The Fight in the Clouds

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This is as close as you'll get to a World War II Era P51Mustang without flying one yourself. The North American Aviation P51Mustang first started appearing in real numbers in 1943, at the climax of the Allied campaign in World War II. Able to fly long ranges, it was the perfect escort, keeping bombers protected all the way from Allied bases in Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Pacific to a variety of Axis industrial targets and military installations and back. The Mustang would go on to provide pivotal air support on D-Day, and by the end of the war, the P51would be responsible for nearly half of all enemy aircraft shot down. In The Fight in the Clouds, aviation writer and EAA Warbirds of America editor James P. Busha narrates a spellbinding collection of tales of P51Mustang combat throughout the war. Drawing on interviews conducted with dozens of veteran P51pilots, the book traces the progress of war through the exciting, chronologically organized experiences of the men who actually flew the planes into war.You'll encounter Mustangs tangling with Sovietbuilt Yaks, a Mustang ace shooting down an Me 262 Stormbird, an epic longrange battle over the Pacific Ocean, and a score of other riveting accounts underscoring the P51's versatility and its vital importance to the Allied victory. Bolstered by Busha's own commentary and historical analysis, along with a gallery of rare blackandwhite period photographs, The Fight in the Clouds offers a cockpitseat view of one of WWII's most celebrated aircraft and the men who bravely flew it into harm's way.

By James P. Busha, Hardcover, 256 Pages

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