EAA Aircraft Wood Building Techniques Book & DVD

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Get the EAA Aircraft Wood Building Techniques (EAA How-To Series) Book and DVD for one low price.

EAA Aircraft Wood Building Techniques (EAA How-To Series) by Corby Starlet

Ever since the Wright Brothers, airplanes have been constructed of wood. Other materials such as steel tube, aluminum, or today's composite structures offer options to builders, but wood continues to be popular. Excellence in workmanship is one of the primary objectives of EAA and the EAA Aviation Foundation. Building your own airplane is an accomplishment you will always remember.

This book from EAA is a compilation of articles from a variety of people and sources (mostly EAA publications) that covers a wide variety of topics concerning wooden aircraft construction. This is a very good, broad overview of many important topics and techniques and will be an excellent and useful addition to your airplane construction library. While some of the articles may seem a little dated (for example, the use of epoxies in wooden aircraft construction was a new thing when some of the included articles were written) even the older articles cover timeless concerns and techniques and discusses topics directly relevant to today's materials.

  • Spiral-bound softcover

EAA Basic Aircraft Woodworking DVD

Woodworking knowledge is essential to any homebuilding project. Power tool safety is also discussed. A great starter tape.

Run Time: 29 minutes