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Type Club/FAA Meetings During EAA AirVenture

In an effort to add to the ways the type clubs can communicate in an efficient manner with the FAA’s Small Airplane Directorate, the VAA will again facilitate a series of meetings between clubs who ask for a meeting with the FAA during AirVenture. To be clear, we don’t control the agenda, nor does the FAA limit its contact with type clubs to only this time of year; on the contrary, when issues come up from time to time, the FAA is most interested in obtaining direct feedback from the clubs. Often, this feedback is done through the airworthiness concern sheet system when a maintenance-related issue is highlighted.

“The Small Airplane Directorate responds to the public’s concerns throughout the year and in as timely a way as possible,” notes John Colomy, acting manager of the Small Airplane Directorate Standards Office.

VAA’s job during AirVenture is to provide a convenient place for the FAA to meet with any type clubs that would like to meet face-to-face.

We ask that any issues the type clubs may have with the FAA be sent via e-mail or letter to VAA headquarters by April 30. We don’t edit or limit the list; we simply compile it. Sending the letters to us helps VAA and EAA understand what issues are of most concern to the type clubs. During the first part of May, we will gather the issues in a list and forward them to Kim Smith, the manager of the FAA’s Small Airplane Directorate in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kim and her staff will then directly contact the clubs, working to address the issues during the first part of the summer, and if needed, meet with the individual clubs during AirVenture.

After AirVenture, the Small Airplane Directorate will report back to EAA regarding the issues brought forward and their disposition.

We ask that only the head of each type club send a letter. If you’re a member of a type club and you feel the club should address a specific problem, please contact the club directly and ask that the issue be added to the club’s list of concerns. Club presidents or their designated representatives should send their letters to:

Vintage Aircraft Association
Attn: Type Club Issues
P.O. Box 3086
Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086

Or you can e-mail your letter to vintageaircraft@eaa.org. Only those issues brought forth in writing will be added to the list, and again, please ensure your message is submitted by April 30, 2010.

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