Tony Bingelis on Engines

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Tony Bingelis on Engines by Tony Bingelis

Presented in clear, easy to understand language and illustrated with photos and drawings, this is another of Tony Bingelis' incomparable collection of articles from EAA Sport Aviation magazine that addresses powerplant issues facing today's sport plane builder and pilot. Tony has written a treasury of practical engine information for aircraft builders, owners, restorers, and mechanics. What you need to know about engine selection, engine installation, firewall preparation, baffles, cooling, fuel systems, ignition and electrical, exhaust systems, propellers and spinners is thoroughly covered. You'll have all the right answers at your finger tips.

1. Engine Selection. 2. Engine Installation. 3. Firewall Preparation. 4. Engine Baffles. 5. Engine Cooling. 6. Engine Compartment. 7. Ignition & Electrical. 8. Fuel Systems. 9. Exhaust Systems. 10. Props & Spinners. 11. Miscellaneous

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