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VAA Lifetime Membership Now Available

Vintage Aircraft Lifetime Member

It’s been more than 30 years since the Antique/Classic Division of EAA (now the Vintage Aircraft Association) has offered a lifetime membership option. Over the past few years, a number of committed members of both VAA and EAA have asked us to consider reinstating the lifetime membership option. Now, with the EAA lifetime membership available to all who wish to show their dedication to recreational aviation, we can offer the same opportunity to members of the Vintage Aircraft Association.

It takes a special individual to make a lifetime commitment in support of the work we do to help preserve, protect, and defend the freedom of personal flight. We feel honored that a number of you have expressed an interest in showing your dedication by becoming a VAA lifetime member, and your commitment deserved to be rewarded. By demonstrating your commitment to aviation as a VAA lifetime member, you’ll be rewarded with all the great benefits of individual membership, plus the exclusive benefits only lifetime members receive:

  • personalized VAA lifetime member card
  • customized and framed VAA lifetime member certificate
  • official VAA lifetime member propeller paperweight
  • VAA lifetime member pin
  • VAA lifetime member inside/outside window decal
  • listing on the VAA website as a VAA lifetime member alongside your fellow VAA lifetime members.

If you’d like a VAA lifetime member jacket, it’s available for an additional cost of only $50.

A VAA lifetime member becomes part of an exclusive group of aviators who have chosen to act as stewards of recreational aviation and the backbone of EAA’s mission to support the passionate pursuit of flight. VAA lifetime members lead by example through their demonstrated dedication to aviation’s future. And with their help and yours, VAA can preserve the unwavering spirit of more than a century of aviation pioneers, innovators, and heroes.

Beyond a passion for the airplanes of yesteryear and a willingness to show your commitment to support the work being done by the VAA, there’s just one requirement for VAA lifetime membership; since you have to be an EAA member to be a VAA member, each VAA lifetime member must also be an EAA lifetime member.

If you’re already one of the nearly 1,300 EAAers who are already an EAA lifetime member, the additional cost of a Vintage Aircraft Association lifetime membership is only $975. If you’re not yet an EAA lifetime member, to become both an EAA and VAA lifetime member, the total cost is $1,950. Various options are available to pay for a lifetime membership. For more information, contact EAA Membership Services at 800-564-6322.

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