Big History in Flight

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Big History in Flight: From Drifting and Soaring to Flying and Deep Space Exploration by Wendy Curtis and Evan Penn Serio

With text and full-spread illustrations, "Big History in Flight" presents state-of-the-art theories from science and history concerning flight. Milestones and thresholds of life’s adaptations to move through the atmosphere are presented alongside the physical principles of fluid dynamics, gravity, buoyancy, and other scientific ideas. Human achievements in flight are shown as they occur, within an evolving political, social, economic landscape; feedback loops which develop between aviation enthusiasts and industrial interests intensify during times of war. Placing these events in chronological order, authors Curtis and Serio explore the monumental journey of humans taking to the sky in a Big Picture format. Beginning with the Big Bang and following this epic narrative through to the present day, human achievement and ingenuity are placed against the vast and fascinating backdrop of the expanding universe.

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