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Aircraft Welding Book and Welding/Corrosion DVD Combo


This Combo gives you both the DVD and Book for Welding. DVD: Take the mystery out of aircraft welding! Join Host Gregg Ewert and instructor Bill Roerig as they take you step by step through the process of oxyacetylene welding. You'll learn how to:"read" a puddle/run a bead/tack weld/weld a 90 tube intersection/cluster weld/and see examples of rosette, lap and fillet welds Book: Compiled and prepared by Wes Schmid and EAA founder Paul Poberezny. Aircraft Welding Techniques is a collection of articles from EAA and several military guide books on the art of aircraft welding techniques covering basic techniques, joint forming, jigs, and other metal working techniques specific to steel tube aircraft construction.

  • Includes both book and DVD


Aircraft Welding Book and Welding/Corrosion DVD Combo

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