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Issue 8   2010

We're well into the double-digit countdown for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, and we just had our spring Vintage Aircraft Association board meeting and volunteer work weekend here in Oshkosh. Within both the committee meetings and the general board meeting, there was excitement for the coming convention and fly-in season, tinged with the acknowledgement that our

H.G. Frautschy
H.G. Frautschy

passionate group of aviation people is getting smaller and that we need to do more to encourage potential new members to participate in vintage aviation and join VAA.

Like EAA, the membership of VAA comprises three principal groups - restorers/builders (the craftsmen), pilots, and enthusiasts. We do our best to balance the interests and needs of these groups within the pages of Vintage Airplane and in our new online offerings. Like EAA, a little introspection is appropriate from time to time, so we're working on gathering more information on the needs and wants of this diverse group of aviation enthusiasts.

We'll continue to work to enhance our sharing of technical tidbits and information through columns such as Bob Lock's very popular Vintage Mechanic in Vintage Airplane magazine, and for pilots we've seen a resurgence of interest in the Vintage Instructor column since its relaunch with flight instructor Steve Krog. We have one more well-known flight instructor/writer who will also be contributing to the column in future issues.

Columns and articles on the history of aviation such as "Mystery Plane" and "Lightplane Heritage" are of interest to a wide variety of enthusiasts. Still, we know there's some untapped interest and desire for more information related to vintage airplanes, so in the coming months we'll be surveying both the membership and those who are potential members to learn more about what they'd like to see in Vintage Airplane, Vintage Aircraft Online, and on our website. The methods of information distribution seem to be changing on a daily basis, and we look forward to presenting the information you desire in as wide a variety as possible.

If you have something you'd like us to consider, don't wait for the survey to arrive in your e-mail; you can always drop us an e-mail at We'd love to hear from you.

H.G. Frautschy, Editor, Vintage Aircraft Online
Editor, Vintage Airplane magazine
Executive Director, VAA

VAA Board Meeting Notes
During the meeting held on April 22, 2010, the VAA Board of Directors welcomed Dan Knutson, who will serve as the VAA treasurer following the retirement of Charles Harris. Dan has been a director for a number of years and also serves the membership as the chairman of Contemporary Judging. He and his father Richard have been active restorers of both airplanes (with a special enthusiasm for Piper products) and automobiles. VAA Hall of Famer Richard "Doc" Knutson was also one of the founders of the Lodi, Wisconsin, airport, where the Knutsons can often be found tinkering and flying. Dan works in management for one of the larger automobile dealerships in the Madison, Wisconsin, area.

At the same board meeting, the directors bestowed director emeritus status on Charlie Harris to acknowledge the decades of service in many capacities in which Charlie has served, both during the annual fly-in and throughout the year. Since 1996, Harris has served as the division's treasurer and was the lead director responsible for the creation of the Friends of the Red Barn campaign. Charlie continues to be the sparkplug behind the activities of VAA Chapter 10 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we look forward to his phone calls and the always interesting VAA Chapter 10 newsletter he edits.

Tallyho! S.E.5a Replica Arrives Safely in Oshkosh
Jack Kearbey and his incredible S.E.5a replica arrived in Oshkosh safe and sound Thursday evening at EAA's Pioneer Airport. Jack, who spent almost 12,000 hours over the span of six years in his tiny garden  SE5a
shed creating his absolutely authentic replica of the famous WWI fighter, made a low pass over the freshly mowed grass strip, then touched down as several enthusiasts looked on.  Read more
Boeing Model 40 Meets the 787 Dreamliner
Boeing's newest airliner, the 787 Dreamliner, rendezvoused with the company's first one, a 1928 Boeing Model 40, last month in the skies over Mount Rainier south of Seattle. The Boeing 40, owned, restored, Boeings
and flown by Addison Pemberton, EAA 154948, of Spokane, Washington is the only flyable model 40 in the world and is the oldest flying Boeing aircraft of any kind. Read more
VAA Work Weekend Activity
VAA Flightline Safety Operations Building Replacement
Thanks in large part to a generous contribution by a longtime Vintage Aircraft Association (VAA) member and contributors to the VAA Friends of the Red Barn, this year's upgrade to the VAA facilities on the EAA  VAA Work Party
AirVenture Oshkosh grounds includes a new building to accommodate one of the largest groups of volunteers during the convention, the Flightline Safety crew. From the moment an airplane exits the runway next to the Vintage area until it's safely shut down in its parking spot, the Flightline Safety volunteers handle the aircraft and its pilot every step of the way. Read more
'Spirit of Aviation' Aircraft Auction Grows to 14 Aircraft
For the first time, aircraft buyers and sellers at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh will be able to rely on more than handbills, want ads, and word of mouth, as the "Spirit of Aviation Auction" will be held on the AirVenture grounds on Saturday, July 31.

The auction, conducted by REDC and in conjunction with EAA, will feature all types of consigned aircraft, from privately owned recreational aircraft to rare vintage and warbird airplanes and larger general aviation planes. It will be the only aircraft auction held on the grounds at Oshkosh and in partnership with EAA. Read more

Bleriot XI Replica Project May Fly at AirVenture
A replica of the 1909 Bleriot XI monoplane, which was the first aircraft to traverse the English Channel, may be ready to fly at EAA AirVenture 2010. EAA Restoration Specialist Gary Buettner has been leading the project at EAA's Weeks Hangar and gave e-Hotline's Fareed Guyot a progress report. Watch the video Bleriot engine
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh NOTAM Available Now
With just over 53 days to go until EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2010 opening day, the first step for any pilot planning that unforgettable flight to Oshkosh is studying the FAA's Oshkosh NOTAM. The document is available in electronic format, ready for download here. The NOTAM covers air traffic procedures that are in effect from 6 a.m. CDT, July 23, to noon CDT, August 2, 2010. We cannot overemphasize this point for AirVenture-bound pilots:  NOTAM
This is essential reading if you're flying to the convention!

Some changes are in store for the 2010 NOTAM, so don't rely on previous years' versions or your memory to carry you through. Here are the most prominent changes this year:

  • new AirVenture arrival ATIS: 125.9
  • new night air show on Saturday, July 31
  • Appleton runway numbers changed from 11/29 to 12/30
  • IFR-preferred routings (page 25).

Pilots are also encouraged to order a free printed copy of the 2010 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh NOTAM by completing the online request form here or by calling toll-free, 1-800-564-6322.

Feature Story
100th Anniversary of the Seaplane
On March 28, 1910, Frenchman Henri Fabre flew his aeroplane Le Canard for the first time, taking off from the surface of the Golfe de Fos near Marseille and flying for approximately 1,500 feet. Fabre, who lived to the age of 101, dying in 1984, was a marine engineer who had an interest in aviation. His ungainly canard aircraft is acknowledged as the first powered seaplane to lift off the water under its own power. Read more
Technical Tidbits
Aircraft Propeller Maintenance
Propeller maintenance and repair on a certificated aircraft is limited to FAA-certificated mechanics who hold at least a powerplant rating, or in the case of major repairs or alterations, an FAA-certificated repair station. Still, knowing when it's appropriate to call your local mechanic can be helpful when the question of a nick's acceptability arises as you run your hand along the leading edge of the prop. As part of the highly stressed powerplant/propeller combination, when it comes to propellers, proper maintenance techniques are critical to the safe operation of your aircraft. There's a very informative FAA Advisory Circular, AC 20-37E, Aircraft Propeller Maintenance, that can help you answer the question and better understand what's being accomplished when your mechanic pulls out his trusty set of files and a few sheets of emery cloth. Read it here.
Great Web Links
The Hay Family Ornithopter
From the "it's not an aviation link but it's fun" department, many of you who have attended the annual fly-in at Oshkosh in the past will recall the Hay family and their tent full of operational antique engines and replica engines like their Wright Flyer motor. They're also widely known for one other object they bring - their unusual "flying machine."
Great Web Links
 If you've seen it, you've probably never forgotten the sight of one of their most famous creations, their prehistoric ornithopter. It comes complete with Steve's wife Joan decked out in a fur and pointy-horned helmet, standing proudly on top. It has flapped its way up and down the flightline for many years. Now the whole country can see it, as Steve, Joan, and their earthbound flapper are now featured in a U.S. Cellular commercial. You can view it here.
Timeless Voices
EAA's efforts to compile an oral history of aviation's pioneers and those who have helped make aviation such a fascinating part of our nation's history has culminated in EAA's Timeless Voices project. Timeless Voices

Clay Lacy was born in 1932 and grew up in Wichita, Kansas. He had his first airplane ride at about age 8 and began flying at age 12. At 19, Clay began flying for United Airlines and eventually became number one on the seniority list before retiring in 1992. In 1968, he established Clay Lacy Aviation, which has grown into a worldwide executive jet charter service. Clay has logged over 50,000 hours of flying time with over 30 type ratings. He has held 29 world speed records in aviation and has been involved in movie flying in films such as Top Gun, Flight of the Intruder, The Client, and Firefox. During EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2010, Clay will be flying the Museum of Flight's Douglas DC-2, N1934D, to Oshkosh as part of EAA's DC-3 75th anniversary celebration. Clay led the restoration of the airplane between 2005 and 2007. Watch the video.

Hints for Restorers
Nuts, Bolts, and Washers in Hard-to-Reach Places
Wally Anderson, an EAA tech counselor and a member of the Homebuilders Council, shows us some of the imaginative ways you can install nuts, bolts, and washers in difficult-to-reach places. View the video here.
Hints for Restorers
From the Archives
Harold Armstrong's Pitcairn PA-4 Fleetwing
Pitcairn PA-4One of the few "perfect" airplanes to ever be judged during the EAA Fly-In was the late Harold Armstrong's Pitcairn PA-4 Fleetwing. EAA published a pair of articles on the airplane in Vintage Airplane and in Sport Aviation. Presented with the Antique Grand Champion Gold Lindy for its perfect score, the PA-4 is now flown and maintained by Harold's son and longtime restoration partner, Bob Armstrong.

Recently, Bob sent us a few photos taken by a local photographer, Brian Breighner. Brian has consented to allow us to share the photos with you, so in addition to the two articles you can view, we've created a bonus slideshow with Brian's photos, alongside those taken by our EAA staff during the summer of 1991.

Read the article by Jack Cox in the November 1991 issue of Sport Aviation here.

Read the article by H.G. Frautschy in the December 1991 issue of Vintage Airplane here.

Chapter Newsletters
VAA Chapter 3 newsletterOne of the division's most active chapters is VAA Chapter 3, also known as the Carolinas/Virginia Antique Airplane Foundation. Jim Wilson, the editor of their newsletter, Antique Airways, works closely with the president of the chapter, Susan Dusenbury, to create an entertaining and informative publication that often highlights the social nature of a chapter. Read the May issue of their newsletter here.
From the EAA Vintage Community
The Red Barn message forum at Oshkosh365 is as active as ever. Have a look at the list below and follow the links to read the actual questions and discussion topics.

Question of the Month
How long have you been a certificated pilot?

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