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  ISSUE 7 JUNE 2010      
From the Editor
Returning to the Sky
By Dan Grunloh, Editor, Light Plane World
It sure is great to be back flying again after several months stuck on the ground. I agree completely with a quotation long attributed to a 15th century artist and inventor who predicted that once we have experienced flight, we'll always want to return to the sky. Dan Grunloh
Leonardo da Vinci might be right about everyone wanting to return there, but unfortunately they don't all follow through. The subject of pilot retention is of interest from jet fighter aircraft to hang gliders and ultralights in between. It takes money, effort, and infrastructure to produce pilots. Each one that doesn't keep returning to the sky diminishes the result. Unfortunately, some newly minted FAA private pilots won't be flying anymore after only 5 years.  Read more
Green Acres
Flying With Friends and How to Make New Flying Friends
Paul HamiltonIt's surprising how many people say, "I always wanted to fly," or "I always dreamed of flying," but never followed through and became a pilot. The most important step for our community is to get people up into the air controlling the aircraft while providing an enjoyable experience. Here are some tips for dreamers, wannabes, pilots, and instructors. Read more
Light Plane News
Tales From the Wild Blue Yonder Trilogy Available as e-Books
Wild Blue Yonder After nearly 30 years of flight, veteran hang glider and trike pilot John "Ole" Olson has published a "thrillogy" of flying adventure books, Tales From the Wild Blue Yonder, which are also now available as downloadable e-books. The first book in the series, Recipes for Disaster, features amazing flying stories with titles such as "Jake the Human Cannonball," "Prop Stopped Over Four Corners," and "Hammer Bound for Hell." For the price of a little more than one gallon of fuel, you get 30 easy-to-read short stories. Read more
New Microlight World Records
RecordTwo new microlight world records have been announced by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, the organization that regulates world record attempts and championship competitions in aviation. One record for distance was set in a powered paraglider. The other was for speed in a trike. Read more
Mistral Pilot to Fly Length of Britain in a Day
Julian MidderIn another example of the growing interest in cross-country and long-distance flying, U.K. pilot Julian Midder has announced he will fly his Aviasud Mistral the length of Britain in one day, starting in Wiltshire and ending in Scotland. To maximize the available daylight, the trip will take place in late June. The one-day marathon solo Dawn to Dusk Patrol is intended to raise awareness for the Sky Watch Civil Air Patrol and the wounded veterans’ charity Help for Heroes. Read more
Immersion Training for Powered Parachute Sport Pilots
Immersion TrainingEasy Flight of Greenville, Illinois, has announced June, August, and October sessions of its concentrated 12-Day Sport Pilot training camp. Total immersion training is widely used in many areas of aviation training. There are currently only about 40 FAA certificated flight instructors qualified to instruct in powered parachutes, so the chances of finding a local instructor are slim. Read more
F-16s Intercept Ultralight - Predator Coming to Texas
F-16sOn early Sunday morning, May 16, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) dispatched two F-16 fighter planes from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base to intercept an ultralight that entered Arizona from Mexico. Although ultralights are sometimes used to smuggle drugs, a military spokesman declined to say why they used a pair of $15-million jets costing $17,000 per flying hour to intercept an ultralight. Read more
Pilot Apologizes After Landing on Public Beach
Pilot JensenProving that public beaches aren't a suitable place for aircraft operations, a Kitfox pilot found himself arrested May 23 for reckless conduct after landing on a beach at Tybee Island, Georgia. The plane touched down on the remote north end of the beach without incident, but people were present. It was no emergency; the pilot and passenger got out and went for a sightseeing stroll. Read more
EAA Member Leads Grassroots Effort to Protect Tennessee Small Airfield Owners
Thanks to the persistence and organizational efforts of a Tennessee EAAer, owners of private air strips in that state now enjoy the same limits on liability of other recreational activities on private land, like whitewater rafting, horseback riding, camping, and off-road vehicle riding. Ken Franks, EAA 159894, of Eagleville, Tennessee, owns a 3,600 ft. x 85 ft. grass strip, T-Top Airfield (TN14), and has for several years tried to get lawmakers to include private air strips in an existing law that limits liability to owners when they allow access to their property for various recreational activities. Read more
Ultralights Latest Smuggling Method Employed on US Southern Border
Mexican drug smugglers have a new tool in their arsenal of smuggling methods: the ultralight. Mexican drug gangs have modified their aircrafts to carry up to 250 pounds of marijuana which pilots drop in the middle of the Arizonian desert. In addition to potential jail sentences of up to 20 years and fines of $250,000, smugglers are willing to fly along highways and through the desert at night to avoid detection by border officials, risking any number of hazards including power lines and other aircraft according to Law enforcement has been met with several challenges in combating these groups and border incursions via ultralight appear to be on the rise.
Around the Patch
I Enjoy the Quiet - It's Just That the Engine Isn't Running
Enjoying the quietIt was spring 2009. The sun was out, the snow was gone, and I was looking forward to the summer flying season that was ahead. I was in my car driving to the hangar in Osceola, Wisconsin, to go for an evening flight in my XT-582 AirBorne trike. The weather on May 8 was very nice for flying, blue sky and a west wind at 5 mph and dropping. It looked like a great evening to fly until dark, or until the end of evening civil twilight, as the FAA calls it. Read more
The Ultralight Place
Frank BeagleThe Ultralight Place, located at the Greater Kankakee Airport in Kankakee, Illinois, is one of my favorite places to visit. The owner is Jim Leon, who has many titles for himself and his business including the first ever FAA light-sport repair station, authorized Rotax repair center, FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative for ASEL, WSC, and PPCL, designated pilot…Phew!…The list goes on, so we encourage you to: Read more
A Day in the Life of an Airplane Designer
Leonard MilhollandEditor’s note: We should pray that we’ll all be as active and productive as Leonard Milholland, the designer of the Legal Eagle ultralight and Better Half VW engine conversion, when we are 85 years young. Leonard sent Light Plane World this diary of a typical day. Read more
Top 20 Ultralight/Light Plane Pilot Mistakes
Airplane pilots, more than anyone else, must be able to quickly recognize and learn from their mistakes. It may help if you can laugh at your errors and share them with others. This list of common and uncommon mistakes was compiled with help from Steve Bensinger and Denny Demeter. We hope it will help others to avoid these problems. Every one is a true story. Read more
From the EAA Light Plane Community and Facebook
The message forums at Oshkosh365 are alive with activity. Here are the latest discussions!


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Flying the Evektor SportStar with Paul Hamilton Attack of the Mosquitoes
Flying the Evektor SportStar with Paul Hamilton Attack of the Mosquitoes
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Photo gallery

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From the archives
From the ArchivesA Delightful Flyer
November 1985

In 1984 Jack Halbeisen flew his FAR103 ultralight coast-to-coast from Ellington, Connecticut to San Diego, California and back again for a total of 7,800 miles all without any ground support. He celebrated his 70th birthday during the trip that included 190 stops. The trip was actually flown three times as he had scouted the entire route in his Citabria before setting out in the ultralight. Read his amazing story

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