italy, where they joined the 816th Bomb Squadron of the 483rd Bomb Group in July 1944. Ken spent a month in a field hospital after being hit by a piece of flak in the back of the neck on his fifth mission. During that time his crew was reassigned to a special operations group in Africa and Ken finished his tour flying as a fill-in tail and waist gunner for other crews. He completed his 35th mission in April 1945. Watch the video.
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Where Are You Flying This Weekend?
There are 92 fly-ins and other aviation events over the next two weekends listed in the EAA Events Calendar. Find one near you or add your event!

Q&A:  I have a RANS S12XL (two-place) with a Rotax 503 powerplant. Do I need an ELT? I'm not sure there is enough electrical to run it.

Since your aircraft has two seats, an ELT definitely is required, per FAR 91.207. Electrical system power is not an issue, since all ELTs are battery-powered so they will still operate in aircraft if the electrical system fails, if it has to be shut down, or if the aircraft normally operates without an electrical system.

Have a question?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail EAA Government Relations. For questions about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail EAA Member Services.

EAA Desktop Calendar
EAA Free Desktop Wallpaper

Brittany Lueth, EAA 1086282, captured this photo of a 1936 Lockheed Model 12 Electra Junior at Thunder on the Lakeshore in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Of the 126 Electra Juniors built, there are only approximately eight still flying. Brittany calls this photo Amelia's Vision as this airplane stood in for Earhart's Model 10E Electra in the 2009 film Amelia.

Download this wallpaper image from the EAA website, where you can choose among several different resolutions to suit your screen - including three wide-screen sizes ... or select an image from the archive.

On the Flightline - General Aviation News
The ASA Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms is now in its fifth edition, offering more than 11,000 aviation-specific terms and definitions. The new edition updates and gathers all the terms in 14 CFR Part 1 and other CFR sections, the pilot-controller glossary from the AIM, glossaries from government handbooks and manuals, as well as definitions not found in government publications. Nearly 500 illustrations further define and aid visual recognition of the terms, and tables and lists are included in appendices.

Cessna Aircraft Company opened a 100,400-square-foot regional Citation Service Center at Valencia Airport in eastern Spain. The center offers comprehensive repair, completion, fulfillment, maintenance, and customization services. Cessna now operates three factory-owned Citation Service Centers in Europe, including facilities in Paris, France, and Prague, Czech Republic.

With Flight Design's new "European Adventure" delivery program, when customers purchase a new Flight Design CTLSi, they can elect to take delivery at Flight Design's European Delivery Center in Germany. They can then plan a trip to their favorite European destinations with expert guidance and preflight briefings from carefully selected, experienced, and multilingual tour guide pilots. Following the trip, Flight Design will arrange to carefully ship the aircraft back to the U.S., or assist customers in planning and executing their own flights home across the Atlantic.

Beginning December 5, access to all Piper maintenance publications and regulatory documents will be available exclusively through the ATP Aviation Hub online service and ATP's NavigatorV desktop platform. ATP's single integrated solution offers several advantages for users including learning one simple software platform for publication access, daily revision updates to all content, and eliminating the cost of installing and managing software. Until that time, Piper customers can access Piper's manuals and technical publications through Avantext.

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