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Welding & Corrosion

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Take the mystery out of aircraft welding! Join Host Gregg Ewert and instructor Bill Roerig as they take you step by step through the process of oxyacetylene welding. You'll learn how to:

  • "read" a puddle
  • run a bead
  • tack weld
  • weld a 90 tube intersection
  • cluster weld
  • and see examples of rosette, lap and fillet welds
Whether you've never held a torch before, or haven't welded in years and want to brush up on your skills, this video will provide you with the background to get you started.

Corrosion - it's not just a problem unique to floatplanes. Corrosion is a threat to any aircraft exposed to humid conditions, including acid rain. Join corrosion expert Geo Hindall in an hour-long examination of the problem. Learn to recognize, prevent and protect your airplane against the effects of corrosion! Contains:
  • causes of corrosion
  • inspecting for corrosion
  • corrosion-prone areas
  • types of corrosion
  • maintenance and protection
  • floatplane storage

Approximate total running time: 110 minutes

  • 110 minutes total runtime
  • 2 DVD set


Welding & Corrosion

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