Flying Off The Grid DVD

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With 15 years of hard core Air-Camping experience, Ramona Cox, aka SkyChick, will take you on a memorable journey into some of the most remote and pristine back-country airstrips in the western states.

Jam Packed with Useful Information

  • See actual landings and take-offs at back-country favorites and learn what gear you’ll need for a safe trip.
  • Stunning photos and videos showing you the best back-country airstrips including landings, take-offs and suggested airstrips for all levels
  • Latest tips you’ll want to know on selecting safe and essential gear for traveling, camping and exploring, i.e., what’s right and what’s hype
  • Includes SkyChick’s secret traveling “punch list” useful for all size aircraft
  • See little-known airstrips with hotels nearby for non-campers
  • SkyChick’s favorite places “on & off the grid” including paved airstrips
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