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  ISSUE 12 NOVEMBER 2010      
From the Editor
Your Adventure of the Year
By Dan Grunloh, Editor, Light Plane World
The great thing about flying is that it can be an adventure every time you take off. This month, as in past issues, EAA Light Plane World features stories and news of ordinary individuals who have found their adventure in the light side of aviation. Each and every year we should try to find some new experience in flying. With only a month remaining in 2010, the time to review the logbook is near. What was your adventure of 2010? Read more Dan Grunloh
Green Acres
Making Safety a Chapter Event
The winter months can be long and tough on pilots who fly open-cockpit aircraft. Flying opportunities are often reduced and the flying we do enjoy is often solitary since not all of our flying buddies want to fight the weather and the reduced daylight hours. That doesn't mean that flying isn't on our mind. It becomes a question of finding an outlet for our "inner flyer." Read more Roy Beisswenger
Light Plane News
Balloon, Paraglider Collision Analyzed
The collision between a hot-air balloon and a powered paraglider at the Cottonwood, Arizona, airport on October 16 captured the attention of the aviation world and the general public. The collision between two of the slowest aircraft unfolded in front of numerous cameras and spectators at the Cottonwood Airfest. Collision
Fortunately the entangled craft descended slowly enough so that injuries to the occupants, though serious, weren't fatal. Read more
Taiwanese Ultralight Pilots May Get More Airspace
Ultralights were first introduced to the island of Taiwan in 1987, but the government didn't create regulations for them until 2004. The vehicle limits are similar to FAR 103 in the United States, but restrictions and requirements are much greater. Ultralight Pilots
Plans are underway to establish for the first time a dedicated airspace corridor for ultralights which will allow for a cross-country flight of up to 41 kilometers or 25 miles. Read more
If Only It Were True: Dual Instruction in Wheeled PPGs
Last month, EAA Light Plane World published a news story where the CEO of Aerosports Connection (ASC) suggested that dual training in wheeled powered paragliders (PPGs) was now legal. While we would all love for that to be the case, in our opinion it is not supported by the facts. Read more Dual Instruction
Wicks Aircraft Selling Complete Mitchell B-10 and U-2 Airframe Kits
Wicks Aircaft Supply of Highland, Illinois, has reached an agreement with Richard Avalon at U.S. Pacific, the home of Mitchell Wing, to market complete airframe kits for the B-10 and U-2 flying wing designs by Don Mitchell. Mitchell designs
Both are well established plans-built designs from the early 1980s known for their outstanding performance and soaring potential.  Read more
Rod Hightower Meets With EAA Ultralight Council
The EAA Ultralight Council headed by Carla Larsh had a full day of meetings on October 30 at the EAA Aviation Center, including almost two hours with EAA President Rod Hightower. Each fall, the council reviews EAA programs and activities that pertain to ultralights and light planes such as EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, ultralight chapters, publications, and government affairs to name just a few. Rod Hightower
The council members came away from the meeting with the feeling that Rod wants to help us solve some of our biggest problems. Read more
New Full Lotus Floats For Trike and FAR103 Ultralights
Full Lotus Mfg. has introduced a new line of lightweight inflatable floats. The new FL950 model is designed for aircraft with a gross weight of up to 1,050 pounds. The floats weigh only 30 pounds each.  New Full Lotus Floats
The hull has a more "rockered" design than their traditional floats; this rocker encourages the float onto the step with little to no input, making it ideal for trike as well as ultralight aircraft applications.  Read more
Crane Migration Flyover Experience
It's 19F and total darkness when alarms go off at 6 a.m. for pilots, volunteers, and spectators hoping for a successful launch of 11 endangered whooping cranes and three ultralights from the Livingston County, Illinois, stopover on their epic migration to Florida. Crane Migration
About 40 people including members of the Heart-of-Illinois ultralight club in Peoria, Illinois, gather before dawn on a country road at a spot designated for the flyover.  Read more
Are You Flying Naked?
The EAA WSC Trike and Powered Parachute Insurance Plan is administered by Falcon Insurance Agency Inc. In the insurance industry, when someone decides not to buy insurance, or go self-insured, that's usually referred to as going naked. The purpose of this short article is to touch on some of the reasons, and how the EAA WSC Trike and Powered Parachute Insurance Plan might be a good alternative to going naked. People sometimes take their clothes off, but I'm not going there. Why do people sometimes choose not to at least explore insurance for flying their weight-shift-control trike or powered parachute? Here are a few reasons I've run into.  Read more
Rotax Releases Manual Revisions
Rotax has released revisions for the following manuals: 912 Line Maintenance Manual -Edition 2, Revision 1; 914 Line Maintenance Manual -Edition 2, Revision 1; 2 Stroke Operator's Manual -Edition 2, Revision 0. Click here to see all manuals available for download. Rotax also released a revision to Service Letter SL-912-013 / 914-011 / 2ST-007, which lists all Rotax Aircraft engines that have been reported stolen. To see the service letter, click here.
Around the Patch
The Best Summer Vacation a Teen Could Ever Experience
For as long as I can remember, my dreams have been in the sky. For the longest part of my life, the dream felt like it was so far from reaching that it was unobtainable. At age 13, I was introduced to ultralights and it changed my life. Best Vacation
Ultralights seemed like something that I could get myself into without having to wait until I had the income to afford flying in "real" planes. Read more
Marble Canyon Adventure October 2010
We recently bought a used RV and wanted to get one trip in before the winter. We spent five weeks working on the RV, getting it ready to go to Marble Canyon, Arizona, over the Columbus Day weekend. Marble Bridge
We had a few problems including a forced landing in the trike at a spot 12 miles from the nearest road just before dark. We had no emergency kit, not even a flashlight, and the cell phone was useless. Read more
Fulfilling a Life Long Dream
I've always loved airplanes and dreamed of being able to fly. When I was a kid, I ran around with my arms spread wide imagining myself flying. The aging, grey-headed guy in my mirror told me it was time to do something about old dreams. So I attended EAA AirVenture Oshkosh for the first time in 2005. I was overwhelmed. I knew Oshkosh was a big air show, but I had no idea how big. Read more Fulfilling a Life Long Dream
From the EAA Light Plane Community and Facebook
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Videos from the light plane world
Quicksilver GT-400 Ultralight
In honor of the news that there will be a Top Gun 2, watch this summertime frolic in a Quicksilver GT-400. Featuring multiple camera angles and the music of the Kenny Loggins classic from the film, the images make even the cornfields of Iowa seem like "The Danger Zone."  View the video
Midwest LSA Expo 2010, Mount Vernon, Illinois
 A nice interview with Mount Vernon airport manager Chris Collins about the Midwest LSA Expo 2010 interspersed with images of what was seen on the ground and in the air.  View the video
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Featured Photo Gallery

Photo gallery

Midwest LSA EXPO 2010
This month's gallery is a sample of the more than 30 different models of light sport aircraft displayed at the 2nd annual Midwest LSA Expo in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, September 23-25, 2010. The event is intended to expand on the very successful U.S. Sport Aviation Expo held early each year in Sebring, Florida. View the gallery

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Powered Parachute
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Weight Shift Trikes
 What do you call the part of the trike that the pilot and passenger sit in?  Answer

Fixed-Wing Airplane
 Why do airplanes have trim systems?   Answer

 What are the pedals on the floor of the helicopter control for?  Answer

AeroVee Engine and AeroInjector - Sport Pilot Power
John Monnett discusses the AeroVee Engine and AeroInjector; Power for the Sport Pilot. Hosted by Charlie Becker. The webinar does have some audio issues. View the webinar

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From the archives
Getting High in a Mitchell Wing
EAA Ultralight, December 1983

From the ArchivesIn 1983 Dick Rowley flew a Mitchell Wing U-2 powered by a 35-hp Cuyuna engine to a world record altitude of 25,300 feet. He had primary and backup oxygen, and the carburetor was equipped with an adjustable needle valve. He took advantage of wave lift from the Rocky Mountains. An experienced glider and airplane pilot, Rowley said he learned to fly the Mitchell Wing by telephone. Read the article

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