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  ISSUE 10 OCTOBER 2011  
From the Editor
Delightfully Surprised by the FAA
By Dan Grunloh, Editor, Light Plane World

Friends have advised me there is a pretty good chance the FAA will make that small change in the regulations related to sport pilot instruction that has been requested. The simple problem has been obvious for several years, but nothing was done. So finally the EAA and others submitted a joint petition earlier this year. My continued skepticism can be credited to the fact that my aviation roots are in the ultralight community. Read more

Dan Grunloh
Green Acres
Response to Subpart K Sport Pilot Instructor Petition
By Helen Woods
The following comment was posted to the website in response to the petition submitted by EAA, AOPA, GAMA, and NAFI to allow for sport pilot instruction to count toward higher ratings. - I am the chief flight instructor of Chesapeake Sport Pilot, the largest light-sport flight school in the country. While most of our staff is certificated under subpart H, we employ one sport pilot instructor, and he is one of the finest instructors on our staff. Read more Helen Woods
Light Plane News
e-Go Appeals to the Inner Pilot
If Sigmund Freud were to build a fast, fun aircraft, he might have called it the e-Go. In 2007 Gioto Castelli and Tony Bishop entered and won a Light Aircraft Association design contest to produce cheap, easy-to-build, and state-of-the-art aircraft that fit into the United Kingdom's new Single Seat De-regulated Rules (SSDR) category. e-Go
E-Go went for state-of-the-art and now its single-seat composite canard pusher prototype, which also fits experimental, LSA, and ELA standards, is nearing completion with an expected first flight next spring. Read more
Klaus Ohlmann Sets New Solar Records
Klaus Ohlmann, a 59-year-old soaring record holder, set new records in September 2011 with a solar-powered sailplane, the icaré 2. The aircraft can charge its batteries on the ground with solar energy and then take off and climb about 400 fpm.  icare2
Level flight is possible without needing to drain the batteries by using the wing-mounted solar panels. The motor, batteries, and solar cells weigh the same as a Rotax 503 with 10 gallons of fuel. Read more
Unclaimed Ultralight Found in Ohio
Has your purple and green Quicksilver ultralight gone missing? One has been found abandoned in a field near Elyria, Ohio. After discovering it, the landowner contacted the Lorain County sheriff who said there have been no reports of stolen aircraft or missing persons.  Unclaimed ultralight
The ultralight was even left in the field for a week in the hope that its owner might return to claim it. Local ultralight enthusiasts have no clue to its origin. It will be held for six months and then most likely auctioned. Read the news report and see the video at The Morning Journal.
2011 Ultralight-led Whooping Crane Migration Begins
The 11th whooping crane migration led by weight-shift trikes began on October 9 with a typical balky start by the juvenile birds. Some of them liked their pen too much and didn't want to begin the 1,285-mile flight from central Wisconsin to their winter home in Florida. Six of the birds in the class of 2011 had to be trucked to the first stopover to get them away from the White River Marsh site before hunting season opened. Read more Crane migration
Wounded Iraq Veteran Receives Scholarship
Sergeant Chris Gschwendtner couldn't respond to rescuers after a rocket attack in Baghdad in 2008 and was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI) that ended his chances for a transfer into an Army flight training program. Back in the states as a member of the Army Reserve, he earned a sport pilot certificate at his own expense and has now won an Able Flight Career Training Scholarship that will enable him to pursue a career in aircraft maintenance. Read more Wounded Veteran Receives Scholarship
Flight Design Makes CT Law Enforcement Light-Sport Aircraft
On August 24, 2011, Sergeant David Williams (captain, retired) of the Tulare County Sheriff's Department in California traveled to Flight Design USA headquarters in Woodstock, Connecticut, to pick up the new CTLE. He and Lieutenant Marsh Carter accepted the keys from Flight Design USA President Tom Peghiny and flew the plane back to California.  Wounded Veteran Receives Scholarship
The CTLE features a gimbal-mounted camera on a pod under the wing that transmits to a screen inside the cockpit. The interior has a special keyboard to control the dedicated equipment and video recorder. Read more
Zenith and UL Power Announce Firewall Forward Kit
Zenith Aircraft Company and UL Power North America LLC announced the availability of complete firewall forward kits for the CH 650 kit aircraft. The firewall forward package includes the direct-drive, air-cooled, UL350iS aircraft engine. The 130-hp powerplant is a horizontally opposed, four-cylinder, four-stroke engine with FADEC.  Zenith
The full firewall forward kit includes everything builders need to install the engine in their Zenith airframe, including engine mount, oil cooler, fuel pumps, propeller and spinner, and fiberglass cowl. Read more
Kolb Aircraft Company Launches New Website
Bryan Melborn, owner of the Kolb Aircraft Company located at Labhart Field (3KY2) in London, Kentucky, recently announced the launch of the new, official Kolb Aircraft website. The website blends company history, facilities, local geography, and company-related news with helpful information such as links to Kolb builders' websites and frequently asked questions.  Kolb Aircraft website
Started over 30 years ago by Homer Kolb, the company is one of the oldest kit manufacturers of experimental light aircraft in the world. Read more
New Soaring Trike From North Wing
North Wing, manufacturer of weight-shift trikes and wings for trikes and hang gliding, has announced a new lightweight soaring trike will soon be available. The trike is lighter and more streamlined than the North Wing ATF trike and is powered by a four-stroke Bailey engine. The trike can fly with the North Wing Stratus XP wing, your hang glider wing, or a paraglider wing designed for power. Visit their website for more information, or call 509-886-4605. North Wing
Build Your Own Aircraft - EAA SportAir Workshops Can Show You How!
Take hold of your dream of building your own aircraft! Learn the skills and techniques required at EAA SportAir Workshops. These two-day workshops take place all over the U.S. and cover a variety of aircraft-building topics. You could master the basics of aircraft sheet metal, discover how to weld, figure out how to fabric cover airplanes, gain confidence with composites, excel in electrical systems - and more!  EAA SportAir Workshops
You'll receive hands-on training and guidance from the experts at EAA. We provide the facility and all the tools and materials, so the only thing you need to show up with is a desire to learn! To find a workshop near you, or to register for a workshop, click here.
Around the Patch
Travel Delights in a Challenger E-LSA
"Harlan traffic. Silver Challenger experimental about 10 miles to the southeast. Inbound. Request travel advisories." Pause. Nothing. Silence. Radio and headphones working? Should be charged okay. Maybe FBO unattended. Hmm, no horizon for most of three days in swirling dust. Heat rising from plowed fields painfully tortured my 500-pound light-sport aircraft (LSA).  Challenger
And me, well, close to 900 pounds including me, luggage, maps, and a quarter tank of fuel: truly a helpless butterfly in a fierce wind. Read more
Flying in the Thunder Over the Valley Air Show
Mike Geddry Sr., CEO and curator of the Santa Maria Museum of Flight, Santa Maria, California, said that he would like me to fly in the August 2011 Thunder Over the Valley Air Show with my experimental gyroplane. I agreed without really thinking about it. Then I thought, what could a homebuilt gyroplane do in an air show that would be interesting? I felt it was an opportunity and vowed to make the best of it. At the very least it would make a good story for hangar flying. Read more Thunder Over the Valley Air Show
From the EAA Light Plane Community
Here are the latest discussions from our online communities:
Videos from the light plane world
Light Plane World Videos

Close Formation Flight
A pair of Evektor Eurostars enjoy formation flying over Cheshire in northwest England.
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Light Plane World Videos
Trike Flight Simulator With Paul Hamilton 
Paul Hamilton introduces a new trike flight simulator developed at his training facility in Carson City, Nevada, that is used to supplement flight training when the wind kicks up too high to fly. 
Watch the video
Submit light plane videos that you just had to watch again; and probably forwarded to your friends. Send them to
Featured Photo Galleries

Photo gallery

Midwest Crophoppers at Tommy's Airpark 2011
EAA Ultralight Chapter 88, known as the Midwest Ultralight Crophoppers, had excellent weather for their Fall Fly-In at Tommy's Airpark (9LL5) near Springfield, Illinois, except for some 25-mph headwinds late Saturday for those returning home to the north. There was a wide variety of light planes and plenty of fun at the event. View the gallery

Q.  Why do some planes have a fuel strainer or fuel sumps?

A. After leaving the fuel tank and before it enters the carburetor, the fuel passes through a strainer which removes any moisture and other sediments in the system. Since these contaminants are heavier than fuel, they settle in a sump at the bottom of the strainer assembly. A sump is a low point in a fuel system and/or fuel tank. The fuel system may contain a sump, fuel strainer, and fuel tank drains, which may be collocated. Read more

Powered Parachute
Q. What's the stability of a powered parachute?

A. A stable aircraft is one that will routinely return to its original attitude after it has been disturbed from this condition. Usually this means returning to straight and level flight after encountering turbulence that disrupts a normal flight path. Read more

Weight Shift Trikes
Q. I want to learn more about trikes. What do you suggest?

A. The FAA publishes Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Flying Handbook, FAA-H-8083-5. This handbook is an excellent reference for students and pilots flying weight shift aircraft. Read more

Fixed-Wing Airplane
Q. What's the function of flaps?

A. Flaps work primarily by changing the camber of the airfoil since deflection adds aft camber. Flap deflection doesn't increase the critical (stall) angle of attack, and in some cases flap deflection actually decreases the critical angle of attack. Read more

Q. What's collective pitch control?

A. The control for changing the pitch of all the rotor blades in the main rotor system equally and simultaneously, and consequently, the amount of lift or thrust being generated. Read more rotorcraft questions and answers

From the archives
Super Drifter XL
Experimenter, February 2000
From the archives
The Drifter has been produced in many forms since it evolved from Klaus Hill's Hummer 30 years ago. The Super Drifter XL is a Rotax 912-powered "hot rod" and workhorse that retains the original open-cockpit fun of ultralight flying. Read about Roy Pinner, Dennis Franklin, and others along the timeline of the Drifter evolution. The Super Drifter XL is still available today from Lockwood Aviation. Read the article
Gifts, Donations, Taxes, and Your Chapter
This webinar will teach you how to manage the tax and recordkeeping requirements when your chapter receives (or is contemplating receiving) cash, aircraft, partially completed kits, tools, or other donations. Patti Arthur will walk you through the basic rules, forms, acknowledgement letters, and recordkeeping requirements for accepting donations to your chapter.

All webinars begin at 7 p.m. CDT unless otherwise noted. To find out more about upcoming EAA webinars and to register, visit the webinars page. 

EAA gratefully acknowledges the support of Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. for its generous sponsorship of the webinar programs.

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