2014 Warbirds in Review The L-19 & DHC-4 Caribou

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L-19 Bird Dog highlights the service of Charlie Finch and Doc Clement who flew with the 220th Catkillers.  They are featured in "A Hundred Feet Over Hell" which is a thrilling account of the mission of this little airplane and ordinary men, doing extraordinary missions.  A de Havilland Caribou owned by the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison, Texas is also featured.  Bob Schrader, known as Caribou Bob shares heart rending stories of rescue and supply.  Used during the Vietnam War, where larger cargo aircraft such as the C-123 and the C-130 could not land on the shorter landing strips, the Caribou could carry 26 fully equipped paratroopers or 20 litter patients or5 two Jeeps.  As a cargo aircraft it could haul more than three tons of equipment.  The rear loading ramp could also be used for parachute dropping.

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