Hints For Homebuilders: Building Techniques Vol 2 DVD

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Since inception in 2008 EAA's instructional how-to video series has been viewed online several million times. Incorporating some of the more popular segments, first time aircraft builders, or multi-project builders will find useful hints, tips, and techniques on this DVD.

Hints for Homebuilders – Building Techniques Volume 2 complements the original Building Techniques DVD with all new hints in modern wide screen 16:9 format.  Almost two hours of video including:

  • Pressure Testing Fuel Tanks
  • Joining 3-D Printed Parts Together
  • 3-D Printing Post Process Finishing
  • 3-D Printed Aircraft Parts
  • Inspection Tools
  • Micrometer Usage
  • Static System Leak Test
  • Stop Drilling Plexiglass
  • Spacing Holes on a Round Tube
  • Paint Masking Stickers
  • Marking Large Radius Arcs
  • Cutting Plexiglass
  • Cotter Pin Install – Tuck Method
  • Cutting External Threads
  • Threadlocker Types and Uses
  • Holding Nuts and Washers
  • Cable End Treatment
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Paint Markers
  • Repairing Cracked Plexiglass
  • Drilling Plexiglass
  • Bending Plexiglass
  • Spray Painting – Hang Those Parts

Run Time: 109 minutes

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