Confessions Of An Air Traffic Controller

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Confessions of an Air Traffic Controller: An Autobiography of Adventure, Humor, Lack of Talent and Terror by a Unique Aviator by Danny Mortensen

An autobiography of a young impertinent FAA controller in the seventies culminating in the PATCO strike of 1981, and his subsequent adventures and exploits in aviation through the years. An entrepreneur, educator, author, radio talk show host, motivational speaker, master of ceremonies, aircraft builder, risk-taker and air race pilot, world record holder, corporate pilot, and airline instructor are just some of his unique accomplishments.

With his involvement with Bill Phelps' Airline Ground Schools as an instructor and later as president, Dan lead a premier cadre of retired airline captains responsible for the worldwide training of more than 59,000 pilots and aircraft dispatchers. His innovations in aviation education and training materials are admired by many.

Danny earned the moniker Mr. Lucky after walking away from a 200 mph crash at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada, in 1983. His miraculous survival is attributed to the structural integrity of his Burt Rutan-designed AMSOIL Racer and the stronger-than-steel composite materials used in its construction. In 1990, he won the Gold at Reno and retired from pylon air racing after fifteen years of competition. Two of his race planes now hang in museums.

Now retired, Danny reflects on his challenges, accomplishments, and some funny stories along the way.

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