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Flying Plane


This battery powered toy tethers to the ceiling & flies in a 360 flight pattern 8.5" x 9.5" 


This battery powered toy North American P-51D "Sky Fighter" tethers to your ceiling and actually flies around in a 360 flight pattern! It's easy! Simply fasten spool holder to ceiling and attach the hook and line to the craft. To operate, insert batteries, extend landing gear to turn on the unit and give the aircraft a slight push. As the front propeller turns with a buzz, the craft will zoom around in a 360 flight pattern! Dimensions : 9.5" Length x 9.5" Wing Span x 2" Height.

  • 9.5" Length x 9.5" Wing Span x 2"
  • Battery operated
  • Tethers to the ceiling


Flying Plane

Age Group All Ages