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They Were All Volunteers


The Story of a Bomber from Minnesota and the 68th Doolittle Raider Reunion


In 1942 the world was at war. Japan was marching over the entire Pacific, defeating all in their path. A group of volunteer pilots, led by Col. Jimmy Doolittle teamed up with the Navy for a daring plan; to fly bombers off an aircraft carrier and strike at Japan. The mission, to become known as the Doolittle Raid, made morale in American soar, and helped change the Japanese strategy for the rest of the war. In 2010 an extraordinary event took place. Each year the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders have a reunion to remember their mission, their comrades, and their leader Gen. Jimmy Doolittle. For their 68th reunion, seventeen B-25 bomber crews gathered to honor the Doolittle Raiders. The Restorers is a new series, designed to re-define aviation television. This episode stands out, as it follows a B-25 Mitchell bomber from Minnesota as her crew participates in the Doolittle Raiders Reunion / B-25 Gathering in Dayton, Ohio. If you missed the event, pick up this new DVD to live through the excitement, camaraderie and pride that occurred in that Ohio reunion. This new DVD includes everything the warbird and history buff is looking for: Widescreen feature presentation, filmmakers' commentary, and the unedited interviews with the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders as a bonus feature. Hours of fascinating material! 42mins

  • 42 min
  • Footage from the Doolittle Raider reunion


They Were All Volunteers

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