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  ISSUE 1, DECEMBER 2009      
From the Editor
Welcome to the Future
By Dan Grunloh, Editor, Light Plane World
Hello and welcome to the first flight of EAA's newest electronic newsletter, Light Plane World. If you are an ultralight pilot, light sport pilot, or enthusiast; you have come to the right place. We want to be about low-cost flying, minimal regulation, and fun. If you are an established pilot or builder from the ultralight or light sport area, you are in the right place. Our articles will offer practical advice you can use to get more out of your flying. Dan Grunloh

If you are a veteran designer, pioneer, manufacturer, or professional, you are in the right place. We need your expertise to help keep us on track and to help us remember our history. Light Plane World will attempt to keep you informed about the latest trends in the industry. Read more

Green Acres
Light Plane World
By Paul Poberezny
Light Plane World
During our 57 years since the founding of EAA, we have seen many changes and have met challenges ensuring the organization's future. From the early days of working with the Department of Commerce (CAA) and (now) the FAA, we have developed an outstanding working relationship that continues to this day and has made possible the freedom to design and build the various flying machines that suit one's dreams. They may be the dreamers: the armchair pilot, the history buff, the designer/homebuilder-ultralight, powered parachute, vintage, warbird - and from this movement so many craftsmen came through the self-education process. Our country is certainly richer for it. Read more
Around the Patch
Buying That First Ultralight
In years past, I've been asked to visit ultralight fly-ins and safety seminars to give a presentation to folks who are just getting into ultralight flying. That presentation had seemed to go by the wayside as interest and focus shifted toward light-sport aircraft, but now it appears that a new interest in the virtues of Part 103 privileges is indeed beginning to emerge. It seems that every month, a new Part 103 compliant ultralight is unveiled, and the new technologies emerging in the field of electric power are making this an interesting time in the sport. Read more
Alcohol Fuels in Ultralights and Light Planes
Alcohol-blended fuels have been entering our national fuel system for decades, and their role is increasing. It's happening for economic reasons, as a feature of overall energy policy, and for considerations of national security. Read more
Monsoon Trike E-LSA Kit
Curt Shoaf knew he wanted a Monsoon trike when he first flew one at the 2007 Sun ín Fun Fly-In at Lakeland, Florida. It cruised 80 mph and had all the latest design features. He already owned two excellent trikes, an Airborne 582 with Profi wing and a Pegasus. There was a problem, but it wasnít lack of hangar space. Read more
Light Plane News
Cranes Outrun Ultralights on Southward Migration
CranesA group of 20 young whooping cranes, four trikes, and a Cessna 206 chase plane had been on the ground in Illinois for five days due to rain and wind. The group known as Operation Migration (OM) assists the cranes on their yearly journey south for the winter. With 1,000 miles to go on their migration from Wisconsin to Florida, the group parted company for a time on Friday, November 20 - the cranes struck out on their own! 

Little did the crew know that back home in Necedah, Wisconsin, their home hangar had been broken into and extensively vandalized. Read more

Frederick Scheffel to Manufacture Powerfin Props
Many in our sport were sad to hear the news earlier this year when Stuart Goin announced he would cease production of his popular, lightweight, carbon fiber Powerfin propellers. His products filled an important niche in the industry. Thankfully, Frederick Scheffel, a respected leader in the world of powered parachutes (PPC), has announced he will begin manufacturing Powerfin propellers at his facility in Wharton, Texas. All the originals molds and production equipment will move to the 10,000 square foot facility already dedicated to the manufacture of the Predator PPC. Scheffel expects to be shipping props by mid-January. All of the popular models will be available and he will introduce a new curved-tip prop at Sun 'n Fun 2010. The new default color for Powerfin props will be white; the original black finish is still available but must be ordered. Listen to an interview with Fredreick Scheffel on the Ultraflight Radio archives for November 24. Contact Powerfin and order props at their website.
Two-Step Process Now Available for E-LSA Trainers
Thereís good news for experimental light-sport aircraft (E-LSA) owners and operators who use their aircraft for primary training. The FAA has provided a method to Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) that will allow them to issue a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) for E-LSA that have already had their airworthiness certificates amended. This two-step process provides a way for E-LSA to continue flying and for some operators to continue offering flight training if desired. Read more
From the EAA Light Plane Community
The message forums at Oshkosh365 are busy. Have a look at the list below and follow the links to read the actual questions and discussion topics.


Featured Video from EAA

EAA Video

EAA-TV, 1997: Powered Parachutes
In this excerpt from EAA's Sport Flying TV series, the late Pete Conrad (Apollo 12 Commander and EAA Reporter) and Tom Poberezny take a look at the then-new phenomenon of Powered Parachutes. Watch the video.
Videos from the light plane world
HighLander deadstick takeoff PPG bag launch -†the quickie
deadstick takeoff
PPG bag launch - 
The Quickie
Submit light plane videos that you just had to watch again; and probably forwarded to your friends. Send them to
Featured Audio
EAA RadioLarry Neal talks with EAA Radio's Digital Dave about the Super Sky Cycle, his roadable gyro cycle that was on display at EAA AirVenture 2009.

Listen to the Interview

Featured Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery
AirVenture 2009 Ultralight Area

Over the winter I will not be flying for a couple of months. I have been told that every couple of weeks I should start my two-cycle engine, warm it up, allow the oil to circulate over the bearings, and then shut it down. Some people say I should also cover the intake and exhaust openings to seal off the engine.  Read the answer

Powered Parachute
What makes powered parachutes a unique aircraft? 
Read the answer

Weight Shift Trikes
What is trim speed as it relates to a trike?  Read the answer

Fixed-Wing Airplane
What is wing washout?  Read the answer

Powered Paraglider
What is a powered paraglider?  Read the answer

From the archives
Twenty-five years ago John Moody, the acknowledged "father of ultralights," wrote an editorial that starts with a question. Does anybody make ultralights anymore? Most of it could have been written yesterday. His insights and thoughts about ultralights are even more inspiring now. Read "Since You Asked" in the April 1984 issue of EAA Ultralight magazine.

Moody is still flying an Easy Riser ultralight. See an example of his trademark show routine in this video.

Learn more about John Moody's story at his website.

Twenty years ago a curly haired and smiling pilot posed with his Oshkosh showplane trophy in "Challenging the Skies!" in the April 1989 issue of EAA Experimenter magazine. He had already accumulated 4,000 hours in ultralights when this article was written.

Don Zank is still smiling and still challenging the skies. A leading figure in light aviation, he is a regular at the Challenger aircraft forum tent at EAA AirVenture. Catch up with him at his website.

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