Tailwheel Essentials DVD

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In Tailwheel Essentials Kim Bevier and John Pipkin will show you why tailwheel aircraft behave the way they do on the ground, teach you ground handling, normal and crosswind takeoffs, how to develop co-ordination and precision, best practices for safe approaches, 3-point normal and crosswind landings, wheel landings and the techniques and knowledge to master short field, soft field and mixed conditions. 

Simultaneous,  multiple point of view, gyro-stabilized camera footage puts you in the cockpit, on the ramp or runway and alongside the aircraft while in-flight maneuvers are dissected and discussed.  

Whether you are considering tailwheel training, or have been flying tailwheel aircraft for years,  this video will provide you the knowledge and a plan to become a more skilled, safe, and confident pilot of tailwheel aircraft.

Run Time: 60 minutes

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