Sport Pilot: Choosing The Light-Sport Aircraft DVD

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ASA has teamed up with renowned sport aviation expert Paul Hamilton to produce Sport Pilot: Choosing the Light-Sport Aircraft that's Right for You, a training DVD that explains and defines ultralights and LSA. It provides parameters to evaluate your situation and the factors to consider, and an overview and introduction to each of the light-sport aircraft types. Includes a beautiful full-color booklet with aircraft photos and comparison tables.

The new Sport Pilot airman certificate for Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) provides a simple path to a pilot certificate and a variety of aircraft people can own and/or operate inexpensively. As a result, more people are now able to experience the freedom to fly.

Program Outline:

Introduction - Many types of aircraft to fit many lifestyles

Section 1: What are Ultralights and Light-Sport Aircraft?

(Regulations, Ultralights and Ultralight Trainers, Light-Sport Aircraft and Sport Pilot, Experimental and General Aviation)

Section 2: Evaluating Your Situation - Factors to Consider

(Motor vs. Free Flight, Cost, Infrastructure, Athletic Ability, Storage and Transportation, Location, Weather, Time Commitment for Learning, Previous Aviation Experience)

Section 3: The Aircraft with Advantages and Limitations

(Hang Glider, Paraglider, Powered Paraglider (PPG), Powered Parachute (PPD), Trike and Powered Hang Glider (Weight-Shift Control), Fixed Wing (Three-Axis Control)


Run Time: 41 minutes

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