I Could Never Be So Lucky Again

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Pilot, Scholar, Daredevil, general... James "Jimmy" Doolittle was one of America's greatest heroes.  In a life filled with adventure and achievement, Doolittle did it all.  As a stunt pilot, he thrilled the world with his aerial acrobatics.  As a scientist, he pioneered the development of modern aviation technology.  During World War II, he served his country as a fearless and innovative air warrior, organizing and leading the devistating raid against Japan.  Now, for the first time, here is his life story - modest, revealing, and candid as only Doolittle himself can tell it.  Doolittle tells a story of the success and adventures, the triumphs and tragedies of a true American hero - a far-seeing leader whose courage, devotion and daring changed the course of modern history...and continues to make its influence today.

An autobiography by General James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle with Carroll V. Hlines.  Hardcover 662 Pages

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