B-17 Aluminum Overcast Model

PLU: #2259009100000

Price : $240.99

This high quality metal model was painted and given authentic markings to look like EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast. It comes with a solid Mahogany stand and has a 23" wingspan and is 17" from nose to tail.

Plaque reads:
Boeing B-17G N5017N
Boeing Model 299-O
Serial # 44-85740
Block #  B-17G-105-VE
Gross Weight – 54,000 lbs (type certificate limit)
Empty Weight – 34,000 lbs
Wing Span – 103 feet 9 inches
Length - 74 feet 9 inches
Engines – 1200 HP Wright Cyclone R1820-97

This product is no longer available