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DEC 2010 | VOLUME 2 | NUMBER 12
Perry Harber's Glasair SII Taildragger
Perry Harber's Glasair SII Taildragger

Nothing like a V8!
Father and son team Charlie and Perry Harber of Pacific Grove, California, completed their plane in their own backyard - in a single-car garage - and then disassembled it and trucked it to their hangar in Salinas, California. It first flew in May of 1994, powered with a 3.8-liter Ford V6 with a Blanton 1.6:1 redrive. After logging about 650 hours in a little over 10 years' time, the crank in the little V6 gave up the ghost. Following an otherwise uneventful landing, a new engine was installed, one that the team had already been working on to replace the Ford. This time, however, two more cylinders were added, increasing the displacement by nearly a factor of two in the form of a 441-cubic-inch, all-aluminum Chevrolet small-block V8.
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Hints for Homebuilders
Circular Plastic Connectors (CPC)
Kas Osterbuhr demonstrates how to assemble circular plastic connectors (CPC). Kas is an EAA SportAir Workshop instructor for the Electrical Systems, Wiring, and Avionics workshop.
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In last month's editorial (LSA Might Not Be the Only Solution to an AWOL Medical Certificate), I made a case for becoming a motor glider pilot. One of several reasons for this suggestion was that there is no medical certificate requirement other than the glider self-endorsement. A few people took me to task, misunderstanding that I wasn't speaking of sport pilot requirements, so I'd like to take this opportunity to clear the air a little. Read more

Pat Panzera
Experimenter editor Pat Panzera preparing for a checkride in a Schweizer 2-33 at the Central California Soaring Club.

EAA Thrives Through Members' High Standards
Paul looked out his window in January 1990 and noticed "no people or airplanes on our convention site - just the swirl of icy winds. It's cold, certainly, but we are never without the hope of spring. The inner warmth that sustains us is the certain knowledge that spring and summer will bring us all together." It was a reflection on not only the amazing gathering of people and planes each summer, but also of EAA being propelled by people whose willingness to learn and to apply [their] knowledge toward obtaining the highest degrees of craftsmanship, homebuilding, restoration, and flying. Read Paul's Pick

Paul Poberezny

The Limits of Operating Limitations
The FAA uses the term "operating limitations" to mean many things. On a type-certificated aircraft the operating limitations will include some combination of approved performance data such as an approved flight manual or pilot's operating handbook, required placards and markings, and other information as required by the aircraft's certification. Pilots learn to look for these operating limitations during their primary training and are reminded during flight reviews. The FAA uses the term in a completely different way when talking about experimental aircraft, and these operating limitations are less well known and understood. Allow me to shed some light on the subject!
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Joe Norris

Tribute to Burt Rutan
Major gathering planned for AirVenture 2011

Paying tribute to an aviation legend responsible for many unique aircraft designs, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011 will salute Burt Rutan with a special day of recognition. In addition to marking the 25th anniversary of Rutan's Voyager aircraft around-the-world flight, AirVenture 2011 will include a "Tribute to Burt Rutan" Day on Thursday, July 28. EAA is working with builders, owners, and type groups to encourage a major gathering of Rutan-designed aircraft at AirVenture 2011 and will also create a special parking area for them on the flight line. But this will not be the first such gathering to honor Burt. On June 28, 2003, friends and family of Dick and Burt Rutan hosted a "surprise" birthday party for the famous brothers. Dick was about to turn 65 and Burt turned 60, so the birthdays were celebrated together. Over 100 canard aircraft were in attendance.
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Salute to Burt Rutan

RevFlow Throttle Body
Innovations and improvements
In the November 2010 issue of Experimenter, we presented an exhaustive article on the 85-hp Revmaster R-2300 engine. Although we went into excruciating detail on every feature and system, we glossed over the induction system. With Experimenter readers crying foul, we present this article on the RevFlow as a peace offering.
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R. S. Hoover (the other Bob Hoover)
The VW engine community loses a guru
The VW engine conversion community mourns the loss of its guru, Robert S. Hoover (the other Bob Hoover). Known for his level-headed approach to converting these little engines, Bob (or Mr. Hoover to most of us) worked tirelessly to advance the safe and realistic use of the VW engine. In this tribute to Bob, Bruce King (designer of the single-place all-aluminum BK1 Flyer) helps us say goodbye.
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RS Hoover

AirVenture 2003 had its share of unusual aircraft on display, but none so unusual as the United States Air Force's version of the Long-EZ. There was nothing unusual about the airframe, but the powerplant had many of us scratching our collective heads. Read more
Mystery Plane

Ambitious Plan to Build a Dozen Spits in the UK
Paul Fowler, owner of the Enstone Flying Club in the UK, is looking for builders - and lots of them - to participate in his dream to build 12 Supermarine Spitfire Mk26b 90-percent replicas. He wants the aluminum kitplanes built in time for the 2012 Farnborough Air Show, then to conduct flying tours around the UK to promote aviation.
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Student Pilots in Homebuilt Airplanes 
Many people dream of getting their pilot certificates. Some dream of learning to fly in an airplane they built themselves and others have a burning desire to buy a homebuilt airplane and learn to fly. Will your dream come true, or will airplane insurance turn your dream into a nightmare? Typically if you call an aircraft insurance agent and ask about coverage for a student pilot in a homebuilt airplane, the agent will tell you that airplane insurance is not available. For the most part this is correct - but not always. Read more

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Whether you're building, restoring, or just an enthusiast. we want to know what has you stumped.

Q. I am interested in building an E-LSA kit aircraft. Does the FAA publish a list of kits that can be certificated as E-LSA?

A. At the present time the answer to your question is no. While the FAA publishes a list of kits it has evaluated and found eligible for amateur-built certification, it does not publish a similar list for E-LSA kits. I am not aware of any such list published from any source.

You may want to consult EAA's list of S-LSA and see if any of these manufacturers are selling E-LSA kits. You can find the S-LSA list at this Web page.

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Confused by a strange aeronautical term? EAA's online Aviation Glossary can help.

GROUND LOOP - Usually defined as a rapid rotation of a fixed-wing aircraft in the horizontal plane while on the ground. In powered aircraft, the ground loop phenomenon is predominantly associated with aircraft that have conventional landing gear and is typically blamed on the center of gravity being positioned behind the main wheels. More glossary terms

Sport Aviation, July 1986
First Flight Impressions in the Voyager
By Mike Melvill

In the July 1986 issue of Sport Aviation, future astronaut Mike Melvill was privileged to become the third person ever to fly in the Voyager. He said it was an experience that will last forever in his memory. So inspired, he shared it with the grassroots supporters by way of this article. Read the article

From the Archives
The Unfortunate HartAero StoryHang Gliders and Ultralights Turn and Burn Over Australia
This video, shot at the Forbes 2009 Hang Gliding Competition in Australia, cannot be played just once. It shows great images of hang gliders and their ultralight tow planes frolicking to some rockin' music. View the video
Hang Gliders and UltralightsThe Unfortunate HartAero Story
A Missouri aircraft manufacturer was arrested in April 2010 for theft in what many are calling a Ponzi scheme. Many who paid deposits or even paid in full in advance lost everything. View the video
The Unfortunate HartAero StoryCylinder Concerns for VW Engines
This Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SIAB) alerts the operators of airplanes powered by Volkswagen air-cooled engines of an airworthiness concern where the engine loses power due to the loss of cylinder head fastener torque. Read the SIAB
WebinarFlight Before the Wright Brothers
Did someone other than the Wright Brothers make the first heavier-than-air powered flight? EAA Vice President of Membership Adam Smith discusses some of the claims of flight before Dec. 17, 1903. The session includes a poll at the beginning and end of the presentation to see if perceptions of history were indeed put into doubt. Did someone fly before the Wright Brothers? View the webinar
DragDrag Video Shows Importance of Gear Fairings
Ever wonder why the fairings on gear legs are so important? An interesting old video about drag illustrates their importance dramatically. View the video

Mystery Plane Detail Photos
This month's mystery plane's airframe is not necessarily noteworthy, but the engine sure is. Experimenter editor Pat Panzera got a close-up look at the engine while it was on display during AirVenture 2003 and has provided this series of detailed photos.
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Mystery Plane Gallery

Homebuilding Lessons From 1911 Still Have Value
Louis Blériot was the first to traverse the English Channel in an airplane. His designs also had a profound effect in North America, including the first U.S. Air Mail flight. Fred Stadler will present a webinar on Blériot and his planes and an update on EAA's Blériot XI project.

All webinars begin at 7 p.m. CDT. To find out more about upcoming EAA Webinars and to register, visit the webinars page.

EAA gratefully acknowledges the support of Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. for its generous sponsorship of the webinar programs.

The Homebuilders Corner message forum at Oshkosh365 is as active as ever. Have a look at the list below and follow the links to read the actual questions and discussion topics.
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