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EAA Aircraft Insurance

Welcome to the EAA Insurance Plans exclusively for EAA members! EAA members fly all types of aircraft and enjoy many different ways to fly. Here is where EAA members will find insurance, advice, and support, along with a selection of special insurance plans that are designed especially for them.

EAA Insurance offers coverage to fit your unique needs

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Our plans provide EAA members in the U.S. with extensive liability and aircraft hull insurance for all types of aircraft. We have insurance options for standard category aircraft, vintage, aerobatics, light sport aircraft, homebuilts, warbirds, seaplanes, powered parachutes, trikes, gliders, helicopters, and more.

As an added bonus, most EAA members are eligible to receive a special "EAA Endorsement" that offers the following additional insurance coverage at no extra charge:

  • Zero deductable from "day one"
  • First flight coverage for homebuilt aircraft
  • $5,000 for personal effects of passengers
  • $10,000 medical payments
  • $25,000 search and rescue
  • $25,000 aircraft recovery for emergency/precautionary off-airport landings
  • $50,000 liability for aircraft hangars and hangar content
  • Non-owned coverage
  • After-the-sale liability for both production and experimental aircraft
  • Coverage available for aircraft powered by approved auto engine conversions
  • Expanded insurance for hangar area where you base
  • No family sublimits on liability coverage
  • No "per person" sublimit on liability insurance

Submit an online request for quote, or to contact a representative of the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan today, call 1-866-647-4322.

EAA Personal Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance Plan

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When you use an airplane you don’t own…do you have insurance protection?

Stop wondering and know you are covered. Listed below are a few of the benefits you'll receive when you choose to protect yourself with the EAA Personal Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance Plan.

  • Liability Insurance for bodily injury and property damage while you are using a non-owned aircraft, whether you are renting or borrowing.
  • Physical Damage Liability Insurance from $5,000 up to $150,000 for your responsibility for physical damage to a non-owned aircraft you are renting or borrowing.
  • Deductible Liability Insurance included when you purchase Physical Damage Insurance. Deductible Liability Insurance will cover the deductible on the owner's or lessor's aircraft that is borrowed or rented up to $5,000 per occurrence, regardless of liability. This insurance is part of the coverage provided by Physical Damage Liability Insurance.
  • Sanctioned Civil Air Patrol Operation are automatically covered.
  • Expanded Insurance Coverage for EAA members:
    • Aircraft Categories including Standard, Special Light Sport, and Experimental and Experimental Light Sport (excluding Student Pilots);
    • $10,000 Medical Payments Insurance for each person;
    • $5,000 Personal Effects Insurance for each passenger (each occurrence);
    • $25,000 Expenses for Search and/or Rescue (each occurrence)

Purchase today! If you have questions about the EAA Personal Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance Plan, contact an EAA Plan Aviation Insurance Specialist at 1-866-647-4322.

EAA Powered Parachute & WSC Trike Insurance Plan

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EAA has pioneered the first Insurance Plan exclusively for EAA Members that includes Liability Insurance for bodily injury to passengers, provided insurance options for Flight Instruction, Discovery Flights, and Sales Demonstration Flights, and underwritten by a licensed U.S. Aviation Insurance Company. From Student Pilots to Commercial Pilots, the EAA Powered Parachute and WSC Trike Insurance Plan is one-of-a-kind.

Submit an online request for quote, or contact an EAA Plan Aviation Insurance Specialist at 1-866-647-4322.

EAA Aviation and Non-Aviation Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Plan

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EAA's Personal Insurance Plan includes Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage that picks up where traditional life insurance stops.  The EAA Plan includes nearly all aviation and non-aviation activities at a fraction of the cost of amending existing life insurance policies. The plan also applies to pilots flying any aircraft with an FAA airworthiness certificate, including homebuilts and light sport aircraft.

EAA's plan not only takes care of the gap in coverage in traditional life insurance, it also includes insurance for other non-aviation related losses at a very affordable price.

Submit an online request for quote, or contact an EAA Plan Aviation Insurance Specialist at 1-866-647-4322.

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Introducing Canada's new choice in aviation insurance / Nouvelles options d’assurance avion au Canada

Canadian EAA Members can now enjoy affordable, extensive liability and aircraft hull coverage through C-PLAN, a new offering within the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan. Underwritten by Global Aerospace, C-PLAN has coverage for standard, ultralight, amateur-built, and kitplane aircraft. Get a free, no obligation quote today or call 1-855-736-3407.

Si vous préférez recevoir le devis en français, veuillez remplir la soumission d’assurance ci-dessous. Notre bureau au Québec est à votre entière disposition pour répondre à toutes vos questions. (001) 514 906 0005


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