Chasing the Ghost Birds

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Chasing the Ghost Birds: Saving Swans and Cranes from Extinction by David Sakrison

In 1946, fewer than 20 wild whooping cranes remained on the planet. Saving the species from extinction has been described as "the wildlife conservation equivalent of putting a man on the moon." Chasing the Ghost Birds tells the whoopers' story from the first federal protection of the species, through struggles to breed the birds in captivity, unsuccessful efforts at cross-fostering, and early migration experiments in Idaho and New Mexico, up to the ongoing Wisconsin-to-Florida ultralight-led migrations. The book traces the trumpeter swans' return, from cross fostering and hand-raising, to successful reintroduction in the Midwest Flyway. And it recounts the 30-year international struggle to save the elusive and endangered Siberian cranes.

The 283-page paperback includes illustrations, maps, and black & white and color photographs. If your interests include birds, wildlife, conservation, wilderness travel, or outdoor adventures, Chasing the Ghost.

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