Ford Partner Recognition

EAA's Ford X-Plan Partner Recognition Program is a special savings opportunity developed exclusively for EAA members. It offers you the ability to purchase or lease eligible vehicles at EAA member pricing.

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EAA Sport Aviation

One of EAA’s most popular member benefits is EAA Sport Aviation, the award-winning monthly magazine that covers the full spectrum of association activity.

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EAA Flight Advisors

EAA's Flight Advisors program is designed to increase sport aviation safety by developing a corps of volunteers who have demonstrated expertise in specific areas of flying and making them available to EAA members who may be preparing to fly an unfamiliar aircraft.

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Individual Membership

Your Individual membership makes you a part of the passionate EAA Family and gives access to EAA-Exclusive benefits. Membership also gives you thousands of opportunities to go flying at local aviation events, participate at your local EAA chapter, and give youngsters their very first flight.

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Benefits & Discounts

From benefits like EAA Insurance Solutions and EAA Finance Solutions to EAA Webinars and EAA Technical Counselors we have something for everyone with an interest in  aviation! 

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ASTC Passport Program

EAA members can enjoy more than 300 museum and science centers worldwide free of charge, thanks to a partnership with the Association of Science-Technology Centers and its ASTC Travel Passport Program.

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Warbirds of America

"Keep 'em Flying": That’s the motto - and the mission - of EAA Warbirds of America, the EAA division that provides programs and services to those interested specifically in former military aircraft.

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Take a Free EAA Eagle Flight®

Take to the skies with a free introductory flight and discover the next steps toward becoming a pilot.

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Find a Flight Advisor

EAA Flight Advisors can help you find the right path to get you flying efficiently and, most importantly, safely.

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One Week Wonder

Follow the journey of One Week Wonder...from building the Zenith CH 750 Cruzer kit at #OSH14 to its future possibilities.

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Getting Started

Register as an ultralight student or pilot and discover the types of ultralights you can have fun in!

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Become a Sport Pilot

Affordable, achievable, and fun! Experience the freedom of flight as a sport pilot.

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Join Warbirds

Warbirds of America membership connects you with other enthusiasts, restorers, and pilots.

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Join VAA

VAA membership connects you with other enthusiasts, restorers, and pilots.

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Join IAC

IAC membership connects you with other enthusiasts, builders, pilots, and competitors.

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Connect With Aviators

Your local EAA chapter allows you to share your interest with thousands of other members in a variety of different events and activities, including fly-ins, picnics, workshops, Young Eagles rallies, and more.

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Building an EAA Chapter

All you need to start is enthusiasm, an interest in aviation, and the desire to share this interest with other people in your community. Bring together 10 interested recreational aviation enthusiasts who are either current EAA members or ready to join EAA. For divisional chapters, you only need five members.

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Chapter Insurance Program

EAA’s Chapter General Liability Insurance Program protects chapters, their members, officers, directors, and volunteers from alleged negligence. Participation in this insurance program is mandatory for all chapters located in the United States and Canada. A policy limit of $1 million to $3 million is available.

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Leadership Academy

Interactive workshop weekends in Oshkosh focused on topics important to chapter leaders.  

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10 for 2014 Recognition

Each pilot who flies 10 or more Young Eagles during a calendar year will receive a custom “10 for 2014” lapel pin and will earn Young Eagles credits that can be used to help offset the cost of sending a young person to an EAA Air Academy session in Oshkosh or assist their local Young Eagles and youth outreach programs.

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September Swing

Relive the excitement and glamour of the big band era at September Swing, a 1940s-style hangar dance featuring the sights and sounds of Ladies Must Swing.

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EAA Sport Aviation

One of EAA’s most popular member benefits, the award-winning monthly magazine covers the full spectrum of association activity.

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Composite Construction

The Composite Construction course is an intensive "hands-on" workshop discussing tools needed, safety aspects of composites, moldless construction to include "hot-wiring," bonding methods for composite kitplanes, etc.

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EAA’s scholarship program encourages, recognizes and supports excellence among those studying the technologies and the skills of aviation. These annual scholarships help outstanding students who demonstrate financial need to accomplish their goals.

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Harrison Ford Scholarship

This scholarship will help young people achieve their dreams of flight at whatever level a need exists, with scholarship awards supporting EAA Air Academy, flight training, and academic tuition awards.

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This Month's Wallpaper

Peter Norman's Republic RC-3 Seabee was one of many that participated in AirVenture 2015's commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the first Seabee flight. The seaplane was photographed flying above Oshkosh by Tyson V. Rininger during the weeklong aviation celebration.

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B-17 Tour Stops

Join us for an unforgettable experience aboard one of the few remaining airworthy B-17s in the world. You won’t want to miss Aluminum Overcast when it visits an airport near you!

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Tri-Motor Tour Stops

Climb aboard one of the first mass-produced airliners and step back in time to aviation’s golden age. A flight on EAA’s Ford Tri-Motor is a flight back to an era where air travel was considered a luxury.

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Visit Pioneer Airport

From May through October, Pioneer Airport gives visitors a unique “living history” re-creation of what airports were like during the early days of air travel. It brings back a time when the magic of flying astounded and charmed the whole world. 

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Your Flight Experience

The biggest question on your mind might be, “So what should I expect on my flight?” Get a glimpse at what you’ll experience when you take your EAA Eagle FlightTM.

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Your Flight Experience

The biggest question on your mind might be, “So what should I expect on my flight?” Get a glimpse at what you’ll experience when you take your Young Eagles® flight.

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Paul Poberezny

Paul Poberezny came from humble beginnings, yet he emerged as one of the 20th century's greatest aviation leaders, creating a worldwide aviation organization and the world's largest annual fly-in event, EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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Tribute Opportunities

Special places like the museum’s Founders Wing and other campus tribute areas like the Brown Arch, Compass Hill, and Memorial Wall combine to give wings to countless aviation dreams and accomplishments. Leave your legacy or that of your loved ones for all who visit Oshkosh to see.

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Win a Piper L-4J!

The Piper L-4J was the most popular and recognizable of the collection of the World War II liaison aircraft, affectionately nicknamed “Grasshoppers”. This aircraft allows any pilot to take the controls of a Warbird and experience the significance of owning a piece of history. Enter now to win!

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News Releases

Get all the official news surrounding EAA and its programs.

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Advertise in Sport Aviation

EAA Sport Aviation contains the broadest editorial content and coverage for recreational aviation today - introductions to new aircraft and innovations, the latest aviation products and services, hands-on and personal experience in the nuts and bolts of aircraft ownership, and so much more.

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Why Exhibit?

AirVenture enables our commercial partners to have an unmatched forum to present their products and services to the most passionate aviation consumers.

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Join us and be a part of this tradition of excellence, while helping us continue to provide high quality programs and services to our members and visitors.

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Outreach Guidelines

EAA's Community Outreach Guidelines to help coordinate and maximize offerings by providing a defined approach to responding to requests for support of community events; developing a fair and easy process to identify, evaluate, and support efforts of the non-profit community; and developing a process that allows for tracking and quantifying impact.

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Always Learning

Whether you need homebuilding advice, are looking to take the next step in your aviation journey, or want to connect with others who have “airplanes on the brain” like you, EAA’s resources keep you connected and informed.


Aircraft Spruce & SpecialtyThese live multimedia presentations are informative and interactive, allowing the presenter to use slides and audio, while audience members can ask questions, chat, or be polled for their opinion.

Registration is required, and space is limited.

Some EAA Webinars qualify for credit in the FAA's WINGS or AMT awards program. Visit for details.

View the EAA Webinar archives

EAA gratefully acknowledges the support of Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. for their generous sponsorship of EAA webinars.






7 p.m. CST

The Sky Is the Limit: Job Opportunities in Aviation

Kyle Ludwick


Seeking a career in aviation and wonder what job opportunities might be available? Love airplanes but not sure what side of the aviation world you see yourself working in? Join Embry-Riddle’s Kyle Ludwick as he discusses the plethora of exciting job opportunities in the aviation field and how to land them.


7 p.m. CST

Powered Parachutes, the Ultimate Low and Slow Ride

Roy Beisswenger


Powered parachutes offer the realization of the dream of flight many of us had as kids. Instead of flying at 3,000 feet or higher, powered parachutes can fly safely with the birds closer to the ground. Roy Beisswenger talks about the joy of powered parachute flight, how to get started in the sport, and how to earn a rating to share the fun with others.


7 p.m. CST

Chapter Chat: Pilot Proficiency Program for EAA Chapters

Radek Wyrzykowski


Join us for an overview of the new and exciting EAA chapter program: IMC Club. Since its establishment in 2010, IMC Club has facilitated pilots worldwide to engage face to face and share their experience and build individual proficiency by discussing real-world flight scenarios. Recently, EAA and IMC Club joined forces to enable this valuable program to be delivered free of charge to EAA members through the EAA chapter network. Join IMC Club founder and EAA manager of flight proficiency Radek Wyrzykowski as he discusses the IMC Club program and how it will benefit you and your EAA chapter.


7 p.m. CST

When Prop Balancing Isn't Enough: Troubleshooting Complex Vibrations
Qualifies for FAA AMT credit

Matthew Dock


Most aircraft vibrations are resolved by dynamically balancing the prop. Some, however, are more complex and don't go away even with a perfectly balanced prop. Matthew Dock, co-founder of RPX Technologies, will discuss the symptoms of vibration problems, the damage it can cause, and how to pinpoint and resolve them using vibration analysis.


8 p.m. CST

Fix It Now...Or Fix It Later
Qualifies for FAA Wings and AMT credit.

Mike Busch


Nothing is more frustrating to a GA pilot than dealing with an aircraft problem while on a trip and far from home base. It's natural to ask yourself whether it's realty necessary to fix the problem before further flight, or whether it's okay to press on and get it resolved when you return home. EAA's maintenance guru Mike Busch offers some words of wisdom about how to make that decision.


7 p.m. CST

Fly Your Own Plane to Cuba

Jim Parker


It is easier than ever to fly to the beautiful country of Cuba in your own plane. Jim Parker of Caribbean Flying Adventures has flown his C172RG to Cuba eight times since June 2015. Join Jim as he shares his experiences and the ins and outs of legally traveling to Cuba in your own plane.


7 p.m. CDT

Are You Fit to Fly? Understanding Aeromedical Self-Certification
Qualifies for FAA Wings credit

Dr. Greg Pinnell


Whether the type of flying you do requires an FAA medical certificate, a valid driver's license, or neither, we all have a responsibility to self-certify our fitness to fly before every flight. Dr. Greg Pinnell of the EAA Aeromedical Advisory Council and AirDocs explains the rules and best practices regarding self-certification, and answers your questions.


7 p.m. CDT

Reviewing the Flight Review
Qualifies for FAA Wings credit

Prof. H. Paul Shuch


Every pilot needs to renew his or her currency every 24 calendar months, through a process the FAA calls a flight review. In this webinar, Prof. H. Paul Shuch will review the FAA’s currency requirements and recently revised Advisory Circular 61.98C, including discussing alternative methods of compliance, and help you and your CFI make a flight review a pleasant and productive experience.


7 p.m. CDT

Basics for Tailwheel Airplanes
Qualifies for FAA Wings credit

John Valade


Takeoff and landing techniques are different for tailwheel airplanes compared to tricycle landing gear. John Valade and Glen Oliphant from 3Point Aviator in Canada review how the forces of nature and center of gravity affect the handling characteristics of tailwheel airplanes. They will also discuss how different airplane designs necessitate different techniques to properly control the airplane during takeoff and landing.


6 p.m. CDT

EAA’s Collegiate Volunteer Program Overview

Katie Meyer


Join Katie Meyer from the EAA human resources department and learn about EAA’s Collegiate Volunteer Program. This program allows students to gain on-the-job skills while also getting a behind-the-scenes, firsthand experience while volunteering during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016. For this week in late July, Wittman Regional Airport is transformed into the world’s busiest airport – more than 500,000 attendees and 10,000 aircraft become part of the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration.


8 p.m. CDT

The (Lost) Art of Repair
Qualifies for FAA Wings and AMT credit

Mike Busch


Savvy aircraft maintenance expert Mike Busch discusses the trend in aviation maintenance to replace items rather than repair them.