EAA Hints For Homebuilders: Building Techniques

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The second edition of Hints for Homebuilders also includes nearly two hours of detailed instruction and time-saving shortcuts. Hints for Homebuilders: Building Techniques includes tips on Aeroquip Hose End Fabrication & Removal, Bolt Nomenclature, Cutting Instrument Holes with a Hole Saw, Drilling Holes in Plexiglass, Drilling in Tight Places, Drilling Piano Hinges, Flared Tubing-Fabrication &  Assembly, Installing a Nut in Hard to Reach Places, Installing Nut Plates, Jig for Drilling Tubing, Nicropress Fittings - Fabrication, Nuts, Bolts & Washers in Hard to Reach Places, Oetiker "Ear" Clamp Installation/Removal, Rod End Bearing Installation, Safetying Fasteners, Safetying-Cotter pins, Tie Wrap Stand Off, Torque Wrench Basics, Torque Wrench Technique, Turnbuckle Safteying, Wing Attach Fittings-Installation, and Non-Slip Zip Ties.

Nearly 2 hours of footage.

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