The Gift DVD

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Bob is considered by his peers as the "pilot's pilot”, a man who has served his country in war and peace as a fighter pilot, prisoner of war, test pilot, master of aerobatics and aviation executive. The Gift is the true story of Bob Hoover’s flight into history. Hoover is a true American hero. He tells his amazing story in his own words sharing all the historic moments, spectacular flights and death-defying recoveries that made him a living aviation legend. Climb into the cockpit with America’s original top gun for an astonishing inside look at a life lived on the edge - a life that began just 19 years after the Wright Brothers first powered flight and lasted well into the Space Age. Hear and see his first person accounts of his friendships with giants from Eddie Rickenbacker to Charles Lindbergh, Jimmy Doolittle, Chuck Yeager, Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong and others. Jimmy Doolittle called Bob Hoover the ‘Greatest stick and rudder man who ever lived’. But Hoover had a gift that superseded that - a gift that made him get back in the cockpit repeatedly when inherent motion sickness threatened to keep him from learning to fly at all, a gift that sustained him through 16 months in a NAZI prison camp, waiting to steal an enemy airplane and fly himself to freedom, a gift that caused him to stand firm against the engineers of his own company until they did everything humanely possible to make their products as safe as possible. 

Run Time: 58 minutes