EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS Feed EAA Statement Regarding AirVenture Cup Race

EAA is stating the following in regards to the annual AirVenture Cup race, which has been the matter of some public discussion concerning the race's future:

  • EAA did not cancel the AirVenture Cup race.
  • The AirVenture Cup organizers opted to cancel this year's race.
  • A group of EAA volunteers founded and have organized the race for more than a decade. The race completes its competition outside Oshkosh, with the competitors then flying together for a mass arrival during AirVenture.
  • As part of the race, EAA does assist race organizers with volunteer benefits and exhibit space.
  • Since last year, there have been discussions with race organizers on better defining the event and its relationship to EAA, including clarifying name and branding elements.
  • EAA encouraged organizers to continue the race and will continue to offer race organizers volunteer benefits.