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Great Web Links

We run across great links regularly as we surf the web, and I’ll bet you do to. Here are a few websites we’ve enjoyed. Why not share your web find with your fellow Vintage Aircrafters? Just drop us an e-mail at vintageaircraft@eaa.org with the link, and we’ll get it in the next Vintage Aircraft Online!

August 2009

  • Okay, one of the sites is ours, but Joe and Jeri Norris had such a great time on their trip to the 50th annual Waco Reunion at Wynkoop Airport in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, that we need to share it with all of you. Here’s a link to their slideshow: click here.
  • Thanks to a head’s up from Dick and Patsy Jackson, we got a great view of the goings-on at Waco Reunion from a professional photographer who also attended. Check it out at: http://www.reesphotos.com/WACO2009/waco2009.htm
  • One of the most commonly asked questions of us here in the Vintage office is “What kind of old wood propeller do I have?” One of the great things about the web is the incredible breadth of information available on the internet, and sure enough, there’s a website for that question too! Visit it at http://www.woodenpropeller.com/
  • And for enthusiasts of World War I aircraft, you’ll spend an evening digging around the website of the FOKKER-TEAM-SCHORNDORF. Creators of some of the world’s most accurate replicas of German fighters from the “Great War,” there are plenty of photos of their work. View it at http://www.fokker-team.de/
  • Just as we were finalizing this issue, we received an e-mail from Eye Revolution, a firm in London, England. They’ve just completed a couple of virtual tours of the Percival Mew Gull and the Miles M.12 Mohawk for the RAF Museum. You can view them here:
    Mew Gull
    Miles M.12

July 2009

  • www.VintageWings.ca
    The website of the Vintage Wings of Canada Foundation in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, overseen by the talented Dave O’Malley, is filled with interesting stories and great photography While much of the content is warbird-related, there’s enough Commonwealth lightplane material to whet your appetite for a visit to our northern neighbors, either in person or via the web.

  • YouTube
    One thing you have to say about this community video website is that it is filled with just about everything you could imagine, and thankfully, that includes some great aviation footage. Here’s one video titled Aircraft Construction in 1910 in which the French firm of Voisin is pictured, along with stills photos of many of its wood and fabric biplanes. Here’s the link.

  • Obscure Public Relations and Educational Films
    One of my favorite websites for stuff that you never thought would see the light of a movie projector again is www.Archive.org. The site is dedicated to preserving archives of all types, but the one that really gets me fired up is the aviation films section. Not Hollywood films, but those great 16 mm flicks we watched in grade school, like this one from Encyclopedia Britannica on how helicopters work.
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