The Ravens

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The Ravens:  The Men Who Flew in America's Secret War In Laos

the Ravens were American forward air-controllers who directed strikes from vulnerable, low-flying spotter planes, mainly in support of a Meo general named Vang Pao in Laos.  "Advised" by the CIA, this fierce warlord fought to keep the North Vietnamese out of the strategic Plain of Jars.  Robbins (Air America) conveys the unique flavor of Raven-style combat and also explains how the diplomatic-military dynamics of the clandestine war in Laos fit into the overall American effort in Southeast Asia.  The cast of characters is memorable:  a swaggering, rowdy bunch of mavericks whom their parent serve (the U. S. Air Force) had great difficulty controlling, they seemed to get by on sheer cussedness.  According to the author, they suffered the highest causalty rate of the Indochinese War.  Robbins describes the poignant plight of displaced Meo/Hmong tribespeople who have settled uneasily in the United States including General Paoand their ongoing struggle to "propitiate the alien spirits of America". Author Christopher Robbins, Hard Cover, 500 Pages