Football Flyboy

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Football Flyboy: First Lt. Bill Cannon, Piloting More than His Own Aircraft by Lisa Reinicke

As World War II winds down, a cocky young Army Airforce pilot confronts the messy cleanup of a war-ravaged world. As loneliness, frustration, fear, and a strong call to duty begin to shape him, Buster also known as Bill would become known as the Football Flyboy—is humbled by the devastation and struggles he sees around him.

Writing letters home to his family back in Oklahoma, Buster shares his daily experiences with refreshing candor, raw emotion and even humor:

“Well, I still can’t figure it out if Japan surrendered because of the Atom bomb or because Russia entered into the war, but I can’t help but believe it was because they heard that I was on my way over.”

Buster desperately misses his young bride Mary, his parents and his four, strong-willed sisters. With each letter home, we watch him grow and mature amid the horrifying cultural forces that shaped The Greatest Generation.

Enriched by commentary from Buster’s only daughter, author Lisa Reinicke, Football Flyboy revisits the life of boy who became a patriot in the service of others. Written as Lisa helped her family prepare for her father’s death at the age of 72, Lisa has created the perfect book for those looking for a different kind of World War II read—one that explores the power of love and family in a world turned upside down.

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