EAA How-To Gas Welding: Chromoly DVD

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EAA, the authority on homebuilt aircraft, presents the definitive how-to introduction to gas (oxyacetylene) welding. For the homebuilder working with chromoly tubing, gas welding provides an effective, reliable, and affordable way to weld. Whether you’re a first-time builder or a multi-project veteran, this is the video for you.

Earl Luce, an EAA SportAir Workshops gas welding instructor, is an expert on gas welding. He has welded more than 20 fuselages and is the man behind the Wittman Buttercup plans. Earl brings his wealth of experience in building aircraft with gas welding to you in this comprehensive, one-hour video, featuring in-depth coverage of:

  • Setup and safety
  • Torch positioning
  • Setting the neutral flame
  • Welding rod selection
  • Running the bead
  • Fusion welds
  • Lap joints
  • T joints
  • Edge Welds
  • Cluster welds
  • Rosette welds

Run Time: 60 minutes

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