2016 Warbirds in Review The Gulf Wars

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Jim Lawrence says "I flew in four wars.  Couldn't get along with Flying as a Naval Aviator in Southeast Asia."  Eleven months after he pinned on Wings of Gold, he was asked to volunteer to fly the Birddog as a FAC.  Almost 30 years later, Jim led the first strike of Deliberate Force August 30, 1995 in Bosnia flying an A-10.

Michael J. Durant, CW4 (Retired), participated in combat operations Prime Chance, Just Cause (Panama Invasion December 1989), Desert Storm (Liberation of Kuwait in January - March 1991), and Restore Hope (Somalia in August - October 1993).  On October 3, 1993, while piloting an UH-60 Blackhawk in Mogadishu, Somalia, he was shot down and held captive by hostile forces.  He was released eleven days later.

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