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My late friend Dean Richardson was an insightful manager of projects and people. Dean, who served as our chairman of Vintage Aircraft Classic Judging, was also one of our directors for the Vintage Aircraft Association. Over the years, he'd share with me a "Deanism" as I called them, little nuggets of wisdom related to managing a business or department. I keep a few of them posted above my desk here at EAA. 

H.G. Frautschy
H.G. Frautschy

During the week prior to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this year and throughout the week of the event, two of his observations kept ringing in my ears. 

Dean started his business career right out of high school, working and going to school at the same time. By the time he retired shortly before passing away, he was a vice president of the company where he'd worked for over 40 years. A student of human interaction, he gained a lot of practical knowledge, and to that end he often said, "Experience is much more important than education." He also pointed out that "You should cherish experience and loyalty above all else." Read more


Papa taxiway

Looking north up the Papa taxiway, Sunday night, July 25, over 300 showplanes were parked along the taxiway to allow the aircraft parking and camping areas to dry out before attempting to park aircraft. By Tuesday the last one had been moved to a regular showplane parking spot.

The VAA saw over 650 showplanes parked in its area throughout the week, and many of those airplanes were judged by three groups of volunteer judges. On Saturday night, July 31, VAA Judging Chairman Dave Clark served as the master of ceremonies for the VAA Aircraft Awards. We were very pleased to see that so many potential award winners and friends were present for the event - over double of what we'd had in attendance the previous year! Over 75 percent of the awards were picked up in person by their winners, a significant increase over the previous award ceremonies. You can view the list of award winners here.

Thanks to the efforts of VAA volunteers Earl Nicholas and Steve Moyer, there's a photo gallery that shows each of the VAA Award winners receiving his award. You can view it here.


Waco UPF-7

Piper PA-15 Vagabond

This year's grand champions in the Antique and Classic judging categories were present for the awards, including Gene Engelskirger for his Waco UPF-7 and Donal W. Halloran for his Piper PA-15 Vagabond.

Feature Stories
Prop Collection
Prop CollectionTucked away in a woodworking shop in a small North Dakota town is the largest privately owned collection of wooden ground-adjustable, variable-pitch, and controllable propellers from the "golden years" of aviation. Surprisingly, fewer than 40 people have ever had the opportunity to personally view this museum-quality collection.

At the age of 17, when Monte Chase was given his first propeller upon receiving his private pilot certificate, little did he know that it would fuel the passion for the collection he has assembled. But that was over 30 years and 100 propellers ago. Read more

Joe Grant, Aviator
Joe GrantDuring the summer of 2009, I received an e-mail in the days before EAA AirVenture Oshkosh of the same year, alerting me to the fact that there would be a press conference which would include a very special attendee: 101-year-old Captain Joe Grant. Joe was attending to help launch a book, King Abdulaziz…His Plane and His Pilot. The book chronicles the flight of His Royal Highness King Abdulaziz's DC-3, a gift given in 1945 to the Saudi royal family from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Yes, Joe was the pilot!

I wondered if I could get a personal interview with Joe. To actually talk to someone who has flown for the last 80 years would be amazing. Read more

Technical Tidbits
The FAA has issued a number of Special Airworthiness Information Bulletins (SAIBs) this summer, including the following which are of a general nature. 
CE-10-33R1, Engine Exhaust Communicates an airworthiness concern to all owners and operators of reciprocating engine-powered airplanes that use an exhaust system heat exchanger for cabin heat.

CE-10-40R1, Aircraft Fuel System; water contamination of fuel tank systems on Cessna single-engine airplanes

To inform pilots, owners, operators, and maintenance and service personnel of Cessna Aircraft Company (and formerly Reims Aviation S.A.) Model 100, 200, or 300 series, any model and/or prefix and/or suffix in the series of airplanes as applicable of the hazards associated with water contamination of fuel tank systems.

CE-10-35, Loose Equipment in the Flight Compartment and on Glare Shields

Issued to remind owners, operators, and installers of potential hazards and airworthiness concerns related to having loose equipment in the flight compartment; particularly items placed on the glare shield.

Airworthiness Directive 2010-15-10 Issued for Piper Control Shafts
In one of the most wide-ranging Airworthiness Directives ever issued, the FAA has mandated a control wheel shaft inspection for Piper PA-28, PA-32, PA-34, and PA-44 aircraft, a range that covers over 41,000 airplanes in the general aviation fleet. Resulting from a pair of field reports that detailed the finding of incorrectly assembled control wheel shafts, the FAA Airworthiness Directive requires an inspection of the shaft in accordance with a Piper Aircraft mandatory service bulletin (SB) 1197B dated May 10, 2010. (Previous compliance with Piper SB 1197A is a terminating action as well.)

The shaft inspection is done to confirm the correct assembly of the universal joint assembly, as well as inspect it for wear or damage on the joint or the associated control wheel parts.

The Airworthiness Directive can be viewed here.

The Piper Service Bulletin can be viewed here.

Great Web Links
Osa's Ark Makes First Successful S-38 Atlantic Crossing
Osa's Ark
Osa's Ark, a reproduction of the Sikorsky S-38, has successfully crossed the Atlantic, the first time this aircraft type has accomplished this feat. Tom Schrade, EAA 386077, departed Anoka, Minnesota, on a quest to fly to Berlin, Germany, for charity. Schrade left on Saturday, August 21; he says there have been three previous attempts to cross the Atlantic in an S-38, but none were successful. According to the SPOT GPS tracking of his route, he crossed Canada, Greenland, and Iceland on his way. Currently Schrade is near Dortmund, Germany, west of Berlin. His itinerary shows he will eventually end up in Zurich, Switzerland.

Chanute, Kansas's restored Santa Fe railroad station building is the location for The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum, dedicated "To cultivate a spirit of adventure and exploration through the preservation and presentation of Martin and Osa Johnson's life work." Their pioneering use of aircraft to accomplish their exploration and photo documentary work in Africa is most often remembered for the pair of Sikorsky aircraft they used, a twin-engine S-38 and the single-engine S-39, the latter in a reticulated giraffe color scheme.

You can view a collection of photos of their aircraft on Holcomb's Aerodrome website at The Sikorsky photos are here and here.

Timeless Voices
EAA's efforts to compile an oral history of aviation's pioneers and those who have helped make aviation such a fascinating part of our nation's history has culminated in EAA's Timeless Voices project.
Timeless Voices
Paul Johns
Born in 1914, Paul Johns is a living legend in Wisconsin aviation circles. After soloing a glider at age 15 in 1929, Paul joined an older pilot from the Waukegan, Illinois, area on a barnstorming tour with a Fairchild airplane and the glider throughout Indiana and Illinois in 1930. Unbeknownst to Paul, the pilot he was flying with was wanted for the theft of the airplane, and the tour ended after that summer. Paul continued flying, eventually earning his commercial and airline transport pilot certificates and landing a job flying passenger joyrides for Northshore Airways. In 1934, he joined the Naval Air Reserve and became a Link Trainer instructor, teaching some of the first Navy pilots instrument flying. After a short stint as a Link instructor for United Airlines, Paul joined Pan American World Airways giving instrument instruction before becoming a line pilot flying DC-3s from Miami to multiple stops in South America. He then started flying Consolidated PB2Y-3 Coronado flying boats on the San Francisco - Honolulu route, making over 200 trips before joining the Boeing 314 Clipper crews during their last year of operation between 1945 and 1946. Paul continued flying as a corporate pilot and recreationally until stopping at age 85. In 2009, Paul was inducted into the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame.
Watch the video.
Hints for Restorers
Hints for Restorers
Ironing Pinked Edge Tapes
Continuing our series covering Hints for Homebuilders videos, Hualdo Mendoza demonstrates how to iron the pinked edges of fabric tapes. Hualdo, who works at Poly-Fiber, is one of a new generation of craftsmen who come from Flabob Airport in the Los Angeles area. Watch the video
From the Archives
From the ArchivesAs we continue to make headway in our project to create a members-only online archive of Vintage Airplane magazine, we're pleased to share the very first magazine issue. It's numbered Vol. 1, No. 2 because a newsletter for the newly formed division was sent out the previous November. Here it is, as edited by Jack Cox and introduced by the division's first president, Buck Hilbert. View it here.
EAA Calendar of Events
There are so many wonderful events taking place in aviation that it's just not possible to contain them all on a few sheets of paper. To help members find the events in their area, EAA has created what quickly became the best online calendar of events. You can search by radius from your home base or by state, and you can narrow your search down to just what you're looking for by category such as vintage aircraft, warbirds, etc. For details on hundreds of upcoming aviation happenings including EAA chapter fly-ins, Young Eagles rallies, and other local aviation events, visit the EAA Calendar of Events located at
EAA members also have access to EAA's online community at Our active Forums area is used by members who want to ask a question or just find out what their fellow aviation enthusiasts are up to. For the Vintage Aircraft Association member, there's the Red Barn forum, just the place to delve into the world of vintage airplanes. Here are a few highlights of recent activity on the Red Barn forum.
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