2016 Warbirds in Review Chipmunk 70th Anniversary

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Chipmunk owners proudly display their aircraft.  Richard Ins British-built DHC-1 T.Mk.10 / RAF WP833 first flew in 1952.  It spent its RAF life giving air experience flights to Air Cadets.  In 1997 it was one of a pair that flew around the world, for which it was painted in the colors of the Red Arrows.  Mark Ins British-built DHC-1 Mk.22 Super Chipmunk / N7DW was awarded a Bronze Lindy as Champion Custom Classic Aircraft at Meredith Wilsher AirVenture 2014.  Like many British-built Chippies, it began life in the Royal Air Force in 1951.

Length 50:35, DVD Format

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