EAA Aircraft Fabric Covering DVD

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Aircraft Fabric Covering is a must for anyone who wants to cover their own airplane. This 2-hour comprehensive video presents every aspect of the Poly-Fiberâ„¢ fabric covering process in detail, and in easy-to-understand language.

From preparing the airplane for covering to spraying on the colors, you are guided step by step through the entire process by a professional EAA SportAir fabric instructor. When used in conjunction with the Poly-Fiber manual, Aircraft Fabric Covering removes the mystery surrounding this important process in the construction or restoration of your airplane.

Information covered includes:

  • Preparing surfaces
  • Attaching the fabric
  • Tightening the fabric
  • Applying the first coat of Poly-Brush
  • Tying rib-lacing knots
  • Applying finishing tapes
  • Spraying UV-blocking chemical, Poly-Spray
  • Applying the color coats

Run Time: 120 minutes

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