Mike Busch on Engines

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Busch begins with the history and theory of four-stroke spark-ignition engines. He describes the construction of both the “top end” (cylinders) and “bottom end” (inside the case), and functioning of key systems (lubrication, ignition, carburetion, fuel injection, turbocharging). He reviews modern engine leaning technique (which your POH probably has all wrong), and provides a detailed blueprint for maximizing the life of your engine.

The second half presents a 21st-century approach to health assessment, maintenance, overhaul and troubleshooting. Busch explains how modern condition monitoring tools—like borescopy, oil analysis and digital engine monitor data analysis—allow you to extend engine life and overhaul strictly on-condition rather at an arbitrary TBO. The section devoted to troubleshooting problems like rough running, high oil consumption, temperamental ignition and turbocharging issues is worth its weight in gold.

If you want your engine to live long and prosper, you need this book.

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