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Final Cut


Final Cut The Post-War B-17 Flying Fortress and Survivors


Expanded and updated for 2011....sixteen pages added in this latest edition. Since it was first published in 1990, Final Cut has told the story of the B-17 since 1945, including detailed accounts of each of the 48 survivors. Three updates later, and here we are with the fourth edition. Lots of changes in the B-17 world in the past few years, and now they are included in this newest edition of what has become the source on the post war B-17 and survivors. Where are they and what are their stories? The tankers, the movies, the weird little military programs. The scrap yards, the five-engine B-17s, the fire ant bombers: what's up with that? What about those rotting blue B-17s at Dallas Love Field? Or the B-17 over the gas station near Portland? It's all here. How about civil histories of each of the 110+ civil B-17s that have come and gone...yep, it's in appendix 3 and nowhere else. How about a listing of all the civil owners of B-17s since 1945...oh, yes, that's appendix 4.

  • 256 Pages
  • Detailed accounts of the remaining B-17s


Final Cut

Category Non Fiction
Format Paperback