Celebrating 50 Years in Oshkosh DVD

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When Paul and Audrey Poberezny founded EAA in 1953, they had no idea what it would become. Oshkosh became the prime choice for a new location 50 years ago because of the unusual airport layout, the availability of land around the grounds, and the support of airport manager and legendary race pilot Steve Wittman. Since that time, our annual convention has grown to be the largest aviation event of any kind, what we call the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration. Things have changed since that first Oshkosh fly-in, but the culture of EAAers – that indefinably perfect mix of passion, can-do spirit, and camaraderie – has only grown stronger and more vibrant with each passing year. Relive the last 50 years of our convention in Oshkosh with this DVD!

  • Duration: 53 minutes

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